Mars Opposite Uranus – How Will You Play This?

car accident

Mars in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus with the new moon in Scorpio, looming.  Mars Uranus is tied to accidents; not soft tissue things like sprains, but accidents that involve metal and cuts.

We’re talking car accidents and knives and fights that draw blood. It’s also about surprise attacks so when you read about the danger with this; it’s real!

However, it’s not that simple.  This combination is also about the action an individual takes.  I can opt to be careful in my car and around other metal items, especially if they’re whirring around.  I can probably avoid being hit by lightning (Uranus), but I cannot stop war!

If I can discern what is within my control and what is not, I can free (Uranus) my Mars energy, directing it in a way that’s effective.

So we’re looking at things out of an individual’s control and things you might be able to affect. Everything in between is a “maybe”.

Saturn in Pisces is blurring boundaries, big time.  It’s also scaring people and creating a lot of hand-wringing.  Have you noticed how ineffective hand-wringing is?  Compare that to taking direct, effective action.

So what do you want?  This is a time to get it.  Channel the energy towards manifesting your desire.

Mars Uranus also describes your own shocking action. I don’t care if your surprise action is you clean your house after five years.  This is the time to do something shocking. Something that liberates you.

Oddly, it you direct your energy in this way, Saturn in Pisces can actually assist because it’s quite good at dissolving blocks and burdens. I hope you can see how these supposed bad, oppressive energies, can benefit you in ways that are significant and even potentially life-changing.

You might see this as a personal rebellion. Try (Mars) something innovative (Uranus).


New Moon in Scorpio 2023: Mars Uranus – A Positive View

How are you faring with Mars opposing Uranus? Can you see a way to direct this energy for your own good or the good of humanity?


16 thoughts on “Mars Opposite Uranus – How Will You Play This?”

  1. Oh many thanks for this post because it gives me inspiration for the upcoming personal transit of Uranus in Taurus opposing my Mars in Scorpio!
    If this time now is anything to go by, I’m more than ready and able to take action and surprise myself. I might shock others but hey, I was born with Venus opposing Uranus.
    Yes I see a way to direct that energy for my own good and for the good of humanity. I will offer my work, put myself out there among real people and stop fretting and procrastinating. I’m already on the way and now I have all the more reason to look forward to the next 2-3 years. Thank you, Elsa !

  2. I’m cutting out my script! And I am not going to push for anything anymore. Just not worth it. I have Mercury trine Uranus so now it’s time to walk the talk. Not cooking anymore either, just doing prep for him. Less work for me! Lol.

  3. Yes,a very slow personal rebellion. I am doing things differently going against by natural ‘script’ as Astrojazz said.
    (Leo 21 6th) Listening to the body…small health warnings attended to immediately. Intuition is in good form. Yesterday, l avoided the choas of the NET being down by turning around and coming home…and this was before l knew something was wrong. Watching the world and holding my breath.

  4. I am totally on this……in big and small ways!
    After years and years of trying different meds and supplements for depression……feel like my mood is finally improving, big time. It has been a rollercoaster, not for the faint heart!
    On a small front, am sitting at the car dealer for the third time in a week, waiting for them to get back to me on why the tire light keeps coming on?!
    I live in the land of snow, I want my car tires in working order, with this transit!

  5. Ugh this so resonates. Ended a seven year relationship. The argument began over food! I’m sick of doing everything around the house when we both work! So I told him to move out and if you want me fix up!

    I’m freeing my self from pent up anger and resentment. And cooking!

      1. Same!! So underappreciated! And worst it’s like he doesn’t want to TRY to fix it he would rather leave after 7 years.

        So I’m putting energy into growing my business.

        1. If a man does that (or, rather, doesn’t act), you have no use for him in your life. If that little lightbulb moment above his head doesn’t come, you are better off to sink the ship and go on your own adventure. Not all men have a worm instead of a spine 😉

  6. Wow this is exciting. First, I had a real bad e-bike crash (lots of blood, lots of heavy metal < literally!) in mid August. (And I'm lil Miss Safety …. there was more at play I won't go into.)

    I mid-Dec I'm sending a press release, re: a rat infestation we had at my (now former) part-time retail gig. (The store did re-open)

    The rat's outta the bag soon. BIG shock waves may be a comin.

    Hopefully change, healing, liberation and better work ahead.

    And yes, I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring for the Nov. guest read. This is all a lil strange, a lil wacky and maybe a lil fun!

    Last Christmas was nightmares and trauma. This b'earthday, champagne and visions of sugar plums instead.

  7. Thanks Elsa for your newsletters – that’s about all I’m catching atm – think there was one about being audacious … I was feeling assertive in new territory and keen to get something going, hopefully I came off ok and not too demanding!!!my slightly uranian suggestions felt ‘powered’ at any rate! lol!! We’ll see how it pans out … otherwise I’ve been using this time learning some new ground breaking material (not astro related for once! lol!) which I was boldy asking for follow up on!! upcoming Scorpio moon near to the scorpio moons in my household (there’s two of them, help!!!) … think I’ll need to try & get into calm and detached mode (not my forte!!)Wish me luck!!

      1. Managing to ‘be calm’ would probably be the ‘shocking action’ of this time period on my behalf, thinking about it!!!lol!!!

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