How Can I Manifest The Promise Of My Natal Chart?

paletteHi Elsa,

They say Transits, Progressions and Solar arcs along with various return charts only provide what’s promised in the natal chart. How do I find out what’s promised in the natal chart? Is not it too vague?

Say on July 7th this year, I have my Venus progressing to my north node while transiting chiron conjunct ’em both and lol all of ’em squaring my natal saturn while I’m having a Saturn return (all aspects, from within a degree to exact). Should I look at the natal chart and the conditions of each of the planets and natal aspects? If it’s a chain reaction then who triggers whom and who provides the outcome?


Hi Unsure,

Untangling this would be a waste of time. You have too many ingredients in your stew up there. You’re approaching this as if your life was an algebraic equation. It is not. Let me simplify it.

“How do I find out what’s promised in the natal chart? Is not it too vague?”

A natal chart is not at all “vague”. It’s precise! You are making it “vague” when you pile on transits, progressions, solar arcs and the kitchen sink…and then try to order these things as if they are dominos.

Example – I have Jupiter aspecting my moon.
This promises that I FEEL GOOD.
It promises that I feel optimistic, that I feel hopeful and confident.

If Mars comes along to mess with my situation, I might assert my good feelings.
I might take a risk because I feel confident.
I might act brashly because I feel that I am good, no matter what. It’s an additive, see?
But the natal promise is still the natal promise.

Now let’s say that Saturn comes along, a planet that is contrary to Jupiter.
This will not rob me of my natal promise.
It might ground my good feelings.
I might start a business because I feel confident.
I might set a lofty goal and work towards it.
Again, Saturn would act as an additive to what I have to start with.

“If it’s a chain reaction then who triggers whom and who provides the outcome?”

You provide the outcome! Planets, charts, progressions, returns, solar arcs and /or transits do not have the power to provide an outcome. That is like looking at paint on a palette and trying to figure out what it’s going to paint itself into.

You’ve got certain things to work with. What will you make of them?

Good luck!

How well do you work with what’s promised in your natal chart?

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16 thoughts on “How Can I Manifest The Promise Of My Natal Chart?”

  1. Thanks Elsa for this explanation I at one time used to mathematically figure charts. That said and I was quite accurate but I suck at the reading end of it all. I see the aspects and I understand these have an effect but to actually understand what effect I am blind to it or just have dyslexia about it which is not impossible since I’m quite dyslexic from birth anyway. Had to reteach my self to read starting at age 16 took me a year but I was up to college level in that time. Reading a chart though is another story never was good at that.

  2. I couldn’t agree more that the natal chart is your base character and the most important thing to consider when you’re analyzing your chart. You can get really bogged down considering so many additional charts and aspects. I stick with transits to my natal planets mostly.

    I’ve fulfilled a lot of my natal chart’s promise over my live, just not all at once. Maybe not as big as I thought, but its all good.

      1. That is so true Elsa. You have such a clear and concise way of explaining how to analyze a chart I think that anyone reading your reply will walk away learning something very useful.

  3. I like the analogy you gave about the paint on a palette trying to figure out what it’s going to paint itself into. Very helpful!

  4. Is it true that Jupiter Rx in the natal chart means the “promise of the natal chart will not be fulfilled”? I read that in a book.

  5. Correction: “Jupiter Rx in the 8th House means the promise of the natal chart will NOT be fulfilled”… is that true Elsa?

  6. I have Sun conjunct Venus in 12th house Sagittarius. In my 20s there was no way I wanted to teach. However, with a stelliun in my Ninth House + planets in Sag, I began to gravitate toward teaching and have been teaching now for a couple of years. So the natal chart is like DNA or blueprint. Transits activate personal as well as generational energies. That’s how my personal astrologer explained and it makes sense to me

  7. Awesome read!! When it comes down to all the secondary progressions, solar arc, solar return, etc –you always pay attention to the rule of 3’s. If you see similar themes cropping up at least 3x between all the charts, then it likely means that theme will play out in real life. If not, then it’s far less significant…

    (Not saying that people are equations… But the laws of synchronicity apply here ?)

  8. My chart shrieks HEALER
    Double virgo along with Uranus pluto in 12th house
    Moon in taurus in 8th.
    Jupiter in piscies in 6th along with Chiron. Mars in Cancer in 10th.
    Ive studied health and psychology since I was 9.
    My venus in Scorpio is getting a workover right now.

  9. Thanks Gads for bringing this back to life, I really needed to see this right now. I have a tendency to get so tangled up in the details I completely miss the big picture.

    Elsa, this is so profound! It shows me how you can use astrology to defend your weaknesses or to free yourself from them. I’m looking at my chart with fresh eyes this morning!

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