18 thoughts on “Do Synastry Techniques Work? Yes, But Not Really!”

  1. Oh, thank goodness someone is addressing this. My fiance nearly had a heart attack when he saw that most of the planets in our composite are involved in a big fat grand cross, and Pluto and Saturn are involved on top on that. But hey, we’re together, right? And obviously happy, so why worry? Yes, our relationship is Plutonian, but that gives us deep connection. Yes, Saturn makes hard aspects, but at least that means we’re committed. And sometimes the challenge it what brings us closer.

  2. well I totally agree, the best looking synastry won’t matter if the individuals are immature! Also, at least a few challenging synastry aspects are needed for action to take place: hard aspects offer growth and are stimulating. (just like natal with tons of flowing aspects /potential but wont much be actuated.)

    On the other hand, really challenging composite are red flags, and explain unlikely turns of how the relationship will express. Everything else being equal, if for example saturn opposes both uranus and pluto, and all 3 have no other aspects to personal planets- that’s it, no ways out, no other routing available, you can bet that the tension will generate enough frustration and disruption that such relationship at best will not stick.

  3. My husband and I have been married almost 25 years. We have the text book relationship. His moon conjunct sun, his ascendant conjunct my sun, we both have mars and mercury conjunct, our venuses trine etc etc. Works for us! He makes me feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes each morning he brings me a cup of tea in bed! Ahhh that’s love!

  4. I couldn’t agree more.
    Even the other day I was saying to Neith how having good synastry doesn’t function as a magic potion, nor does it bring people together.
    On the other hand, having what appears to be difficult aspects can be worked on.

    But there are some amazing synastry things that I’ve seen in charts too so I wouldn’t discard it altogether.
    Overall I find that having lots of aspects, good or bad, is usually found between people who have a serious relationship.

  5. Yup, good starting point! Looking forward to more from you on this topic.

    There are so many layers to determining compatibility between people and I still have to say it starts with the individual. If someone doesn’t have a good relationship with themselves, there is little chance they will be able to have a good one with anyone else . . . 🙂

  6. thanks. i’ve been trying not to freak because of an exact cancer/aries solar square -i’ve got lots of practice being gentle with cancers anyway so i shouldn’t freak out, and that particular cancer is conjunct my vesta so it’s more like…. well, hard aspects either make a person strong or they fall apart, depending on how they respond to them. i would think a similar dynamic would work in relationship. only it’s generally less catastrophic when a relationship falls apart. generally.

    my parents have a pair of sun/moon conjunctions in gemini/leo between them. my grandparents’ suns were (loosely) square each other. guess which marriage is the one that actually gave me faith in the possibility that “love” could be real? (it’s not the easy aspected one….)

  7. (and sometimes you need to fall apart to be strong. i think it depends more on how you put yourself back together, a process i think just as useful in relationship as to the individual….) (well, so says my eighth house, i think.)

  8. Thank you for addressing this Elsa. I’ve been in a quandry for a time now regarding two good guys and with one I’ve excellent “charts” with but with the other a tad frightening composite. Yet, he’s the one which I feel a deeper yearning for but am afraid to fully commit myself to for fear of being hurt and losing the devotion/dedication of the other man whom I have a deep affection to. Part of me wonders if the composites will play out more as time moves on and that if I should seriously consider fully committing to the “good” composite chart guy. Of course I then frustrate myself for letting chart calculations influence possible future actions on the part of myself. Dunno, I guess I’m just pretty confused … sigh 🙂

  9. Oh Yay Elsa! When I saw the title of this video my heart just did a little jump…Im so excited about this series. I just cant get enough of learning about this subject. Im insatisble says the 8th house Pluto conjunct Venus in Libra.

  10. I’m glad you’re doing this series also- I don’t completely understand synastry/composite either, esp. since the easiest configurations for me seem to create stressful relationships (I’m including family and friendships here). I guess too many easy aspects=laziness/too many expectations or something. I’m excited to learn more- esp. with Feb coming up (puke).

  11. ELSA! Thanks for posting this! I can’t wait to watch the videos on the rest of this series!

    I went into one astrology forum one day and asked a bit about synastry between my partner and I. I was told that due to a lot of negative aspects and no connection with personal planets, the relationship will be a very rocky/difficult one! And the kicker to this? He and I have been good friends for four years before we even dated – so you would think one would have a good foundation, right?

    I’m really looking forward to this series! Thanks so much!

  12. I just have to tell you guys this video is old (Last April I think). I did make some new ones today but since I started this series I will run it and then start the new ones after. Er.. there are 2 more on this topic.

  13. Thanks Elsa, I’ve been thinking about this for a while – my ex and I had loads of the traditionally promising aspects but I spent ten years of hell with him. He had a lot of pluto aspects to my chart and I think I stuck with it as long as I did because the easy aspects were like a superglue that held it together so tight, it felt impossible to separate. When really I should have walked. So I’m not convinced about the regular view of synastry, and at the end of the day if one person is not prepared to really work on the issues that will necessarily arise because of the meeting of two different people then the whole thing is sunk. Looking forward to the next instalment!

  14. I’ve been thinking about this just yesterday. I used to look at synastry whenever I meet someone I like. But too often those aspects didn’t have any connection to real life. Couple of times I had great synastry, Sun /Moon conjunct, Venus /Mars conjunct, etc. But it was just on paper. In real life there was some kind of attraction but it was never going to go anywhere. circumstances were like that no matter what, me and that guy are never gonna be a couple.
    On the other hand, when I met my husband to be, everything was just easy and flowing, we clcked from the start, moved in together with no adjusting at all. It was like we were together all our lives. We have no Sun -Moon contacts, and no Venus -mars contacts. We are two very different people who get along amazingly and love each other very much. We have double whammy of mars-Moon contact, venus conj. Ac, and Mars conj. Dc. Also Saturn and Venus in sextile for commitment. Our composite is a very good one, with great trine and kite.

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