Are People With No Planets In Earth Signs Destined To Be Poor?

wealthHi Elsa,

I have only Neptune in Capricorn in the 2nd house. My chart is full of water and fire. How does one gain material wealth if the natal chart lacks planets in earth signs? Are there other indicators to look at?


Hi Curious.

I am not sure how the Earth signs got their reputation for gaining material wealth. Bill Gates has no planets in Earth signs. Hillary Clinton has no planets in Earth signs. Both have plenty of cash and whatever else they might desire. My three wealthiest clients all have no planets in Earth…

Venus rules money. Taurus and/or the Venus-ruled 2nd house is specifically associated with material possessions. How Virgo and Capricorn because associated with cash is beyond me.

In your specific case, the culprit may be Neptune in your second house. My second house is Neptune-ruled. Money seems to come and go. Or rather, it’s flows in and back out before flowing back in again.

I’ve learned not to try to hold on to money too tightly.  Cash (2nd) and faith / the ethereal (Neptune) are inexplicably linked. I value (2nd house) this flow (Neptune) more than I would a big fat bank account.

I noticed that you have Venus in the 12th house, which is another Venus/Neptune exchange. It’s possible you don’t have a pile of money, because it wouldn’t do you any good.

I know that’s the case with me. If I had a million dollars, I would be rid of it by the end of the day. I would derive no benefit from keeping it, but I and many others would benefit by my giving it away. This is a no-brainer for me.

Ask yourself why you want the money. Make sure it’s something you really value, rather than something people say you should value.

If you decide that you do want material wealth, you’re mostly likely to get it by service and sacrifice. If you factor that in, you may change your mind and not want the wealth after all.

For example, if you had to sacrifice (Neptune) your integrity (Capricorn) for a few bucks or even a few million bucks, would it be worth it?

To some, maybe. To you, maybe not.

“You can’t take it with you.”  Neptune in the 2nd knows this well – consciously or otherwise.

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11 thoughts on “Are People With No Planets In Earth Signs Destined To Be Poor?”

  1. Ahh…I have the Moon and Neptune in my 2nd house in Sag, although to be fair the Moon is at the end of the 2nd so it probably waters over to the 3rd as well. Venus conjunct the Midheaven in Leo.

    Money is something that ebbs in and out of my life. I go through periods where I feel it burning holes in my pockets, and then times where you will see me making do and buying nothing until I absolutely need it. It has gotten much better the older I get, where I feel the pull to buy less and less. No one ever taught me about money or money management (it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I learned about how to write a check…still have yet to balance a checkbook). So my relationship with money has been organic, learning as I go along, and yes a lot of times disastrously. People make me anxious when they look at me like I am insane because I don’t do x,y, and z with money. I don’t have it, so why should I give myself a heart attack because I don’t? I don’t know if that is Neptune’s effect, but…

    But, having Saturn approach and enter my 2nd has also made me feel like being an apt pupil in the front of the class, as he sternly watches me. I’m trying. I hope Saturn can see this and appreciate it?

  2. I have 2nd house Neptune conjunct Venus in Libra. I have never had a lot of money but yet I feel I’ve had enough. My parents worked hard and taught me the value of that. My parents believed in tithing and though I do not necessarily follow their formula I believe in giving to others who are in need or have less than I do. It always comes back and it always goes. Years ago, when my husband and I had our first child, it was necessary for me to quit my career but my husband challenged me to find a way to put money aside for college. I immediately had our cable television cut off and every month that money went into a college account. Made sense. We found a few more of those $30 and $40 bills that we really didn’t need and started stashing it away in 529’s and Coverdale’s. All 3 of my kids will graduate without a student loan. Sadly they didn’t get to watch Sponge Bob very often.

    That sounds sort of braggy and I’m sorry but you have no idea the number of people who when they realized we did not have cable television thought we were out of our minds. My kids were avid readers – sorry no cable pick up a book, one of them played sports and all of them did their homework. And our house was always full of the neighbors kids playing board games.

    I think I’ve just always used Neptune (you used the term sacrifice, I always think imigination) with Venus, 2nd house and Libra (love, value, balance) to make sense out of the little I have.

  3. Moon conjunct Venus in the 2nd, in mutual reception with Uranus in Cancer in the 7th. I can manifest material objects, jobs/income, as well as partnerships, pretty much always out of the blue. I also have Pluto in the 8th trine Jupiter in the 4th. I also manifest places to live (not easy in the tightest housing market in the U.S.), and have benefited financially from inheritances and divorce (Uranian relationships/Balsamic Moon).

    No Earth at all except Chiron in Capricorn and Virgo SN.

  4. P’s nailed it about Neptune in the second. It’s about ebb and flow and God’s good grace: share and share alike. Doncha notice how the more you give, the more you get? Not to say that’s why one gives. One gives because it’s the nature of life. (Yes, I confess to acres of earth and oceans of water and birdwings of air in my chart; indeed, only Pluto in fire – 12th house sun, neptune in libra gen, mars in cap; but material wealth resides in this planet and this body we live in every day we are so blessed, and nowhere else I yet know of.)

  5. Mars sq Mercury – natural born threadkiller. Not to mention prog? Neptune and Merc in 12th libra – why waste one’s breath….

  6. I am so crap with money yet in my mind I am the best. Sag Neptune in second sextiles pluto and jupiter conjunct in 11th, which should make me a billionaire but Im a pauper. Maybe i was always carefree and never took an interest in greed for materialism but the wealth of not being pinned down and dropping it all for the sake of freedom and little responsibility. I hate it now. I want a Rolls Royce or 2 and yacht.

  7. Thanks for answering my question Elsa!
    I didn’t grow up in a rich family but I never had to worry about money. Even as a grownup, I’ve always had faith that money will come some how (I’m capable, have skills and can make money one way or another!).
    But notice that I always tend to fall into a discontentment when I’m doing something that is making me money. I always end up hating my job and want to quit because I am so unhappy and I feel I am sacrificing (Neptune) myself by just being at the job.

  8. Dear Dear Elsa,

    i have jupiter, venus and the sun in 2. house in virgin.

    There is no opposition or square.

    Thx for your answer, greets

  9. omgosh that’s so true about my venus 12th house; if i had a ton of money i just would donate and give give give. So i’m glad i’m not in charge of the financial or itd be gone soon. >_< and i do have some for myself of course; but i always pay for my parents caretaking or buy them food weekly and their cleaning services. Before that, i was saving (I do have an earthy chart so i like to save save save); but i didnt realize that was towards for something needed in the future. Its funny how money will go to a good cause always in the end. which i am happy it did.

    1. i’ve also been known to give away my clothes, my appliances and in the past i gave away two cars without any payments. they were my used cars but still good working condition. It felt good that its for someone who really needed it and couldnt afford it. i think i’m a rich man’s nightmare lol

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