“I’m Not A Neptunian, I Just Play One On TV…”

elsa tvLynne E writes eloquently on Reality and Arrogance:

“…I think she likes her Neptunian mask. and we do wear masks albeit unintentionally whether it’s the smile that contrasts with inner angst or the grimace that hides delight. Life can be falling apart yet Neptunians so often don’t let on, or else make less of it. Maybe we need the veils to protect our reality?”

Interesting, Lynne but for the record, I don’t like this. I feel oppressed (Saturn) by Neptune for the most part.

One point may be that I am NOT a Neptunian, I am just made to play one on TV. As a matter of fact that used to be a signature line in my all my stories. “Who wrote this crap!” I’d think in my head of circumstance of the moment which was always ridiculous. “Someone get my agent on the phone!”

Point here is I think I am in the wrong movie, BIG TIME. I think this routinely and have from the time I was 4 years old. I am sure my sister could testify, I have been bitching that long at least.

Do you think this mouth on me is new? It’s not. 😉

10 thoughts on ““I’m Not A Neptunian, I Just Play One On TV…””

  1. I’m neptunian. I go through my day (lately, the past may have been different) generally without a mask. I have people tell me almost every day, in no uncertain terms, to put on a fucking mask.

    they tell me to “smile”; they tell me “you need to cheer up,” or some sort of related thing.

    the world is full of stupid people (not the majority, just a vocal minority) who appear to have mistaken me for their performing monkey.

    just to be clear: I’m not dour, not at all. I’m generally happy. I never see men treated this way, seriously.

  2. “who appear to have mistaken me for their performing monkey.”

    Thank you Satori.. I am so going to borrow that phrase next time someone tells me to smile (like you I am not dour but often get told to smile, usually by complete strangers).

    No.. I’m not your performing monkey!

  3. So, guys, do you think that Neptune does involve masks.. one way or another..or hiding a little behind something? Like magicians with sleight of hand? Or playing a part in a movie? I confess to having transiting Neptune on my Ascendant this year so forgive me if I waffle on – I haven’t felt this floaty in years,although my life ain’t sorted..any more than anyone else’s.. but I used to be called “smiler”, all through some dreadful early times, maybe thanks to my personal arrogance of youth telling me that the future was bound to brighten up, after all it can’t rain forever..or perhaps we just have to spot the breaks in the clouds, and get out there and dance.. plus I think a smile’s cheaper than a facelift, and both gals and guys get them too,in this image conscious society (silly beggars!).. my Neptune’s in Libra though, so whatever you say about this, I will find a way to tune in and see your view

  4. “Or playing a part in a movie?”

    I can speak to this part.

    The reference is personal to me, derived from Neptune on the Midheaven square Venus in Leo although movies are neptune-ruled.

    Basically I feel like a real person dressed up as a fake one.

  5. Lynne, I suppose it CAN. it seems to me that defining neptune is a lot like defining the tao: words aren’t entirely accurate. allegories and metaphors work best.

    neptune can like kuantum mechanics (my kew doesn’t work). in theory a particle behaves differently when observed.

    “how do you pin a wave upon the sand?”

  6. Avatar

    OMG that just made sense! Satori you’re brilliant. I never understood why people kept telling me to smile or act differently. I’m in my own mental world sometimes and just don’t have the time for “games” social or otherwise and they say those things to me all the time. Mostly men. Often women.

    Wow. that was an insight! Thanks.

  7. tell you what.. Neptune is also about getting lost in daydreams too, and losing track of time..and I find myself doing this every time I’m tugged into this superb, addictive website, I can lose hours thinking about everyone’s posts.. and yes Satori, solving a problem like Maria ..sigh..my copy of Sound of Music must be worn to see through.

    “A real person dressed up as a fake one”..Well I don’t truly know you or your life, just as you don’t know me or mine..but my own view is that you come across as very real indeed, and very good at stirring the thought pot, something we all need!

  8. guess having neptune conjunct ascendant makes me neptunian…its even trickier wt asc involved.
    cuz even if u knw who ur, the world sees u as someone completely diff…n then ur not so sure abt urself….ur a stranger to urself.

    Basically I feel like a real person dressed up as a fake one.

    That is so true!! sometimes i play a role just for the fun of it. n then wen the time comes ill show a diff side…n dats just plain annoying to other ppl(understandably so) its cost me a lot of frenships…but i cant be another way….its just the way i am 🙂

  9. I love this topic and I resonate with it in a different way. I believe that with my Neptune opposed the ascendant and angular(7th)and as my dominant planet and making the only conjunction in my chart(depending on the orb) I have something totally applicable to say here.

    Throughout mostly all of my life I have had SO many projections onto me and it was always so weird to see how people reacted to me.
    It was almost as if I was sitting in my head in a booth separate from the reality someone ELSE had created for me.

    It has never ceased to amuse me how much someone REALLY knew me and “how I was”. My dad for instance always saw me as someone who was very “evil” and dark inside but, with an angel exterior. My mother always saw me as someone who very nice and super kind and caring on the inside but, nasty on the outside.

    Of course I have about 50 other distinctions people have made about me and I’m not talking simple character traits but, full personality assessments.
    I struggled with that Dark angel theme? Or the Light demon theme for years.

    I have come to learn that I have Total control over how someone sees me and I am beginning to revel in the fact that I can use this to my advantage especially with the aspect(sex tile) to the Mid Heaven in Pisces(Neptune ruled) so it is something I can activate(a talent).

    I don’t know if it’s a bad thing anymore.
    I guess the only tiny set back is when I start to feel that with so many different character projections I feel invisible.

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