What Type Of Content Would You Like To See Here?

question markI’m mulling the future of this blog.  I have some ideas but I’ve not yet committed.  2023, headed for 2024, what type of content would you like to see here?

I’m asking in part because in teaching the Blood & Guts class, it seems a good percentage of people who read here know quite a bit of astrology.  That would make this not a beginner astrology site?

It’s a little weird, because blog readers, forum people and newsletter subscribers are surprisingly distinct from each other. Some may use all three services but it’s not usual.

It’s been like this since I started my newsletter, a dozen years ago.  That this has never changed is a curiosity to me, but if you wonder why I would have to ask such a thing, this is the reason.

Search rarely sends traffic to independent sites at this point so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to cater to it. Keywords and such. It make more sense to cater to you, if possible.

So what type content would you like to see here?  If you can share your reasoning, that would be great and also interesting for people to read.


27 thoughts on “What Type Of Content Would You Like To See Here?”

    1. Ditto! Love your “heads-up” approach. Your ability to pair with vivid, storytelling makes understanding astrology click for me. I share with family. Now they will ask, “What’s Elsa say is up?” when transits ratchet up.

      Thank you for your insights. Truly, a lifeline.

  1. I’m pretty much here for Elsa’s stories, philosophy, life insights, and astrology musings. I’m a blog reader and newsletter subscriber. I’ve been a regular on the site since at least 2007. I particularly like the posts that get into astrology and psychology/communication. Not a lot of folks with a perspective like Elsa on this plane. At least not with a blog.

  2. I like reading your take on different aspects and transits. Examples of how it plays out in real people are very interesting, how different parts of the chart work together or not… Your take on current sky is helpful too, to see a bigger picture on what’s going on…

  3. I am a blog reader. I hope one day to be a class taker and a forum user, but right now, I just don’t have the time. Partly because I am a beginner in astrology, so there’s alot of content waaay over my head and it takes me forever to comprehend and try to understand. Partly because I just don’t have the time, especially since I don’t have high speed internet at home (no leisure astrology for me). I appreciate elsaelsa.com because the no-nonsense style of writing suits my learning style. It’s real life stuff, not just a whole bunch of spiritual feel good even when you feel the worst kind of understanding stuff. I also appreciate that no one here, not event remotely, has made me feel bad about being a beginner. I like that.

  4. I learned a lot from the advice you give to people writing in although you never disclose the chart and only occasionally mention aspects or other factors in the charts.
    I love your stories, the ones from true life, especially your use of dialogue and bone dry to the point description of circumstances. I think they are beautifully written and should be on the bookshelfs, all of them.
    And lastly your weather forecast and no frills advice on how to set the sail (or throw the anchor) often help me to navigate much better in life.

    And one of the most interesting features of this blog is you throwing a question out and gathering comments…
    Thank you 🙏

  5. I love what You are doing now and I like the videos too. First time I was in a forum I was like omg I’m home ..these are my people. I felt alone before because nobody in my life knows about astrology. So it’s not that you need to something new , you have created a space for us just by doing what you are doing. Thank you for that.
    PS I have missed all week of blood and guts i need to catch up .

  6. Elsa, I know you hate flattery so please don’t take this as flattery. But…

    You and your insights are what brings me, and it sounds like, everyone else, here! Whatever you are doing, we’re here for it.

    I found your blog a few years ago but it’s only in the last year or two that I have really delved in.

    I’m not a novice astro hobbyist, but by no means can I read charts.
    I’ve bookmarked hundreds of your posts, no exaggeration, and they all add to my gradual comprehension of this universe. The ones on astrology, but also on life, like, on psychopaths, and human nature.

    Your insights and honesty are like no one else’s, which is priceless.
    The way your share your life and stories makes us love you (and, according to you, hate you too, but personally I haven’t reached this point…it’s hard to imagine that day coming. I have Saturn-Neptune too, so I also live in that world…)

    The blog is full of candy…fun images, your videos, the forum…. It’s a circus. I love that people with all levels of experience seem to be here.
    It feels like there is something for everyone. It feels like real people come here.

    In asking us, the readers, for input, you have helped build a community. It’s a lifeline in an increasingly alienating environment.

    I guess I would say, keep on doing what you do! Unless, you are getting tired of that, for some reason, in which case, change it up, by all means.

    Specifics about what I have liked:

    I have Saturn oppose Neptune and the amount of work you have done on this topic has been immensely, uniquely helpful to me. Explaining about projection, people interacting with your hologram, disillusionment, losing friends and relationships.

    My Scorpio moon loves Scorpio/Pluto/8th house topics.

    I love your posts on Pluto in Capricorn/Aquarius…it’s validating that you understand and can articulate the horror/weirdness of the pandemic and beyond.

    Reading about the changes you’ve gone through as your planets progress through the signs has been helpful and comforting. I would like to know more about how heavily to weigh progressed charts vs. natal. At this point, I feel so much more like my progressed chart than my natal…is this normal? Reading your blog posts, it seems likely.

    This list barely scratches the surface. This blog is a treasure chest and I’ve only described a handful of gems in a trunkful.

    About the forum…
    I often begin writing replies but they ramble into incoherence because reading your blog and the comments stirs so many thoughts. If I had more time and focus, I would probably participate.
    It seems like the active forum users really benefit from it, though!

  7. Love that you are not flowery or try to make feel better by cover up (unlike pisces me), you help give strong, no nonsense, practical advice – someone said you hold no punches and I agree it works.

  8. i miss your stories.
    i really appreciate your directness and perspective. it really comes through in the newsletters, too- concise and clear and useful, when i read them in time lol.

  9. I love your stories too… i love your directness. I am NOT an advanced astrology person… but I learn a lot from listening and watching the conversations move back and forward… I would love a litle Astro 101 or Astro History, to bring people like me along and up… I always appreciate learning how you learned… not to take shortcuts… but every path is so interesting and full of lessons too.

  10. TO Answer directly … I personally would like to learn more about Progressions and how they behave with natal planet placements ….. As I am in my 60’s … and you are behind me but have much life experience… I suspect a lot of the readers are on the back side of 42… the age of fortitude.

    I di appreciate how different you perspectives are from other astrologers I have worked with in the past …so please accept this as an “atta girl” for being such a straight shooter. Kudos to you Elsa!!!

  11. I would like to see questions in individual charts addressed, since I think that is one of the best ways to learn astrology.

    This person is a chronic shopper. Let us see how this is seen in the chart and what we can do to help that person and their problem.

    Also, more predictions re: important events. I think x person might have this position next year and this is why.

  12. I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 years now. I found it by googling astrology questions back when I was first learning astrology. And I learned a lot from you 🙏. Especially on your posts that use word associations (in parentheses) to enforce an (astrological) point.

    I like how unique you are, Elsa. You make me think in other ways. I like that you share your authentic perspective, you aren’t spinning some perfection influencer image. You have real knowledge and you share your truth.

    I also like a lot of what the other commentators already mentioned too.

    And, you’re right. I pretty much only read your blog. I don’t really have time for a forum.

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