Does The Bias Of The Astrologer Affect Chart Interpretation?

love vintage valentine day cardI had a client who could read a chart. She read the potential for commitment in her boyfriend’s chart. This potential was clearly shown. However there were a number of other things shown in chart.

This guy had  what I call a “leaving gene”. So while he could appear to be devoted and he probably was devoted, I did not think the relationship would be permanent.

This gal could see the same things in the chart that I could, but you can see how she might focus on thing and not the other.  Depending on nature, some people focus on negative things and ignore the positive even when it’s extreme. This is something to watch for when you’re reading charts.

I want to cover this topic from a number of angles this week. There will be a series. You may also want to check of the video series I did on the limits of synastry.  There are three SHORT videos that should get you thinking.

These posts start here:

Do Synastry Techniques Work? Yes, But Not Really!

Are you an astrologer? Do you mind your bias when reading a chart?

Skip to part two – Victimizing People By Misreading Their Charts

16 thoughts on “Does The Bias Of The Astrologer Affect Chart Interpretation?”

  1. This is SO true. I have definitely noticed this in myself and watch for it as much as possible when I am looking at my own chart. Look, stand back, look again.

    1. You could write the blues, anonymoushermit. That’s fab, what you wrote there! Sounds like Mr Mars sq Merc is gilding your tongue. This morning – wuzit? – Elsa warned about knives could fly out of our mouths – and I was laffing cuz I have that config natally, only Merc in Libra and Mars in Cap, so I’m yukking it up how I know what’s going down; thing is, all I saw was my own sharp mind/tongue, but you writing so succinctly and soulfully about the essence of Saturn truly scales the heights of Capricorn. Wow!

  2. I don’t know if it’s exactly bias. When I read astrologers writings on aspects and their interpretations I get what they are saying but do realize it’s where they are coming from. I think it’s okay. It gives me a broader understanding. Is an astrologer supposed to know everything? Does the client being read have some responsibility as well? It seems like it could be a stressful occupation. Having to have all the answers I mean.

  3. ((((cor))))
    …..of course you fit here- like all of us misfits:-)
    AND the lovely and courageous Elsa- Queen of misfits
    teaches us everyday- the power of being our true selves.
    happy you are here!!

  4. We often hear astrologers say that we can’t just focus in one or two aspects in a person’s chart. We need to take the entire chart into consideration. In that same vein, we should realize that astrology is just one facet that makes up our being. There’s so many other things that determine who we are: psychology, sociology, anthropology, genetics, and don’t forget good old numerology. The biggest thing, though, is free will. Yes, we have tendencies but we also have the ability to choose whether or not to act on those tendencies, for better or worse. We are very much living in a generation that disregards free will, instead explaining our faults away as the result of anything, but our own decisions. (I’m guilty, too). In general, people in our culture are just acting and reacting to whatever emotion they experience… I’m thinking of Hamlet and how many people roll their eyes at the mention of the name. “The man who cries and whimpers and complains, but never acts.” I believe that to be a colossal, generational projection. Whatever the case, in the end, Hamlet does act and the future of Denmark is forever changed. He dies, but not before saying this to a dear friend: “Give me the man who is not passion’s slave and I will wear him in my heart’s core… ay, in my heart of hearts.” We all have the power to transform and redeem ourselves, no matter what the circumstance. And, that’s heroic.

  5. Of course, Elsa, now you’ve got us all curious as to what the “leaving gene” looks like astrologically. I recently heard a well-known astrologer talk about how we’re headed for a Pisces stellium and it’s going to be horrible and dreary and, oh, god, I can’t even remember all the negative words he used for this Pisces energy that he just hated having in his life. Of course he hated that kind of energy because it was so alien to his own energy which was a lot of fire and air. So there he was going on and on about this Pisces energy that he was just dreading because it was going to hold us all back in some way. However, he was really just talking about himself. This is what astrologers do. They’re telling you what’s a good or bad aspect and you’re sitting at home thinking, “Hmmm, didn’t bother ME.” I got out of the astrology world years ago, not only because I hated doing readings but I also didn’t care for the astrological community and how egotistical they are. Look at what happened when they were reading the charts of presidential hopefuls. It was either all good or all bad, and humans are usually not made up of all good and all bad traits. Astrologers have to watch that “know-it-all” attitude. People do have free will, and they can overcome a lot of their issues, no matter how much astro readers would like to disagree.

    1. I agree with you, Diane. Most definitely have free will. I have the leaving gene – I decided to stay, this time. My current marriage, that is.

      I specifically asked another astrologer to come up with a wedding date that would support what we both wanted – an unbreakable bond. I had someone else do this to avoid my potential blindness to my own situation. I’ve certainly seen a lot of this!

      I am firmly married…I will never leave this marriage, so I am living example of what you’re saying.

      As for this case, it’s two years old, I don’t recall the specifics. I’m sure there we multiple indications of restlessness in the chart…which the other astrologer could plainly see, once they were pointed out to her.

      I’m not really a know-it-all personality. I have a lot of Capricorn and must mind Saturn at all times. I also hate being wrong, so I am quite cautious, although I will be honest about what I see when it’s staring me in the face.

      I started with charts when I was eight years old…been a pro for thirty years and a busy one at that. So my experience can’t be discounted.

      Anyway, this gal saw the same thing I did, once she saw it. A person can overcome their restlessness, but they’ve got to want to do it. There was no indication (in her story) of that, so based on whatever it was I saw, it was overwhelming enough, I was not only comfortable saying what I thought…I would have considered it malpractice / dishonest to *not* say what I saw.

  6. Elsa — I hope you didn’t think that I was speaking about you personally, because I wasn’t. I’ve never thought you were like that. I was very active in the astrological community (starting in the early 70s) and I can tell you horror stories about how astrologers bully people into taking their advice, no matter what, and fight with people who disagree. I’ve experienced it myself. Many astrologers will just not tolerate anyone going against them, especially the person they’re reading for. The egos I’ve encountered in the astrology world have blown my mind and I had to get away from that world. I was very good at psychological astrology — I can see a lot of shit in someone’s chart, stuff that they would NOT want to hear about — and I had to learn from the very beginning that not everyone who wants a reading is ready to hear everything there is to hear about themselves, so astrologers have to back off if the client is feeling uncomfortable with, or insulted by, the advice. We can, and do, learn about ourselves, as you’ve experienced, and we can figure out how to cope with or work with some of our more difficult qualities. You did, and I’ve done it, and we have to assume that others can as well. Of course that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t mention what we see in the chart; it’s just that we have to have some tact about how we present what we see. Astrologers must try to not read a chart from their own point of view. It’s imperative that they widen their perspective, especially since we often find that a so-called bad aspect is normal for the person who owns it. They get used to feeling one way and it doesn’t even occur to them that it’s bad or difficult, so astrologers shouldn’t assume that it is either.

    1. I agree with everything you wrote. And I didn’t take what you wrote personally. It just offered me the chance to say what I did. 🙂

      ****I should also mention there is a, “Diane” writing on the site now. This is a different person.****

  7. LOL. I forgot to call myself “dianezee” which is what I’ve been since I got onto the internet over 20 years ago. I’ll try to remember that, the next time I post.

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