Your Inner Voice That Berates You

NeptuneDo you have an inner voice that berates you? Some may find the concept, strange. Others are familiar.  It’s that voice in your head that tells you how stupid you are!

I had this problem for a very long time. It’s in my stories and I recall my sister telling me one time, that it was not not normal. This was years ago, maybe Saturn age.

I’m bringing it up today, because I realize that voice is gone. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how I got rid of it. I didn’t know it was gone until today!

This came to mind because I put a small pun in tomorrow’s newsletter. I was thinking about it and I remembered seeing a pun on another astrologer’s site; more than twenty years ago. The thing is, I didn’t catch the pun.  It’s went by me.

I learned of my error when I emailed the astrologer about this thing. This was back when people communicated!

He explained the pun. He was not at all condescending. He’d placed the banana peel there, for this purpose. My not getting it meant that he was effective. Zing!  But when I learned of this, I beat myself to a pulp!  How unredeemable-y stupid can I be?

I’m uncomfortable, recalling this. Like it’s ridiculous! But I quickly realized I don’t do this anymore. I question myself but I can’t remember the last time I berated myself, “how can you be so stupid”, style.

Multi-purpose post here.  It’s a Mercury Neptune  mind-slip post. I would also like to offer hope for  anyone struggling with their own inner a-hole voice.  If you have one of these, consider setting it aside as it’s probably not your voice anyway.

This also a Saturn in Pisces / Saturn Neptune posts… watch your fears and blocks and problems, dissolve.

This is  exactly how that works.

Do you berate yourself? Have you ever?

18 thoughts on “Your Inner Voice That Berates You”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Here’s a possible way to work with The Voice.
    Getting rid of that voice became a priority for me when my folks died a year apart! I remember sitting at the memorial for my dad in 2006 when my brothers wanted me to speak on the podium. I said, “No, I don’t ’have to’ do anything ever again.” From that day forward, I actively battled that voice in my head knowing it was operating in MY head and I was the one to vanquish it. So whenever I heard it, I’d say out loud (to train my subconscious), “Cancel that thought! This what I want to accomplish blah blah blah.” I also found a Bach Flower remedy that helped as a preventative when under stress! It’s called White Chestnut. It’s also excellent for getting songs out of your head! I feel like I don’t really hear the voice at all anymore.
    Then last week I went by plane to visit my 85 year old aunt. She’s a force of nature, dancing 3 nights a week and still working as a psychologist. I had a major meltdown over thinking I had lost my phone with a pouch that held my ID, $$, and credit cards. The Voice reappeared in spades. I had to walk it off and talk myself down. I was beyond shocked but I recovered and found the phone. I have Saturn, Neptune and Sun in Libra, each separated by 9 degrees and opposing Jupiter in Aries on the MC/IC axis. A super drama queen moment and I know I’ll be fighting the Voice whenever it shows up!

    1. For sure. I think the Voice is also related to early Catholic training that one should not trust their intuition because that’s the Devil talking to you. I didn’t trust my intuition for the first 33 years of my life. It was a long road to listen to intuition. I have found it’s the lightest sensation and it just drifts into my head —- kinda like the feather in Forrest Gump. The Voice is me repeating words said to me during the trauma that occurred in my first 17 years of life.

  2. I just read your post on karma, Elsa …l cant answer atm. l got angry. Not at you, but at your old man, your father. You were a child. And l understand why you would be still hurt by it…even after all this time and hard work.

    So l have come over to the Neptune/Mercury side of things. I have the opp (3r/9th).I do inner voice work. Talk to myself…when l catch myself undermining. All the can’ts…you are not good enough. Girls cant do that… l think those voices need to be heard and understood. Little broken off parts of self that got stuck and became destructive. l try to work out what they want/need.

    The inner deeper quiet voice is something else…

    l am close to the ocean atm. there are so many birds. The sky is blue.
    I have been away from big nature for way too long.

      1. l wish l could show you the red sun rise, lizard. And in the afternoon the cockatoos fly over–they are so loud. Small nature can be grand too. One leaf. A tiny patch of earth. An insect. You can lose yourself in the splender of it all…l hope you find yours soon.

  3. Yes, but it is getting better. Therapy has helped immensely. Like you are saying here, it’s not necessary your own voice. Last time I had therapy, my therapist instructed me to ( if I wanted to try off course) just notice when I was headed towards a negative self talk moment, and try to stop in with a voice that said : shame . As in this is shame … notice it and undress it for what it is. Also to after try to talk to myself as I am a kid again that needs comfort and reassurance. It sounds a bit mad , but I’ve dealt with psychosomatic pain in chest for years, usually worse after I’ve had these negative self talk episodes, and it’s getting much better. It’s not helpful, even if one has done stupid stuff, self hatred, really unproductive.

      1. Thank you Elsa:)
        There is an interesting debate going on in my country about therapy and its effects, there have been many wanting to prove that it doesn’t have any measurable outcomes or that it can make people worse. I love therapy and I don’t believe this.

  4. My inner a-hole is as loud and active as ever, unfortunately. Pretty sure that one is my own voice; I have no memory of anyone else in my life EVER being as hard on me as I have always been towards myself.

  5. Oh, all the time. I’ve learned all the voices of people who hate me over the years, and they all yell at me like some giant cosmic voice of everyone who hates me.

  6. Of course I have, when warranted, and also an inner voice that compliments me when warranted. Sometimes they even argue with each other. They’re both my voice. If they pipe up over something important, I try to turn them into prayers of contrition or gratitude, and analyze Why I did something stupid.

  7. Yes, I do have that Inner A-hole voice that tries to tell me what to do, what not to do, how to think, how to be, the long list of things I need to fix about myself to be deemed as worthy to others, and how I’m too deeply flawed to be able to achieve anything resembling happiness.

    It’s just a pity (for the Inner A-hole) that I’m as bloody minded and stubborn as an ox. If I don’t like being told what to do by people around me, then sorry Inner A-hole, you have NO chance, I will still do things MY way! 😁

    Saturn square Uranus in Leo/Scorpio. Too stubborn for my own good. It’s comical the arguments I have with myself 🤦

  8. I have the voice and feel that it ebbs and flows over the years. I try to notice when it’s around and address what it actually is I’m feeling but sometimes don’t feel any better about the whole deal. I have Saturn-Neptune, lots of Capricorn and also moon square Uranus that I’ve been leaning into exploring again.

  9. I have a serious problem with this too. Here’s my astrology and the possible ways to mitigate. Hope people will add their own:
    * Chiron on the Ascendent (You’re no good) Mitigation – share your truth anyhow; feel it and don’t go numb
    * Mars opposite Neptune (You can’t do anything) Mitigation – find the inspiration to do it
    * Mercury square Uranus (Why did you say that stupid thing?) Mitigation – ? Keep quiet and write it out later
    * Saturn opposite Sun (You’re no good) Mitigation – work hard to feel good and not to feel dead

  10. Also, it helps to note your transits. If you can identify when the planets are going to lean into that nerve it can help free you of the effects.

  11. i recently talked one of those voices down. was a lot like having a conversation with myself lol 🙂
    i’ve had a lot of support in sorting this stuff out lately…

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