Wasting Time & Energy, Castration Fears And My 8th House

Speaking of wasting time (in therapy)…

Scott used to go the therapy, he had been seeing this guy for about 4 years. He told me he hadn’t gotten anything from it, calling his therapist “ineffectual”. This did not stop him from going though, and paying the guy his $150 an hour.

Now I got tired just hearing this. I was exhausted. “Why don’t you go in there and get your money’s worth for a change?” I asked.

“Sure, Elsie, but how?”

I told him to go in there and tell his therapist that I said he had a fear of castration and maybe they should work on that.

“I don’t have a fear of castration,” he said.

“Yes you do,” I said, rattling off my evidence. Scott would use these phrases all the time that SCREEEEEEAM fear of castration. His jaw dropped when he saw I had proof and being Scott, someone who loves to provoke people, he went to therapy the next week…

“Elsie says you are ineffectual and we should talk about my fear of castration. And by the way. How come you never told me I had a fear of castration? Elsie says it’s obvious and it seems she’s right. How come you didn’t know about this? Elsie says there must be something wrong with you if you can’t see that I have…”

Ha ha ha. After that, I guess he watched the little people squirm. 😉

4 thoughts on “Wasting Time & Energy, Castration Fears And My 8th House”

  1. The guy spends four years in therapy and gets nowhere and has no awareness of his own issues? I’d say its his own damn fault. Fear of castration indeed — if he had some balls he’d have accepted some responsibility for himself instead of trying to make people squirm.

  2. Ha ha. Yeah, he is pathological however he knows it and makes people like me laugh their asses off. And the therapist? Well he’s co-conspirator’s don’t you think? Why not tell Scott, “You’re not doing anything in here, get out!” Why not challenge him. I think the guy liked the check myself. And Scott liked paying it so what the hell? Scott always said he was an “amorphous blob”. Not too growth oriented if you know what I mean. Let the little people grow, LOL. And people like Scott can talk about how much they have grown which is exactly what he did in therapy… ‘Elsie has grown a lot since I met her…”

  3. Ehh, the therapist was just playing the role Scott wanted him to play, that is, going through the motions of therapy without actually getting anything done. Do you think Scott would have stayed with the therapist had he actually been challenged? My guess is that he would have probably just found another therapist that would have fit his pattern…

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