How Jupiter Transits Work In Real Life

jack beanstalkJupiter is considered a benefic planet in astrology. It’s a planet given to going overboard and this holds true when astrologers talk about it.

The idea that money or things are going to fall from the sky when Jupiter transits your whatever is a common misconception. What you can count on during a Jupiter transit is an opportunity to expand.

This means if Jupiter transits your first house you will have an opportunity to expand your waist. More is not always better. But aside but that, good things usually do come along during Jupiter transits but people don’t necessarily know a good thing when they see it.

Jupiter does rule luck and expansion but it also rules education, travel, vision, opportunity, the future, and bounty of all kinds. If you learn something new, is this not a benefit?

Jupiter is more akin to a seed placed in the ground, that will mature over the next twelve years (as the Jupiter cycle advances and completes).

I got on the Internet for the first time during my Jupiter return. I headed right for alt.astrology with a Mountain Astrologer in my hand. That was the seed. That was the opportunity that evolved into what you see today.

Tell us about one of your opportunities that wound up paying off, huge?

8 thoughts on “How Jupiter Transits Work In Real Life”

  1. I had jupiter return in aquarius recently. Thats my 10H/11H cusp. Guess who also came to the party? Saturn. what happened ? I just feel I’ve been cheated. lol

  2. Jupiter transited my natal Jupiter in the 11th house in 1995; I hooked up with a new life and love after the end of a 25 year marriage
    As you put it new seeds were planted and fireworks blared.
    Over the nearly 30 years now the hookup has been a trip if expansion and contractions. Two very different folks learning resilience and reconciliation on so many levels

    1. That might be the Pluto pathway that trailed Jupiter through my life (the depth and the turns of a spade of earth in my garden/life)

  3. In my own experience, Jupiter just amplifies things. So say I’m a little sad, Jupiter rolls around and it’s Major Depression. Or a little hungry, then I’m up 8 sizes. Glad Saturn has been tempering the Jupiter transits affecting me as of late. Maybe Jupiter’s not a happy planet for me because my natal Jupiter is in cap 12.

  4. Since my chart is Jupiter ruled can I assume those transits have the most effect on me personally? Pluto comes in second then neptune. I don’t feel too terribly lucky having Jupiter as my ruler.

  5. I wish the first thing about Jupiter in the 1st is not the weight gain.
    I started a serious exercise regimen and a healthy diet and jupiter will soon cross my ascendant, what more can I do to lose weight not be scared of gaining it?

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