How To Compensate When Your Chart Lacks One Element

WhirligigHi Elsa!

If a person lacks one element in their chart-for example, I have no fire-then is it difficult for them to be friends with people with an emphasis in that element? I’ve noticed that my acquaintances belong to all sorts of signs, but in the core group of friends, there isn’t a single Leo/Sadge/Aries. Is there any way we could make up for what we lack in our chart?

No Flame

Hi, Flame.   Three things.

First, you don’t mention how old you are, but when people are young, it’s common they run with people who similar to them.  As they get older they will expand their circle. This is natural.

To understand, just consider a baby being born into a family (people similar to him or her). Eventually, that child leaves the house…

Secondly, are you sure there is no fire in your circle of friends?  Are you only considering sun signs?  You can’t look at a Virgo Sun with four planets in Leo and say that person has no fire.  You can’t look at someone with Mars conjunct their ascendant, aspecting their Sun and Moon and say they’re passive.

Last, as far as making up what you lack in your chart, I’d say you have a choice. I lack planets in Fixed signs. I have spent my life with Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  Their immovability irritates me at times, but clearly I need the grounding.  Without the Fixed energy, I’d be like a whirligig, constantly spinning into oblivion, whichever way wind blows.

However, I can choose to avoid people with the energy I lack and there is impetus to do exactly that.  It would be more comfortable!

For example, I’ve lived with Taurus / Scorpio for the last twenty years. The WAITING I do is insane.  If I say, “Hurry up”, I get cut!

I choose to live this way because it’s good for me. The Fixed energy helps me to better serve and achieve, which is important to me.

To answer your specific question, yes you can make up for what you lack.  You can work to develop qualities that you see in others.  This is easier to do if you’re immersed with the “others” who have the qualities you lack.

Example – I moved to the South a year ago. My manners have improved!

Good luck!

Do you lack a certain element in your chart? Do you try to compensate for it?

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15 thoughts on “How To Compensate When Your Chart Lacks One Element”

  1. I lack earth (only one planet in that situation: Mercury in Virgo w/ only one aspect: sextle Uranus), but I don’t try to compensate.
    As much as I appreciate the qualities of earth signs, I’m not enthuastic enough to want to be like them.
    Maybe I compensate with something else, but it’s not earth.
    Maybe the Saturn conjunct my Sun keeps my nose to the ground.

  2. I lack earth but I have 5 planets in fixed signs and a fixed ascendant. I am with a Scorpio who has a Taurus moon. I feel like I have enough earthy influence in my life and in my own character nonetheless.

  3. I have no Earth planets, but I have 4 Scorpio planets in the 2nd house, which is a fixed house. What I’ve noticed most about having no Earth planets is that the fixed house placement gives a practical outlet for my Scorpio water planets. Its especially true because my Saturn is in Scorpio. You can’t get more practical than that. My life was about responsibility

    Maybe it isn’t the same as having Earth planets, but I’ll take it. Also, when I was growing up, my mother, sisters and brother were either Taurus or Virgo Suns. I think that was a plus for me because they were so practical and I was the free-thinking Sadge that always challenged them. It was a win-win Astrologically.

  4. I have no earth planets and only my Aqua Venus is fixed. But, I have Saturn in my first house conjunction Mars and square my chart ruler (Mercury). That Saturn grounds me quite a bit! I also have 3 planets in my 10th house. My ex and I had a few hard Saturn aspects and the relationship was way too heavy for me. But, I learn ALOT about being more grounded through that relationship. My current relationship is a lot lighter and more fun, but I don’t need the heavy Saturn aspects to make me be a grown up now, lol. Thank goodness! I think even though there is no earth in my chart, my houses and aspects help compensate for the lack. Truth be told, it’s my abundance of water and air that have made me personally successful. I am very creative and I’m able to articulate those ideas to effect change. My first house Saturn gives me the Appearance of being much more grounded than I feel most of the time. I’ve worked hard to overcome the lack.

  5. I’m short on Fire. That being said, my last two “best friends” (really, really good friends) were both FIRE-INTENSIVE – one all Leo, the other all Aries. I got along with each like a …house on fire! I deeply miss these two women. Recently, a quite fiery person has come into my life, this one a mix of Leo, Sadge, Aries. It’s not working out this time. Simply because I am not in a place to be able to handle and benefit from that type of energy at the moment. It is TOO MUCH, and the WRONG KIND of energy for me ~at the moment~.

  6. I lack fire as well and it’s so hard to learn from the fire signs because they’re fast and I’m slow. The best solution seems to be to observe from the distance and apply it on myself. The process itself is very slow.
    Lately I’ve discovered a show called Hawaii 5.0 and I love the energy of lead character, it looks life fire – Aries and Leo.

  7. I have mostly water. My husband was miserable with me; said I was boring. I liked to stay home and cook. He wanted to eat out all the time, even go out to breakfast, and be on the go 7 days a week. He had lots of air; no fire. We were sick to death of each other and divorced after 16 years.

    He met a hot-tempered red head, immature, insecure and neurotic; mostly fire; NO air. He was thrilled and impressed; said she went out 7 nights a week, had several groups of friends and knew every important person in town. They’ve been together happily for 19 years and are on the go all the time. Once I saw he was all air and no fire, and she was all fire and no air, I thought they must be a perfect match.

    Before we got married I thought that he was on the go all the time because he didn’t have a good home and family life. I thought he’d settle down and be relieved to quit running around. We should have discussed our expectations before marriage and saved a lot of misery.

    1. @jeanne, wow how you struck it through so long with such an airy dominant husband is amazing. that’s also an interesting story that he met a fiery individual who is the same as him. lol

  8. Lots of earth with sufficient yet deep waters, all the fire tucked away in volcanoes(12H)
    Only Venus in Air. With only moon mutable.

  9. I have a fairly balanced chart with plenty if fire, water & earth. One element that I need more is air. I have friends who have plenty of Libra & Aquarius. I do take tips from them sometimes.

  10. I have no Air, but I can get along with Airy peeps if they don’t overwhelm me.

    I am hanging around with a lot of Airy people, and I am not a smooth communicator, so I work on improving my communication skills.

  11. ‘As they get older they will expand their circle. This is natural.’ So I’m unnatural. My circle always shrinked.
    I lack earth, but even more the Fix energy. I’m so to say an Antitaurus. I can’t understand the fix and earthy types and I can’t get along with them. They are around me all the time, but we’ll never make friends! So I don’t see any compensation at all.
    Of course the energies of the elements and the qualities (crosses) aren’t limited to sun signs. But sun signs tend to cluster. Where you find one person of a certain sun sign, there you usually find more.

  12. I lack air but I do have 3 planets in air houses (Venus in 3rd, Saturn/Pluto in 7th) plus Mercury conjunct Ascendant in Pisces but since my Mercury is in its fall/weakest in Pisces so I don’t think this is enough to compensate for my weak air as I’m still struggling with creative thinking, communication skills & adapting to changes, situations & people but I get comments from many that they find me intelligent. I guess its because I do make sure that I can practice in real life what I learn.

  13. I lack fire. Only 1 planet, Pluto in Leo. I’m mostly fixed with Taurus Asc, Scorpio Sun (plus, Merc, Saturn and Venus in Scorpio). I don’t particularly like Leo’s ego, I find Aries too reckless and flighty. Sagittarius is ok, bc they seem happy go lucky.
    Slow and steady wins the race with me.

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