How To Stop A Downward Spiral

spiralI’m just off the phone with a client whose life and job are pulling her underwater. It’s the long hours and her caregiver duties in her off hours. It’s also the burden of inflation, energy prices. I’m sure that many of you can relate.

The client is usually happy and full of life but she’s become depressed and it’s easy to see why. In trying to help her, towards the end of the conversation, I realized she was headed somewhere bad.  If her trajectory is not disrupted, she will wind up in the bad place because hey! That’s what happens.

I compared it to driving a car that was rattling and shaking… you want to get where you’re going  but if you don’t pull over and see what’s going on, it’s almost inevitable, something is going to blow!  You have to change what you’re doing!

I suggested she use the Saturn Uranus square to disrupt her situation. She’s got to break her matrix, basically. Then we ran out of time.

Well, I care about this woman so I wanted to further help her and others too…so if you’re in a similar situation, check out this post from 2015…

It explains how to prevent tragedy, fairly easily and very effectively.  My new thought on this is that it is perfect for Saturn square Uranus.

How To Interrupt A Chain Of Events, Leading To Catastrophe

Do you need to disrupt your trajectory?

6 thoughts on “How To Stop A Downward Spiral”

  1. I appreciate this reminder. I try to never forget this. I remember loving that post about the movie in 2015. Sometimes we get outside ourselves and forget that that one thing we either do, or don’t do is going to catch us later… and not in a good way.

  2. Lol I meant link. The kink is is my life lol. I think it’s the article below which I read. Good advice Elsa! I think I got confused coz it said 2018 and I was looking for 2015. Thanks for always being on it!

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