Counterculture Puzzle Cracking & Problem Solving

boy with puzzleWhen I was a kid, I loved puzzles of all kinds. I have an active mind and I’ve always been interested in finding solutions to problems.

I was fairly sophisticated in this realm but the time I was ten years old.  I just don’t like sitting around with oppressive problems if there’s a way out.

With Mars conjunct Mercury in my chart – tactical thinking is my forte. This true story provides a clear illustrations or my internal operations.

Heaven, I Mean Circle K

I came across this quote this morning:  “The system has no solutions; it only generates new problems.”

It seems true to me. Let’s just say, I’ve not seen the “system” solve even one problem throughout my entire life!

Now if you think tactically, as you should with Mars in Gemini for seven months, it’s pretty clear if you want something done or fixed or resolved, your best bet is to do it yourself. Nobody was going to get me to heaven in that story outside of me, myself and I!

I’m willing to bet there are problems and challenges in your life that fit this template. This is a great time to mastermind solutions or ways to deal with whatever is dogging you.  You simply have to fire up (Mars) your brain (Mercury).

I don’t think problem-solving is modeled much anymore. Maybe it never was.  I addressed this in this workshop

Use Astrology To Solve Problems & Get What You Want!

I wanted to demonstrate my method(s) of using the natal chart to assist in breaking through or transcending and problem or block you might face.  It’s a clean, unfettered way of thinking.

The collective is becoming more and more aware, you don’t make money by curing people or truly fixing problems. I don’t care! I CARE about untying knots and truly helping people. With Mars in Gemini, you want to pick up the mental knife and use it, rather than stand by passively and to victimized by it.

I left home when I was fifteen years old – why? To solve my problem, obviously.  It worked out beautifully. Now what if I had not solved my problem?

I would not have enjoyed the last 30 years of my career as an astrologer, that’s for sure.

What do you want? How to you feel about puzzling out a way to get it with Mars in Gemini?


11 thoughts on “Counterculture Puzzle Cracking & Problem Solving”

  1. I am totally up for solving my problems
    For me this is my all too giving nature to others I just don’t have any more to give for others problems Elsa you have such a spot on description of the astrological moment and human condition ,my right now moment thank your words are fixers 4 my emoting , It’s like hand written little signs on the side of the roads of my thoughts I so appreciate you

  2. Re: “The system has no solutions; it only generates new problems.” Is that a response to the quote “the system is the solution”? I don’t know where that quote comes from but it’s one I’ve heard. I think both approaches can be valid.

    1. I don’t have the context for the quote. But it correlates with my observations as well as my personal experience.

      I feel this is worth thinking about, deeply. Do you really want to outsource you life? Not you, specifically. It’s a general question.

      In my experience, if the system solves the problem, something must have malfunctioned. Ha ha.

  3. Love the quote! You can’t legislate human diversity rights acceptance, as is much more apparent of recent. You can only create a society for all where those things won’t matter. Not the system to do that in. Good exercise for Mercury trine Pluto. Another left home at 15 here.

  4. In regards to the Mars in Gemini problem solving and untying of knots over the next 7 months how do you see the Sagittarius energy being a part of this?

    I ask because, I am already feeling called to entertain my intuitive Sagittarius qualities as a part of the problem solving and strategising you are describing.

    I have this sense that the problems/knots are intractable, but I feel like this quality they have might be related to Saturn’s transit in Aquarius as they seem to have become more rigid during this transit, ie. mental blocks, judgements, fixed ideas, prejudices, etc which often have a controlling energy or aim, and also a long history based on repression of heart based energy (Leo).

    So, I’m wondering how to balance out the mental with the bodily during this transit – on the surface it seems very mental but Mars is fire as you say and Sag is heavily involved by opposition. I guess time will tell!

    1. I may not quite understand your question but I’ll take a shot! I see Mars in Gemini stimulating Sagittarius. Poking it. The affect of that depends on the planets in Sadge and also the individual.

      It could be a push to expand or expanding faster.
      It could be over-promising or inflation or aggressive know-it-all behavior.
      It could manifest in the form of a flurry of travel.
      A person may be stimulated to expand their generosity..etc.

      Mostly, I see Sagittarius seeking higher ground. This is fuel in their tank which is why I feel it will be a good and interesting transit for them.

      1. Thanks for your input Elsa! For me, Gemini is my 9th house (Mercury, MC, SN) and Sag is my 3rd house (Neptune, NN, IC). So your points make sense, especially with these houses involved. I’m getting called to meditate more to aid my decision making, so I’ll follow that process up.

  5. Avatar
    Bob (in Coloniser Queensland)

    Hi Elsa
    Love this! Down the rabbit hole and so far you forget that you ever left!
    I’m one of your Pluto in Virgo generation with my natal Mars exactly squaring Pluto so I’ve been down the rabbit hole my whole life! Lo and behold transit Mars is exactly conjunct my natal Mars as we speak so this energy is doubly amplified for me. Lucky I’ve got something really important to work on and I’m thinking that most of my generation with this placement are aware of the mess we have created for ourselves and are actively looking for solutions. A bit crowded, this rabbit hole! Lets hope collectively and consciously, we can find something!
    My Mars natally is retrograde (7th house) and is the focus of a Yod with the feet of the same (inconjunct) being an exact conjunction of Mercury and Neptune amongst a stellium including Jupiter, my Sun and the North Node, all in the 12th house.
    The other foot is my Moon in the 2nd house (also exact). It has taken me a lifetime to figure all this energy out (even harder when the rabbit hole is full of fog!) My soul really chose a puzzle for this incarnation and only recently can I say that I love it! Just lend me some of your tactical thinking so I can find my way out!

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