My 8th House And Response To Trauma

I figured out the low blood pressure, I am almost positive it is a response to trauma.

My blood pressure is normally low, around 96/65 ish. When I got to the ER I was in a hell of a state, my blood pressure at 113 over something which is very high for me. I didn’t say anything to the nurse admitting because that’s not high blood pressure and as I’ve explained a few times, I am hard to diagnose and have to beware as being seen as crazy.

Longish story short they put me on an IV which I know raises the blood pressure. I mean when your blood pressure is low, they give fluids to bring it up and eventually put a cuff on me.

The first reading, an hour after I’d been in there was 84/43 which alarmed them until I reassured them I was fine and that was normal for me and I had seen my blood pressure lower. The BP checking is automatic and 15 minutes later when it checked it again (and theoretically it should have gone up due the fluids) it had dropped to 78/48.

You can see right here how I cause a problem for doctors. It’s just like Dora. It appears something is dramatically wrong and when Dora sees the doctor’s concern she gets concerned herself and I have a similar response. Once that response kicks in, all bets are off. We go into various hijinks we learned long ago.

In my case, I have a “survival mode”. I wrote about this in my book. It is possible to be pushed to such an edge you have to shut down systems to protect yourself and I learned to do this when I was kid.

In my book I equated the experience to being left alive but with only enough energy to keep a pilot light going. It’s just very dim, you’ve got to shut down systems or you are simply not going to make it and I think I still do this is a habit.

What I learned last night, or rather what I verified was that if you are in this state (lizard mode), you are extremely fragile and jumpy. Jumpy like a lizard actually which will sit very still but also very ready to react.

The point here is it’s not just physiological. I think when my body drops my blood pressure like that there is a whole concert of things going on that are very complicated. Add to this acute, bewildering symptoms and you can see why I was in there for 8 hours, the doctor telling me I was strange.

If he only knew how true that is.

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  1. So glad you are on the mend. Yeah, docs do not handle these little quirks well. πŸ™‚

    Am I understanding you correctly when you say this has more to do with your mental/emotional state than some physiological? Then it makes sense it was your Mars/Mercury being transited all right.

    Take care of yourself during Saturn’s station today and reassure your menfolk . . . sometimes these things are harder on those who love us than us! {{{Elsa}}}

  2. Neith, I think there is a physiological response to emotional trauma. It’s like a flashback where the actual physical symptoms are recreated.

    Basically if the threat is great enough, I slip into this state (lizard) which I developed as a way to survive when my survival was threatened. It’s really very simple, you’ve not to the energy to run the furnace but you do keep the pilot on – you fuel it and only it because if it goes out you’re dead.

    I bet you anything if you talked to others who were in sustained traumatic circumstance (like the Iran hostages or John McCain or Elizabeth Fritzl, they’d tell you of something similar.

    On the mars Mercury, there is no doubt about that, due the swelled up blood in my hand and the my stabbing pain left side of my chest – intensified on the exhale (hands and lungs are Mercury ruled).

  3. yeah, that makes sense. i know someone else with abnormally low blood pressure who has similar childhood experiences….

  4. it’s possible that you are in a constant state of mild shock — not enough to really affect day to day doings — but enough to keep your blood pressure (and body temp for that matter) low. also common occurrances for those of us traumatized one way or another.

  5. “it’s possible that you are in a constant state of mild shock β€” not enough to really affect day to day doings β€” but enough to keep your blood pressure (and body temp for that matter) low.”

    No, I don’t think so. I think I have a normal mode. I am from a long living family but I do have unusual numbers for example my cholesterol is 43, LOL.

    The first time I had it tested (when I was young) it was 27. Doctors just stare at you.

    The other thing is I give blood and I do it FAST. I routinely fill a bag in less than 3 minutes, I call it “speed bleeding” – also Mars Mercury.

  6. Elsa, whenever I have a problem I just can’t sleep and I get horrible zits! That is my response to an emotional trauma.

  7. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better and feelin’ fine!
    Thanks for telling us about your experience… It sounds like you’ve gleaned some good stuff out of it-good for you!

  8. Sonia, I don’t agree with that at all. Your statement upsets me as much as mine upsets you.

    God, I hate this PC world.

    I guess we may as well do away with the word “common”. “Usual” and “normal” had better be taken out as well for these concepts are denied to exist in 2009.

  9. There absolutely is a physiological response to trauma (and grief) — absolutely. Ask a rape victim, torture victim (which I think is same thing), someone who has been in a war, etc — almost doesn’t mmatter what the cause is/was. The symptoms have much in common– although of course it can be very individual.

  10. I hope you are out of pain now. I’m sorry you went through that.

    I slow down when I’m in pain, but not to an extreme level. I sleep more.

    My normal state is lower than the statistical norm for blood pressure and temperature. My family has longevity into the late nineties. Maybe it’s the Cap showing, for me.

  11. You are right – docs do not do well with unusual numbers! I’m in med school and I can relate.

    I’m sorry about your experience. I strongly believe that doctors should try to approach each patient as an individual – someone who has their own “normal.” Here’s hoping I can stick to that belief throughout my training. πŸ™‚

  12. Yay for Sitara! I hope so, too.

    And man, the ER is not a good place to spend your Saturday. Glad you are out and doing better.

  13. Elsa, your statement didn’t upset me. I just meant we’re all different, that’s all, and some people can see that as strange. There’s no such thing as normal!

  14. Sonia, I’m sorry I reacted to your comment. I realize I don’t understand it and wrote that after 8 hours of trauma in the ER followed by a 6 hour night’s sleep. Sorry!

  15. I”ve come across this piece at least 3-4 times in the past and the shutting down always resonates with me . . I also have low blood pressure and low red blood cells and I’m thinking it shows in my Taurus Mars square 8th house saturn . . I wonder if you have identified it with any astrology traits in your natal? perhaps 8th house?

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