How To Communicate The Metaphysical – Chiron? Virgo?

rainbow bridge chironI’ve noticed astrology and astrologers transforming at the speed of light, since Pluto went into Aquarius.

I’m bringing up this post I wrote, fifteen years ago, because it concerns a topic about to be buried forever.
I’ve spent the day writing to the soldier’s son about metaphysical topics. I have spent ten years posting to a blog about astrology. I know for a fact that reams of people have picked up the subject reading my blog… thousands of them. This tells me that I am someone who can make these topics accessible. I’m wondering what to give this to in a chart.

In Barbara Hand Clow’s book, Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner & Outer Planets, she gives this ability to Virgo. She writes about Virgo being able to bring these topics down to earth. Other than that, I’ve never seen this addressed although I think it is a hell of a skill.

I don’t say that to flatter myself.Β  I just mean as a fact. It is a hell of skill to be able to make otherworldly things understandable to people not bent in that direction. When I brought this up with another astrologer, she said, hell no! Has nothing to do with Virgo. Hmm.

Well what do you give it to, I wondered. I look to my own chart because I can do this so well, and not just with astrology. The soldier is an entity difficult to access and understand and you all get him now, don’t you? You can access all kinds of things courtesy his energy and he’s not even here so obviously I am a conduit.

Could it be the aspect between Jupiter (publish/broadcast) and Uranus (astrology/the eccentric) in my chart?

Is it Saturn Neptune… I can ground the nebulous? What do you think?

Is there anyone out there with distinct ability to translate the “far out” to the passerby? How do you think you do this?

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  1. I do this too. I could see it being something that falls on the Virgo/Pisces axis. Chiron and Saturn in Pisces here with a bunch of stuff in Virgo.

    I’m better at translating tarot than astrology and can do a fair job of just reading people intuitively. For some reason I really struggle to make what I know about astrology accessible to non astrology people.

    1. Same placements as you, the Virgo sun stellium is in the 12th. I was the forever grad student of the increasingly esoteric, but am also the writer who can relate it in recognizable ways. Oh, Gemini MC and NNode (conjunct) and curious Gemini Moon help.

  2. I can, but not nearly as good as you because this is your thing you do it every single day. You do not hold back you broadcast to the masses where as I can take someone there but only if I see the spark in their eye and feel a connection that let’s me know that I am safe and that it feels right to share these things with them.

  3. I wonder what you “get out of it” Elsa? Whats in it for you to bring your wisdom to many. If you can find that bit in your chart then you might have the answer to your question. No one could do what you do over that time unless there was a something your inner free child part loved.

    Some teachers love teaching for a variety of reasons. Some fishermen love the sea for a number of reasons. What ever it is Elsa, keep loving that “thing” you find in running your blog.


  4. Kingsley that’s a good angle. I do this because I am compelled to and I suffer if I don’t. My whole chart can be summed up like this:

    Serve or suffer, big mouth, shiny hair and she likes to fuck!

    I am a slave to those things.

  5. Yeah, this seems like partly Virgo. If you lean towards a little more holistic astrology, Virgo is that place where mind meets body. It makes sense that you could ground (Virgo) the metaphysical communications (Virgo).

    I mean, the Earth seems to be what makes your version so easy to understand. Some other astrologers may be relaying the same information, but it doesn’t click in that super-simple-and-strange-but-practical way.

    They’ve got the sensitivity,
    but not the earthiness.
    You’ve got both.

    I lean towards this too.
    (Packed up 6th house with Pluto and North Node.)

  6. Well, I would help you reframe the way you describe those atributes if you were in my counselling room Elsa, however I know that you say those words with blunt honesty rather than in a disliking manner.

    That is a good point about “service” Elsa. Many religious and spiritual beliefs revolve around being of service. It can be one of the highest forms or ways to acess the “divine”. I like the reductionist view of your chart Elsa, I like keeping things simple however that is not easy for me.


  7. I think Elsa, that is an attribute of Chiron. Trying to distill the facts to obtain a theory or fundation of why Chiron act the way it act I think this object has the effect of a editor, removing superfluous remaining dust, it is his nature of comet that in a point of his orbit loses a great quantity of ice and fine dust. Ok, the healing part of Chiron I think comes from here, precissely the traumatic effect of hard experiences is the compulsion of trying to clean something that stay in the past and should be forgotten. When we fail When we fail in forgetting the hard experience appear the post traumatic effect. I extendend my writing. When Chiron works well, it gives the quality of present a clean a essential result…plus the quality of connect very distant realitites I think it explain the result.

  8. ….The wound that does not heals is because of this compulsive malcfunctioning of Chiron. A good and operative Chiron gives us autocritic or a good critic of others works or fact…. there resides a aspect of this objet. This plus the connection between two orbits (Saturn Uranus ) I thinks gives this objet the “perspective” and so on. I am a fanatic of this object, off course when it works well

  9. sounds like a mercury thing to me. like, a want to explain / translate difficult-to-digest information = mercury/mutable + pluto/8th? you like to tell stories and you’ve got a packed 8th house, so… pretty much says it, there.

    astrology’s more ‘deep’ than neptunian ethereal. at least yours is. i don’t think jupiter-uranus would do much without a close aspect to your inner planets, and even then it would be more of an image/lifestyle/adjective thing rather than the desire to communicate. jupiter-uranus don’t necessarily want to talk about details, more the general idea.

  10. OMG I LOVE that pink poodle. I am obsessed with the color pink, almost everything I wear, and so forth. Something weird: I looked up the only person I could find on astrodatabank who had my same exact birth date? I was amazed when it said she made her husband build her a pink house filled with pink rooms (not to mention, had already blasted through several rather large lump sums of cash she received, Eeeeee).

    I wasn’t sure if you were saying you have Chiron in Virgo, Elsa, and I am not sure what conveys this ability to reach large groups on topics metaphysical. I would like to look at the chart of James Braha, because, until he stopped, he could not seem to stop being successful in bringing Vedic astrology to the West with books which were very accessable to the average person… he captured the attention of God knows how many folks on this topic…including myself. I will look at his Western chart to see if he has a lot of Virgo.

  11. I do believe it is the Jupiter and Uranus connection Elsa. I have read this in a few books and on the net and while I surely will never reach the mass audience that you have, I understand this knack with my own conjunction of the same in the 11th.

  12. Daemoness, in the 11th, what sign is the conjunction in, may I ask? I have a very tight Uranus/Jupiter conjunction (1 degree) in Cancer in the 5th, and sometimes it makes me … I don’t know…whatever. I also have Chiron in Aquarius in the 11th exactly trine a first house Venus.

    I may never reach a large public as most of my planets are on the bottom of the chart, although I do have Sag on the MC.

  13. i just enjoy you guys. i have no idea what anyone’s talking about here, because i’ve never studied astrology but yes, elsa, i do feel like i get a good study of it here –

    and then in the comments, just the conversation that’s subtly in there between Elsa and Kingsley. I love you guys. You are too funny.

  14. You’re welcome Spinner. There’s nothing quite as fun as walking around with a large fluffy animated carnival prize.

    Oh and Loonsounds, I’m glad you liked her too. The funny thing is that I’m so not a pink poodle person. She was a fantastic walking joke for me. I loved the reactions she got. People almost always had to smile even when they didn’t quite approve of such shenanigans. πŸ™‚

  15. I believe this is Saturn/Neptune…I also know that I have this trait.

    -Saturn (8th) /Neptune (12th) in a grand trine with Mars/Venus Conjunction (4th)

    I do this (communicate this) through a distinct love and compassion for humanity. I do this by loving all people.

    I thought about this as I rode my bike home tonight…down an alley past a person I know to be a transsexual prostitute. I thought about how I can be friendly with this person and see beyond their outward appearance, and how someone else I know, who is religious, is frightened and disgusted by this living, breathing, being.
    I mean, Jesus hung with the down and dirty folk…love everyone!

    That’s how I do it, by love pure and simple. So I don’t see a Mercury connection, really…communicating the metaphysical is more than writing.

    I’m definitely not putting your writing skills down, Elsa (I know you wouldn’t think that of me, but I’d like to say that anyway). But I believe your Saturn/Neptune observation to be correct.

    The fab. writing skills are the vehicle…Isn’t in your Mars/mercury in your 9th, E?

  16. I know I have this ability. In the past few days even I’ve talked to a lot of people about reincarnation, dream interpretation, astrology and this and that. I can do it because I simply can’t see how people can NOT believe in such things or at least consider them as part of their life experience. I don’t have any Uranus/Jupiter or Saturn I think it is one of the few positive aspects of my Pisces/Virgo combination–Virgo seeks to learn everything to the deepest level while Pisces is all esoteric and out there. Astrology, reincarnation, various deep philosophical ideas…they’re just how I make sense of the world. People seem to value that for some weird reason and they come to me all the time for help and esoteric advice. I have all my friend’s charts in a file and they regularly ask me about them.

    You put it out there of your own volition more than I do, Elsa. I couldn’t start an astrology blog because it requires more confidence than I have. But if someone asks, I’m there in a second.

  17. This has become a hot topic!

    I just finished Barbara’s book, she is kind of a guru to me, I read her Liquid Light of Sex too and she made me look forward to my Uranus opposition; that takes some doing πŸ™‚ I agree with Virgo being the domicile of Chiron, and also with Chiron representing the astrologer, (he was the first after all) but the translation of the divine to the meaningful has to be found across the Virgo-Pisces axis, thus you might say Neptune to Mercury, but even more pertinently I think Neptune-Chiron. But of course Chiron needs to be activated and that usually takes something very difficult.

    I also look at the Sa/Ur midpoint, it is important in providing an access point to the intangible energies of the outer planets.

    I think that as a counsellor (not even as an astrologer) you get to have an idea about what people are ready to listen to and to understand. That is very chirotic wouldn’t you say?

  18. tell stories/give meaning to the weird (jupiter uranus) and ground/give structure to the mystical (saturn neptune) yah, that makes sense.
    also, tell weird stories and have mysticism in one’s structure…..

    seems high level expressions of those kinds of aspects. πŸ˜‰

    i can translate to and (somewhat less) from geek reasonably well. also have a decent grasp of translating the structure of language. think that’s from saturn/mercury/uranus.

    hm. would you call jupiter on the midheaven a kind of saturn jupiter thing? even if it’s actually in the ninth?

  19. Wyrling, do you have Jup (in Sag) on the MH? (I do too). Your question is interesting because I have always felt that Saturn plays such a huge key role in my life, and by no means always bad. It might sound pretty weird, but Saturn is actually kind of good to me. Maybe not by transits, but certainly natally.

  20. loonsounds, i think saturn can be good to folks, too! saturn gets a bad rap because he can be tough, but never in ways you don’t have good options to use it, you know?

    i am a natural translator, but with no particular area of specialty. i always credited a strong mercury for a lot of this, along with a third house venus trine jupiter. mercury is tied up with my pluto pretty well, so i can see what’s underneath, feel out the intent, and translate it in direct terms. the picese axis of all my virgo allows me to “feel in” to info and understanding, and for me, if there is an emotional component to the info, it’s more accessible.

    i dunno. i’m thinking this ability doesn’t have a single signature, but will express with different nuances based on different signatures in the chart? that would be my guess, anywho.

  21. loonsounds- my jupiter is in gemini at the end of the ninth/midheaven. (at least by the house system my program uses)
    my saturn’s a headache but i always learn important stuff from it…

  22. I just re-read this and I wrote my post where it came out wrong. I meant to say I have Jupiter ruled Sag ruling my MH, but Jupiter is not up there and not in Sag. My mother has Jupiter right smack on her MC (but not in Sag, it’s in Gemini) and she is one of the most socially popular people I’ve ever known. Nice placement, Spinner, lucky are ya?

  23. Loonsounds- I am very lucky, it just falls in my lap, but with Saturn in Capricorn, I work hard too, so I feel that I earn it.

    As my Dad says, It’s all about just hanging in there and not screwing things up. People notce that your solid and oppotunities just kind of roll on down towards you.

  24. Yup, she does that, but she’s a natural. She has also lived right under her Jupiter line for her whole life. Her life just FLOWS. Her house is always immaculate. The phone never stops ringing, and she makes friends wherever she goes. She is also extremely responsible (Saturn in Sag.)

  25. Loonsounds πŸ™‚

    My Jupiter 22.55, Uranus 23.58 are in Cancer in the 11th, and my Chiron 05.26 in Aquarius is in my 5th LOL. We mirrored πŸ˜‰

  26. I’m often able to explain complicated things in simple terms, which is one reason I enjoy teaching..Gemini ascendant with Uranus within 4 minutes of the ASC….could be responsible?

  27. Avatar

    I have lilith out-of-bounds. I’ve been looking into out-of-bounds planets/bodies(asteroids) and oob mercury seems to describe your writing. Someone willing to communicate the things that others wouldn’t dare (to say the unspeakable).

  28. I actually totally agree the virgo idea! I am a 1st house virgo stellium (Sun, mercury, jupiter, saturn) and I absolutely have this same ability. One of my best skills is taking a complicated concept and grounding it down into reality so the learner can internalize it. I do this by learning everything about the subject that I can, so that I can then make it simple enough to be understood by any learner.

  29. Avatar
    Aquarius Lurker

    Just playing around, if I could create a person with those characteristics, it would be an eighth house Gemini with Jupiter in third.

    But I checked the ephemeris. In reality, no such configuration has ever shown up in the sky in the 20th century, when most of us were born.

    Besides, Scorpio would have to be ascending. Not someone I would peg as a person who likes to make things widely known.

    1. 8H Gemini, Scorpio ascendant, Jupiter conjunct Pluto in the 10H opposite 4H Mars in Aquarius conj Chiron. I just retired from my office job and will now make visionary art on the streets of NYC, and also share how you can use a scribble drawing to change your life. Image work is a metaphysical process with a foundation of scholarship, like astrology. I’m an interpreter of the spirit

  30. “Could it be the aspect between Jupiter (publish/broadcast) and Uranus (astrology/the eccentric) in my chart?

    Is it Saturn Neptune… I can ground the nebulous? What do you think?”

    well, I have both signatures, AND they mesh! Jupiter/uranus in a sextile and mutual reception (Ur 8H, Jup 10/11H). Neptune in Cap 9H. Saturn in scorpio 7H though too wide an orb. Since nept is squared by venus/merc in the 12H you may say I’m misunderstood it’s a statement! But, regarding astrology/philosophy and all things dark people come to me for insight, etc. So at least in my case I give it to ur/jupiter sag/aqua. because the houses they occupy in my chart are definitely where I intuit process and distribute knowledge that people then chew and accept. πŸ™‚ it does come with that 8H shadow though, always…

    1. I think the 8H holds ALOT for you as well, Elsa. People who are attracted to scorpionic/8H depth might be your recipients more than others. BUT I might be projecting lol

  31. Would love to add to this conversation… Thanks Elsa! Great comments everyone!
    I have the same ability… and for me it’s to do with Virgo for the most part. My indian astrologer friend Tameem did my chart and told me that I’m an “information distiller.” I’m able to take in loads of information and distill it into bite size nuggets for others. I have Mars, Jupiter, Pluto conjunct in Virgo in my first house. I’m an early Scorpio sun and I do believe my Capricorn moon and Mercury in Libra help.
    I’ve had many friends thank me for simplifying astrological concepts for them. And my career is as a meditation teacher and spiritual coach. I’m able to ground esoteric concepts into the practical everyday for others. It’s fun πŸ™‚

    1. I love how you put that, “information distiller.” I consider myself this way too, and go figure, I’m a high school teacher and writer. I’m double Virgo, Gemini rising, Mercury in Virgo Rx (#ladymerkury lol). And Chiron in my 12th H in Taurus. I feel this is true for me, but it hasn’t always been there, or rather, I didn’t recognize it. I’m also feeling energized and excited about everything–Pluto, Saturn, all the things–and I know that part of my service here is to spread love, and translate ascension and timelines, for examples, to people. Yay! It’s fun, but makes it annoying sometimes to be out with the undiscerning masses in a 3D world.

      1. You gave me a chuckle: β€˜be out with the undiscerning masses in a 3D world.’ So true πŸ˜… This β€˜distilling’ must be from all our Virgo! Yes these big movements of Pluto & Saturn this year and next are exciting, I agree. Love what you are called to do to be of service for the collective πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ You rock.✨

  32. sounds like an interesting book to read from Barbara Hand, will go look it up on amazon. I think earth signs especially virgo (since its mercury ruled) would be the one to go down to earth and help the populace understand, both young and old, even through different cultures. I have a stellium in virgo, and maybe i can attribute that to my good grades and high scores in school. I remember going into an entry in the University, everyone had a blank notebook and you were given just maybe a few questions on a piece of paper then you were to write a whole story in that empty notebook. The deal was is, you had to make it comprehensive so that it’s understandable and that your knowledge of that question was answered. It’s an intelligence test basically lol I can write stories like crazy and i attribute that to mercury but also imagination which i attribute to neptune/pisces/12th ^^

  33. I always felt that spiritual truth is rarely heard, it has to be intuited. I think astrology helps with that.

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