Transiting Chiron Opposing Retrograde Mars

“Water is patient, Adelaide. Water just waits. Wears down the cliff tops, the mountains. The whole of the world. Water always wins.”
–The Doctor, “Doctor Who”

While Chiron is the “unhealable wound” I have always held to the belief that it is the wound that holds the key to our deepest healing. The best example of this condition I can think of is that of a balloon. If you take two balloons out of a package and blow up one then let out the air and compare them, you’ll see striations of damage on the one you inflated. However, what have you got? You’ve got one unblemished balloon and one damaged balloon. But what is the purpose of the balloon? Its purpose is not served when uninflated. Nobody ties up uninflated balloons for a birthday party. Its true purpose is to hold air, or to hold helium and rise. Only the weird kid plays with the uninflated balloon.

Where you have your Chiron wound you will never again be virgin, undamaged. You’re differently-abled, but there is no reason you can’t be fully functional, just in a different way. Chiron damage is akin to damage in the brain. You can sit there and bemoan the fact of your brain damage or you can press on and force your problem solving to open up new neural paths.

Chiron is in Pisces now, water, and water will find a way. Water not only erodes blockages but it seeps through the cracks, over and under, and creates new paths. With Mars in Virgo there’s support here for finding new ways of putting thinking into action and finding new ways to channel (action) that unstoppable force. Retrograde in opposition there’s the opportunity to address how past action has impacted this conundrum. Mid-May the opposition recurs direct and presents a great opportunity to move yourself (Mars) forward in regard to taking action to re-route your own healing.

Where is your Chiron? What is YOUR wound?

16 thoughts on “Transiting Chiron Opposing Retrograde Mars”

  1. God I LOVE how you explain things Satori!!!!! Always get it right away:-)
    It’s very challenging for me to verbalize my Chiron, maybe bc of its 12th hse placement, but it is also 1 degree above my ASC so it is very much an integral part of me and seems to permeate all areas of my life and consciousness.
    I resonate strongly with the descriptions for 12th and 1st hse in Barbara Hand Clow’s Chiron book and its in Taurus so its supposed to be related to values on the martial plane, which I’m not sure how I relate to quite yet….
    I also have 3 other planets in Taurus though and a 2nd hse Sun/Jupiter, so I know the theme of what value, material or otherwise, is a major player/lesson in my life. Still trying to explore and define the wounding in all of that:-)

  2. My Chiron is in Pisces in the 10th house conjunct Saturn and opposite my Moon.

    Gossip is the wound. 12th house Sun hates it. Moon conjunct Pluto/Uranus hates it.

    Gossip from the woman that stalked me, women I don’t know gasping in my face. I hate that.

  3. @Sam: That’s funny because I have a 2nd house Venus/Jupiter, but it’s in Gemini. I definitely value beauty (in many forms), and especially elegant expression (verbal, but also visual or through behavior). I should try to order this book from Barbara Hand Clow. Despite Chiron being in the 12th house 2 degrees from the ASC I don’t have difficulty expressing it (verbally) but I definitely hid it in my life. I think people sense the wound in me but can’t pin it down, though they perceive the depth that comes from the suffering. I definitely feel I’ve gained great insights from my wound (and continue to) and it impels me to teach others.

  4. @J.Rabbit: yah mine is in Gemini too!!!!!! But my Venus is actually conj Mars by less than a degree, about 3 degrees above my Chiron in the 12th!! I wonder if our bdays are close together?????

    “I think people sense the wound in me but can’t pin it down, though they perceive the depth that comes from the suffering.”
    I feel similarly :-).

    I also have a lot of Venus influence with all my Taurus planets. And it’s my chart ruler and conjuncts my ASC.

  5. @Sam: That’s funny…certainly our charts have similarities, but I’m confused how you can be ASC Taurus, chiron Taurus (12th) and Venus in Gemini (2nd) conj Mars…and it be above your chiron in the 12th. My Mars (3 deg), Venus (18 deg) and Jupiter (24 deg) are all in Gemini. While you have lots of Taurus planets I have a stellium in Libra ; ]

    @Satori: It’s a bit off the mars opposition topic, but what should I make of a very long pluto transit trining my chiron/ASC? I just finished my doctoral studies, and pluto is in the 9th so I guess it’s some healing of my wound from finishing that enormous academic hurdle. Possibly I’m going to land a professorship soon and that may also be some form of “officializing” my status as a teacher….like as in TEACHER. Does that sound right?

  6. Avatar

    Cool picture you’ve chosen to add to this article, satori! And a very good article too, it seem empowering to me ad that is what we want. We don’t want to hear just how bad our placements are, we want to hear that it is possible to live with even the bad ones, and to succeed. Chiron in Taurus, conjunct my Descendant. Working on my wound of “the other” 24/7.

  7. Mine is in Aries 2nd house at 14 degrees. It opposes the midpoint of my Mars/Uranus conjunction in Libra 8th house.

    That little trigger point is a big one for me. I’ve only learned partially about how it operates. But, it deals a lot with my self-image, self-confidence, values, money. If I can learn to discharge the mars/uranus when it is activated by Chiron, I can do quite a bit of good. Negative expressions of it, makes things worse. This is not an easy thing.

  8. And here is a Pisces Chiron opposing Mars RX in Virgo story for you.

    I broke my toe (Pisces rules feet right) while cleaning house (Mars Virgo).

    Leave it to me…

  9. Thanks Satori, you do explain things so beautifully.
    Mars is squaring merc and nodes and the misty one’s fogging up the opposition too – I can’t seem to think, feeling quite blocked. Maybe it’s time for some non-thinking water flow.

    Josi!!! (ouch…)

  10. Thank you so much! There is hope… soon. ;)And my Saturn conj. Chiron Opposite Pluto and Uranus too, so does it mean a healing process?

  11. Just a small note.. Has any one of you taken note that Satori means “sudden illumination”? What a perfect pseudo name for an astrologer.. All of your comments resulted in that very thing!!! X

  12. thank you, fearless one!!! 😀
    I took that name ten years ago when I decided I wanted the way I presented myself to be something meaningful (personally) and positive!

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