Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Speaking Of Italian…

produceapples350.jpgThe Moon rules home and family and more succinctly, your roots. If you’re paying attention then you see in my case all this Catholic stuff is part of my Pluto Moon transit. Besides the fact my mother spent 10 hour days in the local Cathedral, one a deeper level, it is hard to separate Italian from Catholic – Period. But anyway, today I stopped in the grocery store on the way home from the gym.

The grocery store is somewhere I go virtually every day. I do this because I like fresh food. I also think I do this because I am Italian. I just want to go to the market, that is all there is to it.

For example, I worked for Frito Lay for 10 years which had me in the grocery store 6 days a week and on the 7th day… well I went to the store then too of course.

If that’s not enough for you, when I was 10 years old and living in the desert, I stole a truck and why was that? It was so I could go to the store of course! So that’s how bad I want to go the market, in particular the produce section and since I go there so frequently I almost never need a grocery cart. While I know these are necessary, I still consider them a blight on the landscape and use a hand basket myself as I go swooshing into the store like an actress who has found the right stage.

Now today, I did exactly this but as I rounded the corner towards the produce section I ran smack into a man. I did not physically collide with him, we both just saw each other and stopped dead in our tracks.

Once stopped, he looked at me, I looked at him, I felt afraid and I think he felt afraid too.

grocery cartOh God, it’s the thunderbolt, I thought as we both did a double take.

“You look familiar to me,” I stammered.

“You look familiar to me too,” he said in his pinkish shirt and his stylish mafia shoes. His hair was fixed,

“I think it’s because we’re Italian,” I said with my eyes wide because I knew the soldier would be out of his skin at this point. He’d have punched this guy by now.

“Yes,” the man said as I took a sharp turn into the produce section as if my “ass was on fire”. Oh no, my ass!

That was my thought because I knew he’d be looking at it but what I could I do. I ran like a rabbit… dodged him one more time in another part of the store – went home and told the soldier.

“No, I’d not have kicked his ass. You can’t kick a man’s ass for looking at a woman, even if it’s my woman. I’s have just grabbed you,” he said putting his arm around my neck. “I’d have grabbed you like this and said, come on, P. Quit turning on men in the grocery store…” And here is the point:

This stuff… this Italian stuff in my case – It is in the blood. That man was struck by me and me by him because we recognize and trigger each other on a soul level. Words fail because words fail.

Do you resonate with your tribe, or not so much? What does your 8th house look like? How about Pluto?

15 thoughts on “Pluto Transit To The Moon – Mine: Speaking Of Italian…”

  1. 8th house lets see north node is in there in gemini. I guess I like to explore different cultures and find pieces there that I like. The Itallian culture is so rich! I almost married an Itallian. I come from The French Norweigan. Think Paula abdule minus the Venezuelan.
    Pluto is in Scorpio in the first house.

  2. It depends. I resonate with my culture, more so than people in my tribe (certain types)….if it’s possible to even seperate the two.

    When I hear Mariachi music…ohhh, my heart just swells with pride. There’s just something about it. My three favrite smells are tequila, limes, and cilantro (if that’s not cliche enough). Dancing is in the blood, of course. I could go on and on……………

    But when I see these damn thugs, who in many parts of the U.S., keep our people down by instilling fear in innocent people, charging fees to operate businesses on their “turf”, killing innoccent people, etc… blood just boils. These are people in my tribe I do not resonate well with.

    My 8th is empty in Gemini, and Pluto is Libra in the 12th.

  3. Great post, Elsa. Funny, b/c I was thinking the first time I went to Italy in 2001, my BF at the time was like, “Good god, girl, I’ve gotta keep you under lock and chain.” The boys just stared (as Italian boys do). But then I went back in 2006, and I blended so much that . . . I don’t know, it’s hard to explain, perhaps if I were Chinese, they’d have stared – but I was just like one of them, and they didn’t seem to care.

    But I’ve had those moments of recognizing one of your own. Cool and freaky.

    I think I’m the same as Shell (8th/Gemini – Pluto/Libra)….

  4. I keep looking for my tribe, but have trouble finding them.

    Neptune is in Sag right in the middle of the eighth.

    Can you expand some on the eighth house being about your tribe? I guess I perceived that as more of a 4th house domain.

  5. Nothing in my 8th house, but Pluto is oddly harmonious with several other planets, including Saturn, Jupiter, and Sun (I just noticed that).

    I tend to pluck at peoples lives as I move through them. They turn around and look at me as I walk by.

    So it’s a big event when someone plucks at me instead, walking by. “Ooo! A plucker! I MUST HAVE YOU!”

    I recognize my own tribe before they notice me, I think. 🙂

  6. depends on how you define “tribe” but there’s definitely people i feel an instinctual sort of kinship with.

  7. Scorpio rising and Pluto in an earth grand trine. I am very into my heritage and do feel those instinctual connections to others of a similar background sometimes.

  8. My 8th house is conspicuous by the absence of anything going on in it* I do relate to shopping for fresh food. This is one of my very favourite activities. I definitely have some Mediterranean in my soul and am looking very forward to a trip to the Adriatic in early October! I can spot the luminous aura of my fellow tribespeople from 100 meters away or at least at the other end of the produce aisle. hahaha

    *is this like ‘I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy?

  9. I like the tribe story. Yes – I connect somewhat – but not completely. I always appreciated how passionate the Italians are, and I had a group in Rome that worked for me/with me at a telecom I was at. They would get emotional and yell at the drop of a hat – but then they would try to buy you a bottle of wine and make it up to you. You are right – it is in the blood – and they are a very emotional people. My tribe is Scots-Irish, Normandy France and English – and also the American South – . Waspy – but there are a million people in my life who are not-

  10. Elsa, I just saw these two little boys talking to their dad and they were shouting, “YOU’RE ITALIANO!” And the dad smiled and was like, “What about you? What about your last name?” And they said, “I’M ITALIANO!” Hahaha. Best believe they’re going to let us know.

  11. Great story. I also go to the supermarket almost daily. 😀

    Another 8th house Gemini here; I am always fascinated/interested in the other.

    Pluto in 12th in Libra – my own family karma/tribe/roots are a mystery to me. Heavy, but inexplicable.

  12. This made me laugh. 🙂 I’m not Italian but I’m much the same. I love fresh produce and I prefer a hand basket to a cart. In the novel I’m about to publish there’s a section in there about me meeting my soul mate in the produce section of HEB (Texas grocery chain). Ha. Wishful damn thinking. No, I’m not really close to my tribe…working class rural Texans. My last two boyfriends have been Latino Catholics, born and raised in San Antonio. My moon in the first squares my Neptune in the fourth tight. I read someplace once that I will likely marry a foreigner and spend the last years of my life overseas/not in America. I prefer Latinos. Pluto in Libra in the second squares Mars in the fifth/Capricorn. I have never felt the thunderbolt. When I first met the man who would become my second husband/father of my son I glared at him. He was smiling at me. I thought…WTF?!

  13. Oh! My eighth house…Aries. Chiron at fourteen degrees trines Juno at fifteen Sagittarius, opposes Uranus wide, sextiles Venus at sixteen Aquarius.

  14. Ya Portugese people really strike me. I can usually tell if someone is Portugese and I can even tell if they are from the islands in Portugal or not. There’s like an earthy, sensual quality to the women. There’s a hardness too. Like I wouldn’t mess with them. They don’t have a happy go lucky vibe. They have a salt of the earth vibe. They run the show. The men are just short and hairy and usually happy.

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