Saturn Transit Opposite Mercury

Mercury vintage silverHi, Elsa.

I looked around but couldn’t find a lot of useful information about Saturn opposite (natal) mercury transit. Mercury is also my chart ruler.

Recently I have received some frank but harsh feedback on the way I answer questions, whereas only a few months ago I was told that I answer questions very well. Is this going to be a running theme of this Saturn Transit? I felt like I got a bit of whiplash! How to handle this well?

Mixed Messages

Hi, Mixed.

There is no one way a transit will play out.  It sounds as if your Mercurial skills have been judged (Saturn) by different people.  I write (Mercury) publicly (Saturn) so I can really relate to this.  One person comes along to tell me I am great. The next person says I suck to core of the earth.

One or both people may be an expert of some sort but maybe not? Saturn transits are always about boundaries on some level.  It’s often said, “Consider the source”?  You have been judged but have you judged the people making the remarks?

Ultimately, under a transit like this, you’ll take a hard look at your Mercury functions. Feedback may or may not be useful. I tend to pay attention to Saturn figures. Old men, Capricorns or people with specific life experience in the relevant arena.  If you’re dealing with some blowhard, it’s incumbent on you figure it out and set those comments aside.

It’s pretty common to be rejected under a Saturn transit, only to recognize, you are going to have to stand against the other person(s) judgment and persevere anyway. As an example, I tried to get a job at a number of astrology website; no one would have me.  I still felt pressure to write so I started my blog, which ultimately gave birth to astrology blogging on the internet.

You job right now is to figure this out… which you are in the process of doing by asking for advice from a Capricorn with real life experience.

Good luck!


5 thoughts on “Saturn Transit Opposite Mercury”

  1. I have a 5th house Mercury in a loose (9′) opposition to Saturn in the 10th natally and I have honed my messages over the years to make them clear while retaining some tact! Business teaches you that. I was an A+ student through disciplined study but wasn’t a natural student with a short attention span Gemini sun inconjunct Sag Moon! You struggle through.

  2. Elsa,
    I have been disappointed about
    being told that I am getting old –
    and when I hear that actually
    I smile and wonder deep down inside
    if we can really out smart Almighty God ? I don’t think so. I have an
    Aunt who lived to be 115 years old.
    Your thoughts please.

  3. India don’t wait for peoples approval of you they’re so far behind you’re brilliant you not only answer questions you understand the context and the connection and the effects the heavens built you. Your arc is just beginning they are the leftover fireworks burning out
    Handle it,just drive over it, answers are nothing the desire to make an answer
    That is what keeps the eternal candle flickering

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