How Partnering Can Enhance (Or Degrade) Your Life

My friend and colleague, satori offered an interesting observation in regards to Angelina Jolie, about a year after Jolie partnered with Brad Pitt.  She noticed that the public became kinder and more forgiving of Angelina, once she was associated with Brad.  It’s years later now, and this shift is undeniable.

Astrologically, you can see something like this via a composite chart. An individual has a natal chart. But when a person partners, and stands alongside their partner, the composite chart is what people see.

Because the two charts are often very different, partnering can dramatically change your life experience. As another example, consider Art Garfunkel with Paul Simon… and without. It’s enormously interesting.

An old man once told me to check out the family of anyone I might want to marry, because I would have to live with them. As an astrologer, I’d suggest you check out the composite chart between you and your significant other for insight into what you’re signing on to.<

I sell a Relationship Composite report for just $12. Check it out. I think you’ll be surprised by how much you can gain by looking into this.

3 thoughts on “How Partnering Can Enhance (Or Degrade) Your Life”

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    Eek..! I reckon if my man knew what he does about my family now, way back then when we 1st met..he probably would of ran for the hills as far away from me as he could possibly get!

    God bless my man for what he has had to endure with my wacky screwball!

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    Not really a fan of Angelina’s acting..Brad is pretty good though. Where one lacks, the other makes up for, i guess.

  3. This is so interesting! I have noticed this happen in everyday life, but I never connected it to astrology and composite charts, nor have I ever read about this anywhere.
    A very clever and useful observation!

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