Synastry vs Composite Charts, Mars Square Mars, Grand Cross – Part 3

I’ll tell you how this second composite chart works out in the world in real life. For one thing when I first met, The AMF he was seeing a therapist. He attached to meΒ  very quickly which upset her. I think she had a little crush on him because she had no problem with him meeting women he didn’t like. πŸ˜‰

But boy oh boy when he showed up happy she lost it. Apparently, she got all agitated. She started tapping on her clipboard, clucking, admonishing him and so forth. He’d never seen her lose her composure before so this was telling. But it was also beside the point because guess what happened?

Nothing. He quit therapy! He never saw her again which was no great surprise. Because look at that chart! If two people meet and the composite looks like that…well I can’t imagine anything is going to stop the relationship from forming which is exactly what she was trying to do.

And the relationship wasn’t trying to form like some sort of vortex accident or like two trains destined to collide. Trines don’t work like that!

A trine works like an intravenous feed.Β  You lie there in the bed and the stuff just goes into your veins. You don’t have to work for it. You don’t have to do a dammed thing. Drip, drip, drip.

So when The AMF and I met, the relationship just constellated. We met in the park on a blind date. Being Scorpio, he arrived early to position himself so he could monitor me as I arrived. Knowing he was a Scorpio I arrived even earlier to stalk the stalker.

I was standing there at the edge of the park scanning, when I saw the brake lights flash on a car parked across on the street and down a ways. I knew it was him.Β  When he got out of the car and I saw him, I really knew so I started waving, all friendly like.

Later he told me, “I should have got right back in my car and drove away. Because you were standing there waving, like “Here I am, motherfucker. What took you so long? Come and get it, dumbass! I’m her, you stupid Mexican!!!”


But he didn’t get back in the car. He walked right into it and we’ve been there ever since. (edit to add – 3 years at the time of this writing)

So there you go. The relationship was a relationship before it was even a relationship and the synastry?

Well, you remember the Mars square Mars in the other relationship? In this relationship the Mars are conjunct. For newbies, that means they are TOGETHER. They are on top each other rather than opposed. Isn’t that funny?Β  We can move a couch!

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Have you ever had a friend meet someone and just be… gone?

12 thoughts on “Synastry vs Composite Charts, Mars Square Mars, Grand Cross – Part 3”

  1. Also tuned in. Should wait for episode to finish, but will interrupt anyways. πŸ™‚

    I know this post was a retrospective view, but it made me curious – do you typically examine charts of your relationships early on in it or wait a while to see what develops? Do you think it matters one way or the other? Would be interesting to hear your take.

  2. *drools*

    I love all of these serial posts. Yay! More about Elsa and the AMF!
    (Which sounds like a tv show, actually…)

  3. Looking retrospective can help heal those wounds. My ex and I have a composite chart with 2 grand trines and 3 t-squares all pointed at the first house. We were together and there was nothing stopping it but boy did those t-squares drive us apart like nothing else!! I’d say Elsa has a better deal by far!!

  4. I simply adore your blogs… You are a bit of a inspiration and funny… Something to shoot for. Beautiful work.

  5. My Aries husband & I have our Mars conjunct in Scorpio. We can get an extreme amount accomplished in record time with minimal talking. Just stand back and let us do our thing!!

    We have a Basket formation in our composite: Sun op Moon, Mars trine Moon sextile Sun, Saturn sextile Moon trine Sun. Hard to describe but what it means is all those are in compatible elements. It flows well . . . been together comfortably for going on 20 yrs. πŸ™‚

  6. I got up this morning and thought of checking further what happened to my post last night. I indeed failed to notice that this was a multi-parts discussion! I posted in part 2 and had all of my answers reading part 3. πŸ™‚

    Our composite chart configurations looks exactly like the one above – a kite and a mystic rectangle apart from the stellium we’ve got of our sun/merc/venus in the 8th house. I have double-checked that I’ve got all the aspects right to warrant these configurations.

    What set me off was seeing the IV drip image! Last April 22 I was lying on a hospital bed downed by a common gastrointestinal bacteria strain. But all I could think of was that I don’t need the drip, I only need him. Against my doctor’s advice, I left the hospital and literally went straight to the flight booking agent. After enduring a delayed connecting flight for hours, I managed to get to Singapore to see him. Truly, I forgot that in just less than 24 hours I was on IV, the delayed flight, having nothing but Gatorade all throughout….upon seeing him. I was so relieved when I met him, I felt totally cured and I was.

    Could there be instantaneous healing whether physically or psychologically being in the presence of the other person whom we share this kind of configuration with?

    We knew each other for a long time, and our clashes in the workplace were really explosive enough that our colleagues would really wonder what’s going on. He had threatened to have me removed from the company and I have threatened to sue him and refer him to the headquarters ethics committe in Houston. I could only get back at him everytime one of his staff would come to me for advice on how to address his insufferability (he’s a sun-aries/scorp-moon/scorp-asc). We had a silent war, indeed. Could be the composite pluto in the 12th house?

    These days our problem is coming out in the open. My former boss is a good friend of his and they both are still in the same company, though I have moved out since two years back. My former boss knew how disdainful I was of this guy. In fact, everbody does. We were each other’s mortal enemy in the office, though I was just a mere staff at that time and he’s the general manager.

    The branch office that we shared back in the Middle East however, though we are each serving two different divisions, was very successful and profitable that the bonuses kept coming in from our US headquarters. (His natal venus and jupiter either trines/sextiles/conjuncts my sun,mars,venus,pluto,asc, MC and neptune.) Since I left that company and he returned back to his home base in the UK in the span of two years – that branch’s performance has literally nosedived. I would like to believe in this juncture that even if he and I were short of strangling each other at that time, we were indirectly a team by providing the necessary friction by getting everybody around us revved up for action.

    I am really glad and quite relieved that I have solved a puzzling hate/love relationship for years. And it was through astrology only. Nobody offered me a closer explanation of the irrationality of it all.

    Now what I’m not prepared to accept is how long am I gonna be “trapped”? Definitely, the feeling of being stuck together is there. We are not making any concrete plans as of yet and deep inside I think both of us are still reeling, in shock of rediscovering each other in an entirely different light, so much so that there’s no way we could ever explain this to family and friends in the very near future at least. He’s 15 years my senior, we both come from failed marriages. I’m now based in southeast asia and he’s in the UK.

    Sometimes I feel that this is all a big joke. We both ask each other why we didn’t feel this way before, and instead wallowed in bitter enmity for years.

    What do you think guys?

  7. And for good measure my natal Mars conjuncts his Pluto, trines his Venus and Saturn, sextile his Neptune and squares his Jupiter.

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