How Will The November 8th Eclipse Affect Me?

beautiful venusian bullThere will be a dramatic full moon eclipse in Taurus on November 8th. The full moon will be caught in a tight Fixed T-square.

I covered this here: Slow Walking Into The Taurus Eclipse. Most every comment is asking what to expect. I thought I’d try to answer this.

First, you might feel as if you’re being hit from multiple sides. This is because that’s exactly what’s happening. This thing is big but it can be managed in most cases. Here are clues around how to do this…

Check the house in your chart where the full moon and Uranus will fall. 16 degrees Taurus. It’s this area of life which is likely to be disrupted.

Please don’t take this as a negative. All of us have lousy patterns or situations which could benefit from being upset.

Now check the opposite house in your chart where the sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio will land. Consider this area of life as an energy source; rich and creative.

Last, what house will Saturn in Aquarius land? That’s your handle.

I’ll use my own chart as an example as to how this comes together…

The moon and Uranus will hit my 4th house. Changes on the home front. Feelings shift. Potential emotional freedom. Detaching.

The stellium in Scorpio lands in my 10th house. You can see the effects on this blog. Content is meaty at this time. Relationships (Venus), transformation, liberation, the shadow side of this and that.  There’s an undertow. People are attracted and repulsed.

Saturn in Aquarius lands in my 1st house. This allows (or pressures) me to take personal responsibility for whatever happens in my 4th or 10th house. Boundaries are key.

Note these are Cardinal houses, so for me this is going to be about control. Use it or lose it.

How to think this eclipse with affect you?

51 thoughts on “How Will The November 8th Eclipse Affect Me?”

  1. Mars at 17° Leo on the ascendant will be reading a grande square for me personally! After several years my ex has decided to come up and go through our stuff in storage and get rid of everything after one of the longest driest summers in Pacific Northwest history temperatures will be in the 30s. At least the predicted snow showers appear to have backed off for the time being. She doesn’t follow astrology per se but seems to find the perfect timing for these things ha ha
    What is retrograde Saturn it seems that this has been going on for quite some time now and will finally be a release of this particular theme. At least Uranus is direct I guess. Now onto the next set of challenges in life.

  2. The full moon occurs in my 8th house and opposite natal Uranus at 16 degrees Scorpio. I don’t know what to expect .

    All these transits drain me so much. Like I have to be on guard all the time 🥺

    1. Avatar
      Hildegardes Noviciate

      Full moon hits my 8th house too…where my moon is. A deep love and friendship with a mega Scorpio may end by his need to move far away back to his hometown.
      Not my choice, not his. He’s resisting it.
      But as exquisitely joyful and painful this relationship has been, I know it’s better to let him go. It hurts me deeply. But grief is a healer and I have to wake up from the fun, pain and deeply spiritual dream I’ve been living with him for so long and live with the lessons I’ve been taught. That’s where life sucks in a beautiful way.

  3. This full Moon lands in my 5th house. There ain’t much fun or romance around me at the moment, so I would think this is to do with my son (his houses just about mirror mine!). This opposes my Mars and Uranus in my 11th. With Uranus involved, I really don’t know what to expect, but with Saturn transiting my 2nd, I’m sure I’ll have to throw some well-needed cash at it!

  4. Cappy here;Uranus retrograde in Leo 15 degrees,Sun in Capricorn 18 degrees in 7th house,Venus in Aquarius in 7th house 3 degrees ,Mercury in Sagittarius in 6th house at 28 degrees my Saturn in Capricorn in 6th house at 0 degrees I feel like I’m listing the ingredients to alphabet soup !?any guesses ??

    1. It’s in my 12th house. Time to adapt and transcend. My natal Mercury in the 6th will be activated. More mutable stuff, which is my nature to begin with. I think I need to come to terms with some things. Some reflection will be good.

      1. in mine too, it´s also making a conjunction to my natal Sun in House 12, along with Uranus, oh boi o.o looks like a wild surprise

  5. Well, I’ll never have a relationship and I’m utterly unwanted, so I guess I don’t have to worry about this affecting my 7th any more…I note the last eclipse in Taurus was being turned down, so.

  6. It’s in my 8th house. I recently went through my Uranus oppose Uranus around this degree so it’s still kind of raw. Both the solar and lunar eclipses this year and next are not very friendly to my natal placements.

    1. Well, its a week away, and Uranus can surprise, but so far I am seeing a flurry of high stakes financial decisions that I need to deal with (Taurus in 10th) and some deeply karmic family pain coming to a head in my home base (Scorpio in 4th).
      But I’m feeling oddly calm and detached (Saturn in Aquarius) and confident that God will make it all come out right in the end.

  7. So difficult, maybe someone could suggest what kind of s..t hitting the fan I am going to have as the eclipse and Uranus are on my Jupiter and a few degrees from my Moon and SN… in 3rd house🤯🤯🤯. Last 2 years were very difficult with Saturn/Uranus square – e.g. the relationship with my mother will not be restored most probably…

    1. Avatar
      Christine Beauchamp

      your relationship to your mom is changeable for sure. not completely unsalvageable – – just not salvageable right now.

      expect and be willing to make changes / go with the flow, whatever comes your way. change is a way of life, not up to us.

  8. It’s in my 4th opposite my Saturn and Venus around 16 scorpio. I have a house full of contractors clanging away on various projects that have been long overdue. Old water damaged wood countertops have just been replaced with resistant quartz, leaky toilets replaced, scuffs and handprints and gouges from the previous owner (12 years ago!) getting repaired and painted over. It was a rocky start but things are really moving now. My partner with moon mid scorpio is stressed and ducking for cover in the basement.

  9. Funny….this all affects my 4th and 10th houses as well, but in reverse.

    If I am correctly inferring what you are saying here, changes within my career or social paradigm will change. Well, my place of employment is under suspension, and I am applying elsewhere , as well as others. My “spidey sense” has been tingling all day.

    Thanks Elsa. I appreciate your ability to point us in a clear direction as to what is occurring.

  10. I’m not heavily into astrology, but I’m a Taurus Sun 1st degree, the full moon lunar eclipse will be in my 3rd house. November is always a weird month for me, so this should be interesting.

  11. I have the same house placements as you, including Saturn in the first, so this post was amazing for me. 🙂

    The October 25 eclipse was 2° from my MC and I thought something exciting might happen with that, but nothing I noticed.

  12. The eclipse is going to be full on my Sun in Taurus exactly 16 degrees with Uranus return there in my 5th house. Moon in Scorpio in my 11th house. Pisces with Saturn in 3rd house. Also I have Pluto opposite Pluto going on. I’m not sure what to do with all this. I have been getting rid of most of my books and feeling like I need to release anything that I don’t need.

    1. Wow Jean, you have just precisely described my chart for this! I remain a novice and am always happy to hear any thoughts.

      1. You and I have the same charts? That’s interesting. I never know how this is going to play out of course. I hope the 5th house brings more fun, creativity and maybe winning something in the lottery. Good luck to you.

  13. Eclipse in the 9th, opposite 3rd with Saturn in my 6th
    I have absolutely no clue what it means really. Currently in my life I’m studying (9th house?) for a new certification to advance my career(Saturn ). But my mind has been feeling scattered so I zone out watching crime shows because it oddly relaxes me lol (3rd house?)

    Those are my observations, so where is it taking me??? Lol

  14. I don’t know how wide an orb to use but Uranus will be 6 degrees past and opp my South Node in Taurus in the 6th, and 12 degrees past my Natal Mars/Neptune conj in the 12th. I guess I am feeling the approach now of this eclipse. I have been focusing on meditation and PT for injuries that happened over a year ago. It’s become clear if I don’t maintain my PT it all the pain and lack of strength all comes back. As far as anything unexpected, I’ll just have to see.

  15. I don’t know what to ‘expect’ anymore. Good Astro times seem ‘bad’ and the adverse transits seem to bring not so negative circumstances.
    This eclipse will be widely conjunct my Sun (thank God it’s not exact) in 8.
    All the Scorp stuff is in 2 and Saturn is now in early 5th.
    Saturn has been begrudgingly paying me for my creativity thru sporadic (ongoing Uranus square) gigs – mostly as sub (I’m a musician- Taurus).
    Sexual interactions seem to be awakening from a 2yr (pandemic/Uranus conjunct Sun square Saturn exact) now and things seem pretty cool to me.
    All the Scorp stuff squares my natal Mars/Moon/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius.
    You see I’ve been thru seemingly every possibility during these last 2 yrs so this is just another ‘something else’ to survive.
    These same planets are all opposing my Sun currently.
    Because my chart is a bevy of squares particularly between moon/mars/chiron and the sun I live this.
    It’s just more of the same but with – this time – a Scorpionic twist.
    But since I basically LOVE Scorps I just can’t make this thing negative.

    While all this is going on Mars is n has been conjunct my natal Venus (currrntly being squared by Jupe conj Nep).
    Love and the like is very unclear – almost illusional – like sand in your hand momentarily only to inevitably slip through your fingers.
    In fact all the things I love or value is like that : obtainable but not sustainable.
    I’ve been thru so much emotionally, psychologically, physically n spiritually since 2015 or so I feel this’ll be just another day.
    I’m hoping nobody else dies but at least 2 or my friends are hangin by a thread. One is a Leo and the other a Scorp.
    I’ll be surprised to see either or both make it thru this transit.

    1. LP, what you describe of tr Uranus sq Saturn on your sun is probably the best description of this. Rings true for me, in my case taurus sun is in 1H and natal Uranus in 8H!.
      I also understand your natal venus and mars signs as I’ve dealt with someone that had those. We split amidst the solar and moon eclipses of March 11 and April 4, 2015, when the nodes were in sco/tau axis but reversed!
      I also get that chiron-moon. I have that in gemini. Thanks for sharing, really. I’m also trying to look up as it’s been downhill for too long. 🙂

  16. I have taurus rising at 16 degrees and pluto in scorpio at 17 degrees. So im going to have power struggles with my physical appearance caused by relationships???

    1. Avatar
      Christine Beauchamp

      you have venus rising (lovely appearance) – – – though venus is currently in detriment in scorpio. don’t make any changes to your appearance that you could not live with if they went awry. more likely you’re wanting private time with a close friend or love interest and unable to make that happen. you may be feeling slighted at this time. soon venus will move into sag. it’s better than its current position. for now, fill your own needs if others are unable (and they are unable) to do them. Most everyone is under the bus right now . . . and has been for a while.

      make a bowl of popcorn and watch a movie you’d enjoy. you’ll be fine katee.

        1. Avatar
          Christine Beauchamp

          an eclipse removes things you’re not necessarily ready to part with. like it or not you’ll have to live with it. i’d wait until venus moves into sag at the very least. or, it will grow back, eventually.

  17. Moon conjuncts my 11th house Mercury, with a lovely little trio in my 5th, so hoping for creative transformation of… well, pretty much anything really! What’s a Gem not going love about creative transformation, right? ♥️

    Meanwhile, retro mars is a gift, means i just don’t have to think about the merc opposition, or those pesky squares 😃.

    Blindsided, anyone?

  18. This hits my 12th house, which makes sense because I had a therapy session and came away from it feeling absolutely destroyed, which is a good thing. I need to keep digging until I bring all my issues to light.

  19. We’ve had to deal with a burglary at work, called there at midnight and actually handled it quite well, then found it was covered by insurance. Now there is a 500$ a month water leak in our rental home- covered by the builder’s warranty and they should pay the water bill too. Just lucky. Personally after exhausting all physical remedies for a debilitating hip displacement, I have resorted to scalar services. Waiting for that to be done, and with Taurus in my 9th, prepared to blow away my old spiritual beliefs, should I get some relief. I have every confidence. I am ready. Fingers crossed!

  20. I thought the lunar eclipse would be in first house because I have Taurus rising at 16 degrees but astrodienst says its going to barely be in my 12th house. Like barely lol. Should I interpret it in the first or twelfth house? Astro says my rising “16 tau 20’33”. I have a virgo stellium if you cant telllll.

  21. My tenth house has Mercury in Scorpio at 16 degrees and Venus at 21 and I’ll be working at the polls tomorrow as I’ve done since 2014. It’s always a long day even without an eclipse. I’m counting on deep breaths and your transit report to get me through. Thanks, Elsa.

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