How Do You Keep Your Energy Up?

Jupiter statueMost everyone agrees, we’re in a challenging time. How do your energy up? Are you able to do this?

Personally, I use astrology.  I have Mars and Mercury mashed with Jupiter. I tend to be happy when I’m moving.  I’m keeping busy right now.

With Mars in Gemini, I’ve taken the time to discern that which feeds me as opposed to bleeding me. It’s about thinking, purposefully. Saturn engaged with Scorpio suggests you should manage your energy (exchanges). Mix it up with people who benefit you in some way.  Close or limit access to the other.

Clearly, a lot of things are outside our control but we have quite a bit of influence in our own sphere.

The worst thing to do is beat yourself up so I avoid this. You don’t want to nitpick yourself to death.

Last, I am adapting to the current schema. I’m talking about inflation but I’m also sick of wasting energy on all the distractions, served up from every direction, ’round the clock.

How do you keep your energy up?

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  1. lol this is similar, kind of, to a post idea I jotted down in my notebook when I was working out. But my question was more music-related.

    So for me, I think music can get me motivated when there is something I want or need to do. I’m not sure of the aspects. I have a first house Mars that trines my sun in the 5H. Third house Neptune is sextile my Uranus Pluto moon in the first…

    Anyway, when I train and want to be focused, I have a heavy metal playlist. Like, wicked heavy metal. There are two songs in particular that I listen to pre-meet, when I want to visualize. The beat, the feels, the drive, and my head goes into go-mode.

    And then I have a playlist for when I want to make dinner…jazz and more upbeat stuff. I have a playlist for when my husband and I are taking care of the neighbors’ yard and they let us use the pool when they are on vacation. And there’s another playlist for when we hang out on the deck in the evening sometimes. And sometimes I will find a song buried deep in my iPod that I haven’t heard in 10 years and WHOOOOOSH….I’m back in time feeling the same things, but often from a safer or wiser vantage.

    1. I guess this didn’t entirely answer the question. I guess it would be a combination of my Mars-Sun, my Virgo stellium, and all that hitting my Jupiter in 9H (wanting to know stuff).

  2. I try to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and do things that make me happy. I try not to focus on the media and listen to Classical music while driving. All in total this keeps me from getting too anxious and causing a drain of energy. I am not a Spring Chicken so I am also realistic about what I can and think about what I can accomplish in a day. Exercise and PT help with daily tasks.
    I use the Moon to do tasks that are harder normally. My energies surge a bit more during Virgo and Sagittarius (I have Moon in Virgo and Merc in Sag).

  3. Mars in Pisces,1st house, currently conjunct Neptune 23°. Very good question!! I have no idea how this works. my energy “up” but I have been sleeping relatively deeply and feeling elated and energetic when listening to Abraham Hicks. By putting principles of manifestation at the forefront of my thinking, recognizing where I sabotage myself with negative thoughts and directing and re-directing myself to positive things, thoughts and feelings. I have been experiencing some clarity and witnessing things working out for me due to this attitude rearrangement. And this is translating into more energy for me all day long. Pluto is currently conjunct my sun and Venus 26° and 24° Capricorn, respectively, and square my natal Saturn 2° Taurus. Uranus will meet my moon at 21° Taurus soon and its exactly trine my Mercury in Capricorn 18° Jupiter just went back into Pisces reactivating my rising sign energy which is where my progressed sun and Mercury are currently too. All the outer planets are “in play” with my personal planets.

  4. I usually drink a variation of bulletproof coffee in the morning. In addition to the grass fed butter and MCT oil, I also add a half scoop of collagen and Dandy Blend for ongoing liver and kidney support. I only drink one cup and usually I’m not hungry until dinner. I prioritize sleep, limit time spent with people who drain my energy or time wasters, and focus on what I want to create. I’m Aries rising and have a lot in Cardinal signs and always have stuff I want to do. I can work from anywhere and don’t have expensive overhead right now.

  5. For work, I love moving around, doing a variety of things. I love to drive, which I do a lot of for work. I appreciate the time I have in between clients, just driving to the next client, listening to music, or sometimes when I have a few minutes to stop somewhere for a break to be mindful and just breathe. I’m usually fully energized between clients, and I mean breezy, blazing energy, like the sun on fire, with a dash of calm. I always have energy for my job. I really love it. I create my own schedule and have Wednesdays to stay home and do notes. Wednesday is a recharge day.

    I’m an introvert, so I love recharging at home or in nature. I love reading and learning new things. Reading is one of the most calming things for me, and it refuels me.

    So I guess I need a balance between moving around and not moving around. My dog also gives me a lot of joy.

    1. Oh, and I literally pray before I see any client, and before I run a group, every time. I pray that my angels will assist me and give me the right words and insight to help the person. And it works. They sure do help. And they help me stay inspired.

  6. Mars with Jupiter in Cap in the 12th (equal houses). Just yesterday I was stuck in a room all day, on my laptop in bed, while my house is getting ripped apart by contractors. I feel stiff and gross and awful. I’m usually up and about, standing while I work, multi-tasking by cleaning/sauteeing something. Expanding my mind and journeys anywhere refill my energy, or at least my motivation. I downloaded a “space-clearing” music track that is oddly effective keeping me energized and on task. Listened to Tibetan tantric monks chanting and found that got me in the Zone for getting things done.

  7. Creativity! I’ve started a few seasonal projects that normally I wouldn’t take on, but I’m excited and enjoying them. The work gets me out of my head which is often the worst place for me to be. Darn Mercury-Pluto square.

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