What To Expect With Uranus In Taurus

Uranus cartoonThis is the last weekend before the pace of change really steps up. I say this because Uranus will (re)enter Taurus next week, bound to cause all kinds of upset.

These days, Google looks for a defining, well-written post on a transit like this. They feature it and direct traffic to it. One and done.

I understand this, but living life, dealing with people and your family and your job, does not reduce to some small core.

In other words, Google can come up with the best (for most) recipe for angel food cake. They can throw a couple of recipes up there and it’s all good; or at least it’s good enough. This does not work for astrology!

If you consume what is served and nothing more, you’ll be sorely under-educated. You will also miss out on 99.9999% of the potential benefit astrology provides.

I cover these transits from many angles. I start before they come in and keep it up throughout the entire transit. If you get on board at the beginning, by the time this transit wraps up, you’ll gain knowledge and be enhanced in ways you can’t even imagine.

If this sounds interesting, I tag all my posts so you can isolate them. Here’s the link to posts tagged Uranus in Taurus.

There, you can read about financial instability, reversal of fortune, and how I might meet you in the future.

Uranus rules astrology, by the way. It just might liberate the stubborn!

What do you expect from Uranus in Taurus?

20 thoughts on “What To Expect With Uranus In Taurus”

  1. for weeks, seems like months, I couldn’t comment or see the comments section no matter what.

    Just realized my scriptblocker was on, refreshed and so here I am again.

    ‘Uranus will (re)enter Taurus next week, bound to cause all kinds of upset.’
    I’ll say. Two asian nuclear powers on edge threatening war as elections are upcoming for one of them. Hopefully it will get resolved relatively peacefully.

      1. For me, the comments section can currently be viewed only if you have javascript enabled, which a lotta people keep blocked by default for security, surfing speed, cpu drain.
        The comments sections used to automatically load with the posts earlier.

  2. Lots of surprising versions of “home” Uranus will cross the 2nd half of my 4th House. I’ll stay closely tuned to Astrology for navigating this transit, I gotta tell you!!

  3. Uranus rules astrology, so I expect down-to-earth astrology with weighty facts. Taurus is hard worker, and Uranus will bring singularity.

  4. Isnt Taurus closely related to finances? I recall back in May 2000-2001 I think, there were about 6 planets in Taurus and Astrologers predicted a major shift in the markets which surely did occur. I realize this change planetary setup would not be nearly as significant but wonder if you think it spells a change in the markets???

  5. I, too, was having problems seeing comments and adding comments for a few weeks on this blog. It seems be resolved now.

  6. Uranus will transit the Taurus-ruled tail end of my 2H from March 7th – March 26th. Rx Mercury will also be creeping backwards in my 2H during this time frame. Like everyone else is suggesting, maybe I’ll be rethinking my financial plans.

    Tr Uranus will enter the Taurus portion of my 3H on March 27th on the same day as Tr Mars will conjunct my 4H Gemini Mars (Mars Return) in my 4H. Also, my Prog Moon and Prog Mars are exactly conjunct in my Taurus 3H on March 27th. I suspect I will be letting everyone know exactly how I feel by standing my ground; especially with regard to family issues.

  7. Uranus in the last degrees of Aries has been in the early part of my 8th House — and with my Mother’s passing on Feb 15 (when Uranus was conjunct her Chiron), I am certainly dealing with death, transformation, legacies, and other people’s money. As Uranus proceeds thru Taurus, I expect this kind of thing to continue!

    1. I am really sorry for your loss Joy. My mother has also been close to that door but has not passed through. Today is her birthday and we are both glad she’s still here.

  8. I am really hoping I have a change in myself. I want to breathe deeper
    Relax about the unknown the things
    I have no control over, I need to know I am supposed to be right here ;as winter shows the
    Worst and I grow with spring
    Not sure why tears just pop from the corners and this little hole in the middle sucks me up and I feel
    As if I am watching my life from the limb of a tall tree
    Come on Uranus

  9. My birthday is 01/20/1937 at 5:10PM, Chicago,I’ll USA. I have Uranus at 5 -30 in the 10th house. What can I expect when they make a conjunction? When will this effect me?

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