13 thoughts on “How To Succeed (Or Fail) In Relationships”

  1. holy shit, elsa! earlier today i was googling “couples and money management” and came upon an article that offered the EXACT advice (focus on mutual goals, try to avoid getting stuck in control issues).

    the camera view looks great to me!

  2. When I think of Saturn in Libra I keep thinking Symbiotic not Parasitic. It applies all over the place right now. Symbiotic is sustainable. Parasitic is going out of style fast I think.

  3. Love this and am packing it into my Saturn in Libra toolbag, because I have a strong sense I’ll need it! (Love the green room, too – very refreshing!)

  4. I like this, good info Elsa. Saturn in Libra will be traveling my SO’s 1st house and my 7th house. Feeling like I really need to get down to relationship basics!

  5. Awesome video and advice! It seems so obvious, like Relationships 101, yet I can’t tire from hearing this. I mostly want to pass it onto a dysfunctional couple I know, yet, I know that “the students aren’t ready”.

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