His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: Back In The Bathtub… The Princess And The Pea

princess-and-the-pea.jpg“That got me a gun in my mouth,” I said.

“Gun in your mouth?”

“Yeah,” I said putting my finger in my mouth, up against the roof. “Like this. You know. Gun in your mouth?” I said with a smirk. “What? Like you don’t know what a gun in the mouth is?”

He stared. “What a piece of shit.”

“Yeah, well he didn’t feel like going to prison. You know, prison? These guys don’t like to go. They aren’t going to prision so there is no question in a situation like this. They don’t want me saying anything so it’s explained to me pretty clearly that the whole back of my head will come off.”

He shook his head.

“Yeah, whatever,” I said. “You’ve had a life yourself so don’t look at me about it. I am not the princess and the pea. Am I? No, I’m not.”

Mars Mercury… gun in mouth.

6 thoughts on “His Scorpio Moon And My 8th House: Back In The Bathtub… The Princess And The Pea”

  1. Ah, this gives me another nuance to study carefully in my suicide studies so many of which are actually gunshots. What about gunshot to the head but not in the mouth? same dynamic?

  2. I always thought Mars Mercury was “shooting in the foot”, perhaps some dirty talk and bad language. Its a bit scarey what you say in your situation Elsa.


  3. Well it’s another manifestation and I could go on and on and on and on and onnnnnnn.

    Have no experience shooting myself in the foot that I know of. Of course others might think differently in which case I’d argue. 😉

    I have a pretty good aim actually…

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