How To Turn Scorpio Off Like A Faucet

I thought I’d elaborate on this bit from the last post.  My ex fell out with his therapist…

“…when he showed up happy she lost it. Apparently, she got all agitated. She started tapping on her clipboard, clucking, admonishing him and so forth. He’d never seen her lose her composure before so this was telling…”

The AMF has his Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio.  Most the Scorpio was in the 8th house and some of it squared by Pluto so he was a major bug.

He liked his therapist. He’d seen her for awhile but when she lost her composure like that, she lost all her power and all her credibility with it. This happened in an instant.

He told her that he liked me. She became a bumbling school girl, gushing and blushing trying to stop a train that had not only left the station but had cleared the bend.

She completely revealed herself in the process and he got home he recognized there was no sense going back so he called to cancel their standing appointment.

Point here is if a Scorpio sees all your cards, you’re toast.

2 thoughts on “How To Turn Scorpio Off Like A Faucet”

  1. Hi Elsa,

    Spot on. It has happened to me three times in my life. I get on well with Scorpios (I have a first house Pluto) but the power struggles just about did me in each time, until I literally crawled away for good. Now, I run a mile when I see/hear one. On other thing I noticed – it’s always all about them when all is said and done.


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