How Well Do You Get Along With The Opposite Sex?

“I stated on my site, I’m a man’s woman,” I told my husband.

“You’re a woman’s woman,” he said.

“You think?” I said. ” I think I am a woman’s woman too. I help women all day long, never mind I sued a man for sexual harassment when I was seventeen years old. The concept of sexual harassment was on the absolute fringe of society. What’s that if not a woman’s woman?

“P, you’re a woman / woman. You’re just a woman all the way around.”

I figured he meant, women are nurturing. They’re caretakers. We may be able to do all kinds of other things but at the heart of it, there is estrogen in the equation and I don’t think it can be denied.

a asked: “Can one learn to be a man’s woman?”

Yes! In some cases it’s a simple matter of having permission because so many women were raised to oppose men… to fight with them rather than align, they know no other way.

People who hang around me learn astrology. Women also learn to get along better with men.

Further , I believe these skills (getting on with the opposite sex) are going to be very necessary in the coming months and years because as thing get more difficult, we will need each other more than ever.

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