How To Tell Which House A Planet Is Transiting In Your Natal Chart

astrology lesson“How do I know what house different things fall in? Like you always have examples of what to do if something falls in a certain house. I have tried to figure this out but I just wind up more confused.”

I’m definitely asked this a lot!  Please see the graphic.

The red oval is the number of the house. In this case, we’re looking at the 12th house of a chart.

The green ovals are the planets. You see the glyph which represents the planet. The glyph for the sign of the planet is included, along with the degree.

If you don’t know the glyphs, there is a cheat sheet here: The Glyphs Of The Signs And Planets

23 cancerThe blue/purple ovals are the most important to note, since this is probably what throws most people for a loop.  The numbers in the oval mark the line between each house. The lines are called “cusps”.  The separate one house from the next.

The graphic on the left shows a the cusp between the 11th and 12th houses to be a 23 degrees, Cancer.  To be precise, you would read “twenty-three degrees, fifty-three minutes of Cancer”. For this purpose, I would ignore the minutes.

In the chart bit above, you can see that Venus is a 25 Cancer.  The planet falls in the 12th house.

If Venus were at 10 Cancer, that’s earlier than 23 Cancer, so it would fall in the prior house – the 11th.

You can also see Pluto @ 17 Leo.  The next cusp is 23 Leo… so you can see why Pluto is showing in the 12th!

To test yourself, assume planets are transiting at 29 Leo, 14 Cancer and 1 Leo.

Where would each of the planets fall?

Here’s your answers:

29 Leo – 1st house
14 Cancer – 11th house
1 Leo – 12th house

Last, Nota made a video to attempt to address this question – Where Does This Transit Fall In My Chart.  If you’re still confused, check it out.

I’m hoping between her video and this post, people can have this question answered.

Have a question about astrology or life? Ask here! Please mention your location. It adds a layer of interest.

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