Scorpio Strikes, Itty Bitty

I was talking to a Scorpio pal today…

“I got so sick of her I finally told her,” he said. “We don’t have to like each other, we just have to work together. I said that and she was shocked. We’ve worked together for twenty years and she’s come to me for all sorts of things throughout so I think that stung her a bit. I think she was taken aback.”

“Yeah, I know the type. They can do whatever they want to you for ten or twenty years. When they find out you don’t like them, they’re all shocked! They can not like you all they want but you can’t possibly not like them.”

“Yep, that’s it.”

Know people like this? People who hate but can’t believe anyone might hate back? What do you think their deal is?

10 thoughts on “Scorpio Strikes, Itty Bitty”

  1. Yes, I do people like this.
    I think people are like this, because of being raised by someone who simultaneously abuses them and elevates their position in the world.

    “You’re great” ::pat pat::
    “You’re a piece of trash” ::slap slap::

    Every person I’ve met WITH this attitude came from this type of background.

    I am NOT opining that everyone who is raised in this type of environment has this trait.

  2. LMAO 😉

    Um yes, have a girl like this at work. She’s always ‘zapping’ me with these passive-aggressive comments but when i turn on her she acts all mortified.

    I’m real laid-back and nice and gentle but i’m a Scorpio after all. Push me enough and my sting comes out…….

  3. oh yes…i have a crazy coworker who does nothing but gossip and be spiteful, then wonders why no one likes him. we’re not talking right now…good riddance! i’m a sadge, so if i josh and joke around with you, and put my foot in my mouth it’s caz i LIKE you. if i don’t…then i just ignore you. life’s too short to waste time around negative folks…NEXT!!!

  4. Oh, do I know someone like this? OUI. My boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is president of the fencing club. (Incidentally the secretary is her current boyfriend, and I was the treasurer… until I resigned this week!)

    It is unbelievable how she can be cutting, rude, spiteful, and not understand how her actions affect the people around her. She is a Cancer sun with a Pisces moon, a Venus in Gemini and a Merc in Leo, a combination of energies which I have noticed can lead to bullying…

    Anyway, in about two hours, some of the other ex-officers and I are going to try to stage a coup, aka present a vote of no-confidence in her leadership. It’s not that she’s a bad organizer– she’s been highly effective as a president– but she’s a straight-up BITCH! And one does not excuse the other.

    (Unfortunately, my boyfriend thinks it does. I don’t think our relationship is going to last very much longer.)

  5. I was married to a triple cancer,cancer rising barely, pluto in leo in the first, uranus,sun, mercury in the 12th and jupiter in pisces who everyone thought was the cats meow, because he made a point of being extra polite and considerate when friends were around, and appeared to be soooo generous.

    we had horrible domestic fights. I yelled he turned into the hulk, red, and would shove me into corners and choke me, kick, down doors, smah furniture to bits, and beg me to slap him and once i did, all hell broke loose.

    I am no angel, venus in aries risng with a mars and mercury in gem stellium.

    so of course everyone who could hear thought it was ny fault, i went to therapy, marriage therapy, years of therapy afterwards,and it took a while to figure out what had happened.

    Peter peter pan eater, had a wife and couldn’t keep her, so he put her in a pumpkim shell and there he kept her very well…he isolated me, belittled me, chocked me, ripped a neck muscle, and basically terrorized me for years and after very fight i always apologized, because it was all my fault.

    I have no idea why i am writing this except that there was a post about water signs, and water signs are suppose to be deep, nurturing, and loving.

    Oh, one more story, He did cook me dinner while i was going through a miscarriage at 4 months before he told me he had given me the chance to go to the hospital, and went to bed.

    I passed out in the hallway, I did’nt quite make it to the bathroom, which meant he walked over me to bathe, blow dry his hair and get ready for work.

    i am leary of people who appear to be really kind, and make a show of being so giving, and of cancer men in general…

  6. Thanks, Carrie… yeah I have always personally had a difficult time navigating Cancer energy. Scorpios I love to death, whether or not it’s a good thing…

    Miss, I am so sorry you had to put up with that shit. Seriously.

  7. I think “Mean spirited people” who can dish it out, but are shocked when they are called on their behaviors, are just plain old garden variety narcissists and no sign has a monopoly on character disorders.

    Like someone somewhere I’m sure has said, “It’s not that you’re born with afflictions, good aspects, etc…it’s what you do with your potential that matters.” There are good and bad in all signs and we always have the choice to choose wisely.

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