How Important Is It That People Agree With You?

cf perezAstrologer,”Claire-France Perez”, is a double Gemini. She can’t help but be interesting.

“You don’t live in the world of agreement, sweetheart. You live by your heart…” she said. I can’t quote her fully because I can’t remember her words verbatim but she was essentially saying that I did not do things so I could get along.

“You don’t care if you get along with anyone, you care that you do what is right to you, in your heart.”


“Don’t worry about,” she said. “There is no other way you could possibly be.”

I chuckled nervously because I was busted. Later I tried to remember a time when it was any other way but I could not.

I am not sure what I would ascribe this to. Venus in Leo (heart) raised by Aquarians (make your own rules) maybe?

Jupiter in apsect to Uranus?

How important is it that people agree with you?


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  1. Depends on which people…as I organise about 10 staff daily…it would be nice if they agreed with my directions…ha haa. Otherwise I listen to their protests and often insist they do what I have asked anyways!
    Needing agreement is like an approval seeking thang or can be important in cultivating support -depends on the project at hand.
    Elsa has shown us she can belligerent (speeding fines) with martial qualities so Claire’s comments kinda fits. Busted? maybe…yet mavericks and trailblazers shoot from the heart and do not stop to see if every one is agreeing.

  2. I have Sun opposed Uranus…and Capricorn Moon square Pluto. It gets less important as time goes by. Usually I care until I snap and tell everyone go to hell (thank you, Uranus).

  3. As I am a writer and an artist, there’s inherent audience participation in what I do (if I want to be successful, anyway). So I have to consider what other people think, at least at some points. The flip side of the coin is that I have extra leeway to play the rebel… I just have to do it in a way that gets attention.

  4. I have libra I can see both sides and so dont mind if someone is disagreeing with me. I dont want people argreeing with me all the time you wouldnt learn something new or have another alternate way of thinking. I love someone who is passionate about something even if its opposing my point of view. If they believe its right for them its right for them. I think it just comes down to the motive which is probably where my scorpio sun comes in. I like a good debate but not if its just to cause trouble or get a rise out of someone. My libra wants a civil disagreement and accecptance that Im allowed to think differently.

  5. My husband tells everyone that I’m like the US Government. I always ask what everyone’s opinion is, and then I do exactly what I want to do. So, do I want them to agree with me? Absolutely! Do I care if they do? Apparently not! I love to keep “them” on their toes!
    Rock on, Elsa! Love your stuff!!

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    Love the tip-off C.F. Perez gave you.

    I just voted “couldn’t care less”…I’d probably attribute it to my Mercury in Sag.

  7. Im such a people pleaser its nauseating. everything in my chart is in the western hemisphere. yuck. now at 26 im like a baby. for the first time im asking myself. do i like this? do i want this? soooo confusing.

  8. I care and then I don’t care. Saturn in cancer square uranus in libra on the ascendent opposing chiron on my descendent. Also I have aquarius ruling my 4th. I bounce. Need people to bounce off of. I’ve become more conscious of the need for grounding though. And I regret selling my house during my saturn return. Although then I don’t because I can pretty much live anywhere lol.
    Stellium in libra and mercury in scorpio. I want people to agree with me even while not agreeing with me. 😛

  9. I told someone yesterday “I come to work to get my job done, not to make friends. I try not to piss off people *any more than I need to* but really, it’s about getting the work done.

    I have Sun/Saturn/Asc conjunct – Doing the right/hard thing is just my nature. Doing the easy thing is not.

  10. I never agree just to fit in, but I don’t disagree just for the hell of it either. I am very comfortable with my opinions, and decisions.

    I have no need or interest in others who can’t separate the person from their personal preferences. If you don’t like me because you don’t like my opinion on something, that’s cool with me.

    That’s your insecurity about your own opinions then, if you need someone else to validate them for you.

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    I had a fabulous communications prof in college who said,”What you think of me is none of MY business.” I adopted that slogan quickly and twenty+ years later still keep it tucked in my pocket for those rare occasions when I doubt myself b/c of a stupid comment made by an asshole who doesn’t even know the real ME… Dust it off and read it and bolster confidence and move forward and believe that it really isn’t any of my business. It helps immensely. Keeping it real and having a system in place for a reality check helps me as well. Grand trine in Earth signs = priceless…

  12. I think it is only really important to me that my lovers understand me. I would prefer them to agree with me, but I am all right with that not happening so long as there is a mutual effort made at openness and clarity. (Venus in Scorpio, Mars/Moon Libra.)

  13. venus sq. aquarius, sag moon, aries mars…
    so its mostly fine to disagree. But then they are a few people who have tremendous power over me that way, I guess I give it away and I’m so very deflated when we disagree.

  14. That depends on what the subject is…if it’s my writing, no, I don’t care. I have to be true to the subject, and not water it down or pander. Anything less and you lose the authenticity, which is what makes people read.

    Boyfriends? If I like someone and no one else does, and these are people who care about me, yeah, I’m going to reconsider. They really DO have my best interests at heart.

    And I realized something about myself when I had a two year relationship with a much younger man. I’m not the kind of person who can be reviled and still hold my head up in the court of public opinion. Chickenshit, but it’s also freeing to know that about myself, so I don’t waste time being unhappy.

  15. I’ve been thinking about this in the thread on the Arizona immigration law. It reminds me of religious people who knock on your door. I have never felt an obligation to have a conversation with them. I wouldn’t denigrate their beliefs. I wouldn’t even consider their beliefs to be any of my business but I have always found them intrusive. Here I am sitting in my house… and here they come to enlighten me. I realize that some religions require people to go witness or whatever else might be called so I’m always polite but also have always told them I don’t wish to speak with them and nothing more.

    On the “world of agreement”, idea hit me out of Mars in Libra I am probably always going to find a world of argument or debate. The thing is, I get tired.

    I am tired now and only want to be around people who like me. This actually seems reasonable considering I am not out knocking on people’s doors. I mean if I stay home I should be able to choose my company if I am going to cause trouble everywhere I go, I think I’d like to say home.

  16. I found it takes a lot of work of the inner type that is, to overcome that fear of judgement or non acceptance but it has been worth it as no, I am not bothered by others disagreeing with me,or fear disagreeing with others so long as its done respectfully. Gotta take the chance that even just one person needed to hear what you said to inspire or challenge them to do same or opposite at least thats what i feel.

  17. I’m surprised to find I never weighed in on this. *grins*

    It’s not that important, until it is. I’d say the vast majority of the time I’m going to do what I’m going to do whether or not anyone agrees (and sometimes because no one agrees and I know it’ll work), but there are those times when it’s really nice to have some backing. I’ve just learned to not expect it to be there and move on without it.

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    Elsa P. is one of the few astrologers I find myself agreeing with on a regular basis.

    I search high and low for information, to study astrology for myself. Time and again, I am bombarded by astrology blogs and articles that take such a biased stance on every single issue. A modern trend, it seems, since 2001. Going through tedious diatribes, I either have to cherry pick details to learn, or tune out all together. So it’s a real delight to come to Elsa’s blog for practical, USEFUL information that does not denigrate others’ lifestyles or political views, or bash the military and U.S. in general.

    I generally don’t expect people to agree with me. But even if I am the only person on earth with my belief system, I remain confident in it. Usually the “validation” I seek is through events manifesting (after knowing when they were going to happen.)

    Thank you Elsa P. for an awesome blog!

  19. Thank you, CardinalAngles. I see the same thing out there not just with astrology blogs but everywhere I turn.

    Example, I have been perusing the new books in the library for 30 years. I prefer to read nonfiction and these days an author’s ideology overwhelms just about anything you can get and on top of that there is a patron in my local branch that checks out all the books that might interest me and runs through them marking out passages in rewriting to reflect their ideology in the margins.

    This is heartbreaking to me. Nothing less.

  20. and what a control-freak hobby: trying to force your views on everyone who checks out the book from then ever after. geez.

  21. I thought if you did that you had to buy the book…wonder if the librarians know about the revisions? Somehow, I doubt it…

  22. i care that my family understands. enough. i care about being respected by the people i spend time with.

    i’m not concerned about other people’s opinions but i do like to expand my understanding thanks to the knowledge of others….and share… it’s an exchange- expanding breadth of awareness.

  23. eris, they do know about it – I told 2 of them before one of them told me they had no idea who checked out what so they could not trace back to see who had the book. It is illegal to keep records of what you check out..

  24. …I think the subject you are dancing around here is that of absolute truth versus the gray scale of right and wrong; the Sisters of Mercy meme is perhaps a product of the gray scale logic, the cultural substitute of truth and fulfillment. I thought the video snippet played well with the Celtic Rebel premise in, Don’t Go West or wierd and disturbing, but these are the times.

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