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Weekly Forecast: March 4-8, 2024 – Appetite For Change

This week, the Moon moves from the end of Sadge through the beginning of Pisces in the last quarter before the new moon in Pisces (early Sunday). The mood is flavored by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, then Neptune. The mood expands, contracts, electrifies, then diffuses. It benefits us to dream up our appetite for ultimate satisfaction.

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Is A.I. Hindering Your Ability To Partner?

The idea is the social platforms are failing. To counteract this, AI steps in with fake personas to the bolster the illusion of engagement. I think this operation is well underway. So what’s the result? You go on a dating app, trying to find a viable partner. Unbeknownst to you, you’re under competitive pressure from


Have You Lost The Plot?

Today’s newsletter mentioned the idea of running your own race.  It was a Scorpio with an Aries moon and a stellium in Sagittarius, making the statement. This idea represents “mental health” for this person. She’s an independent runner! But I thought I’d elaborate on what it means to me. In other words, let me drag


Changing over the site

Update: we’ve switched over! Hooray!  The site is still migrating so you can expect things to slowly fill in.  If you see something that needs immediate attention, please comment or email me. Otherwise, things should settle overnight.  I apologize for all the site downtime over the last two months. I am pretty sure we’ll flip

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Weekend Love Forecast – Heading To The Meaning Dance

All weekend we have Aquarius Mars and Venus squaring Uranus in Taurus, so living on the edge or under erratic or irritating circumstances may be wearing us a bit thin. Take care that weariness or inattention doesn’t lead to missteps or putting yourself in physical danger. Related posts: Weekly Forecast: February 12-16, 2024 – Valentine’s

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