Pluto Transit Conjunct Moon In Aquarius – You & Your Family Shadow

aquarius woman blueHi, Elsa.

Would you share a couple of thoughts on Pluto transiting over one’s moon? Mine is on the early degrees of Aquarius so I’ve already gotten a taste of it (all mostly good so far) but I do dread the years ahead.. the nasty side of Pluto.. Being a Cancer sun on the 8th house makes me have lots of mixed feelings abt it and want to know what’s worst case scenario so as to be ready and prepared for it…

Aquarius flavored Crab

I took my time thinking about this for a few reasons.  First, I think my ideas on this are “out there” and I know what happens to people outside the mainstream, even in astrology. I was also thrown by the word, “nasty”. I also don’t know that Pluto has “sides”?
My thoughts are that people are expecting a Pluto in Capricorn transit to the moon, but in their sign. It won’t be like that. You won’t suffer painful, crippling rejection, under pressure to persevere.  You won’t find yourself, suffer depression, writing around in the deepest hole you’ve ever encountered in your life. You will be uncomfortable, though.
Aquarius is detached and intellectual. Moon in Aquarius is the gal who get’s the woman’s circle together and observes. She has emotional control.  It’s as if she’s inoculated against being overly emotional. She’s able to exist above (Air) and apart from the shadowy stuff that goes on in the group. In this case, “the group” includes the entire collective.
Pluto’s transit conjunct moon in Aquarius will test the person’s power of detachment as they encounter the shadow side of humanity and their own emotional nature, including their family inheritance. You can see me going through this, already.
No, I don’t have an Aquarius moon. I have Pluto in Aquarius aspecting my 4th house. To my shock, after all these years, I’m aware I can access the psychopathic view on things. This ability is part of my family (moon) legacy (Pluto).
I am saying, rather than studying this type thing, from the rafters, I find myself on the ground now. It’s personal!  Personal and uncomfortable, as in “you’ve got to be kidding!”
You can expect this transit to drag you into the “family stew”, which includes the shadow parts.  Power of your DNA. It’s shocking.
Do you have an Aquarius moon? How’s it going?

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  1. I have the Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius, mid degrees. We will see where this goes. Interesting too, cause I’m a cancer midheaven.

  2. I don’t know if this is true for all Moon in Aquarius people but an ex friend of mine had this and was exactly as you described vis a vis dealing with other people’s emotions, the group, etc, very observant, detached, liked to discuss them, was actually a therapist. However, and this is a big however, I eventually realised that she used other people where possible to project very terrible shadow emotions and states and was happy to then counsel the distressed person experiencing ‘her’ terrible split off primitive states. There was no ability to experience them personally or the vulnerability they cause. Perhaps a Pluto transit to this Moon would bring these all home to be felt and acknowledged. I often link the human expression of Aquarius with quite severe early (ie as a baby) heart break.

  3. Aq Moon at 2 degrees, here, conjunct Venus at 0 degrees. Been discovering detachment from family over the past several years – Pluto grinding back & forth thru the wide degrees of transit – as my mother declined and then passed with me as POA/Executor. I tried to detach further after that, but COVID drove me back home. Tried to relocate again 2 years ago but am driven back to hometown again this year, this time knowing I’m choosing my friends and homeplace – just as the campus Gaza protests expose our uni’s militaristic policies! Plenty of “family stuff” coming up, but I can already OD those with civil detachment skills and methods!

  4. I loved this! thanks for writing about it
    Pluto in Capricorn was opposite my sun and square my natal Pluto so the nastiness was real.. deep, all-encompassing loss in terms of emotional/ mental health coupled with financial security that came from tough professional choices .. I had to play the status quo game when all I wanted was to go after my own self-affirming wishes.. lost all I had worked for in terms of autonomy and freedom of expression and got stuck into living under other people’s rules – such was the reality. It was out there in many ways, it was like everything that mattered was taken away and I was left with bare existence but it did make me drill into what I am truly made of and start building from there..

    I think feeling uncomfortable is a bit like a natural state for aquarius moon.. it can feel like being an alien to how all of us ‘fall prey’ to our deepest instincts, be they passions or vices. I find that the motto of Aquarius moons, what they need to feel safe, is the phrase ‘I understand how this humanity system works’ (hah).. Now with AI taking up so much space in our lives maybe it’s this understanding that can shake us out of taking our humanity for granted.. As soon as something becomes established, Aquarius need to differentiate themselves and look at it from a different angle … I work in education and it seems that with AI taking over the information part of the equation we need to start teaching what made human societies to begin with.. tolerance, compassion, justice, seeing the bigger picture and not just our self-interests.. a sorts of Critical pedagogy perhaps

    It feels both scary and hopeful .. maybe these can be Pluto’s sides, grossly put.. (I have Pluto in Libra, everything has sides!! heh)

  5. just to add something about education, especially secondary education and the academia .. the past 15 years (with Pluto in Capricorn) it has become hyper-focused on results that can be measured, ratings, hard professional skills, what we call quantity-based education. This has been what new policies in education aim towards and they have become so pressing that there’s little time left to focus on non-competitive, human values.. I would love to see Pluto in Aquarius move us away from that and towards more quality based approaches that focus on things that are not always quantifiable but equally, if not more, important.. The Gaza protests in universities are a good reminder

  6. I have a 0 degree Aqua Moon exactly conjunct Saturn in the 3H and I haven’t felt any different with Pluto being on top of this conjunction. No intense emotions or events. Like nothing at all Lol – which is good I guess!

    Pluto will make two more exact conjunctions with my Moon so we’ll how it goes the but yeah it’s been surprisingly underwhelming compared to what I’ve read about Pluto-Moon transits

  7. My mom is a Leo born on a full moon and has Pluto going over her moon right now and I told her Pluto is stationing retro that the hits are gonna keep coming over the next couple few years
    I don’t know if she grew up in what you’d call an Aquarian environment, but she encountered a lot of abuse from step father and step sibs and she definitely can detach and/or dissociate
    She has had a rough year w my dad going into a nursing home and she is now head of household and started dialysis so she is also officially disabled and there’s a lot to navigate there

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    Aquarius flavored Crab

    I feel like this transit has been happening on two levels at once.. that or I am mistaking it with something else happening.. I think it actually started a few years back, when Saturn was going over my moon.. I thought it might be a precursor to pluto looming near by and took notice.

    The things that came up are very similar to what others here have mentioned.. dealing with very deep trauma, linked to toxic family dynamics. In fact, it was at that time that the whole web of trauma was shown to me in a very clear and stark way, as this is the type of situation that can go by under the radar for long periods of time by those experiencing it – you feel something is not right but it’s not easy to see it clearly. The whole thing felt like the veil dropped and it also coincided with a time when members of my family refused to talk to me or acknowledge me in any way (call it ‘control tactics’). It caused a period of mourning for the idea of family that died right then and there but it felt liberating at the same time – at least now I knew what was what and I could deal with it.

    Four years after that, I have done a lot of work on handling things differently and taking control. I have gone from being the black sheep to being the golden child (I know none of these are a true reflection of who I am so I stopped paying attention – I do need to constantly remind myself that this current peace can shatter at any moment. it’s not a situation I feel I can trust anymore.

    I”m not sure what pluto is doing now dancing around my moon – this probably happening too deep for me to realise. It might be that this time the whole notion of detachment-attachment is being dug up for thorough clean up and examination- who am I attached/attaching to and why.. but things are still muddy and unclear

    I’m still working a lot on handling stress. I have experienced early trauma, probably caused while I was still in the womb and my mother was going thru extremely taxing things – I”ve always associated it with my natal uranus square moon which, I think, is also wreaking havoc with my hormones thru acute, chronic stress (obviously also linked to the family dynamics). Early trauma circumstances peaked when transiting pluto went over uranus (and square moon). Now the transit will play the other way round, conjunct moon, square uranus – who knows how that will work itself out! This time pluto and uranus will be in mutual reception and my moon will be caught in the middle, ehmmmm not sure how I feel about that!

    it’s been lovely and extremely helpful reading others’ ideas and experiences on this – thank you everyone for sharing and thank you Elsa for posting about this – looking forward to keeping up with more posts on this thread and/or theme!

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