Saturn in Sagittarius – Real Knowledge, Mature Philosophy

sagittarius vintage cupI’m sure most have noticed, I’ve been going into my archives and pulling up old posts. Some of these posts are ten years old.

I’m doing this because things have changed. It used to be a fine idea to upload a giant picture for your posts. People are mobile now. This is no longer practical! I’ve got to scale the pictures to current standards or it’s a matter of time before google de-indexes the posts.

I’ve been quite surprised by my old writing in that I agree with myself, 100%.  People come on here all the times, stunned at comments they made six or eight years ago. They don’t recognize themselves. I would expect to have the same experience, but it hasn’t happened.  I’m thrilled with this and I’ll explain.

My husband can’t stand people who lack a consistent theory. He also thinks a person is bound to be miserable without one.  He’s talking about people who have rules that apply in some circumstances but not others. They irritate him because they make no sense.

I can see my own consistency in these old posts. I am always trying to help or teach.  Some are entertaining, but the basis of all of them are the same.

I work with clients like this, as well. I don’t care who you are. If you come to me, I am going to try to help you, the very best I can. PERIOD.

The other thing I notice, is my opinions have not changed.  I’m pretty sure I know why.

Though I may appear daring or reckless (Mars conjunct Mercury), I’m really cautious. No one with Capricorn wants to be “publically wrong”! I only write about things I know.  If I don’t know, I say so. I leave it to others to answer.

This is not to say that I am never wrong. But it is to say, I’m never making it up. I have real life experience to back up everything I’ve ever written on this site. The ideas are mine and my beliefs are consistent.

There are 10,000 posts on this site. There would be a lot more, but I have to keep the database reasonable so I trim the site. I do this because I want my solid, real knowledge to be accessible to younger generations.  And if I want that, I have to update, even though it’s tedious.

Do you have a consistent theory?

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  1. I don’t know if I would call it a theory per se but I have a fairly consistent approach and ideology about life.

    I do my best to treat everyone with respect and kindness, and to be less of an asshole today than I was yesterday.

    That serves me pretty well.

    Also – I have known you fifteen years and you have remained consistent. It’s one of the things I appreciate most about you. 🙂

  2. A lot of times truth depends on the angle you’re coming from- there is often truth in many different angles you can look at something. This is more about right vs. Wrong. For instance Democrat vs. Republican- is one really better than the other? Ones wrong and ones right? People with heavily mutable charts (myself included) can change opinion quite easily. I agree that it’s better to stick to a position though…for your own (and others) sanity at least!

    1. I don’t see the sense of sticking with a position when you learn you’re on the wrong side of something.

      What I really meant, is the advice I gave 15 years ago, is the same advice I’d give today.

      The same with the astrology…for example, the previous post on Venus retrograde. It’s from years ago, but I still see it that way.

      1. Yeah, I see what you mean. I agree with you. Your advice stays relevant and very true throughout the years and I have noticed it too.

        1. Btw, I don’t see a problem with changing position either. But what I meant was not everything is right or wrong….sometimes it’s both..depending on the side you’re on. But there’s good advice and good advice is good advice!

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    Not sure if I’m consistent here or in the workings of life overall… I try to do the right thing with the knowledge I have so far. I’m learning and still learning. The more I learn the more I realize how much more there is to learn (ga)… Maybe because I don’t know if I’m right all the time. Which is why I still read Elsa’s blog, to find out more and to amass with what I know for a clearer perspective. Interesting points.

  4. I’ve been here for a while too, and from time to time, I see my comments from 2009 popping up when an old post is retrieved. I’ve definitely learned more astrology since, but yes, can definitely stand behind what I’ve written.

    It wouldn’t be so for things I wrote before my first Saturn Return, though. I was a young adult when I first used Internet, and I was immediately drawn to news groups and chats. There are people that I’m still in contact with who’ve saved discussions I participated to in 1998-99, when I was in my early 20’s. Those can be MAJORLY awkward. I must say I was very entertaining, with a quirky sense of humor, though, which is probably why these people – usually somewhat older than me – liked me and stayed in touch.

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    Just a question from a self-professed life-“novice” to kind folks with maybe more knowledge, and self-reflection… How do you know whether what you know has stayed the test of time? Specifically… How do you know you are in the right, instead of someone else? Someone who may want to help you (Virgo editing) or secretly hurt you (I am a Scorpio, too)?

    (Reading up on tactics to defend myself in the face of bullying in the workplace, 6th house, with some higher ups just pushing me down over the years)

    1. Jupiter and Saturn are a natural pair in the zodiac. There should be some underpinning to what you preach, publish or think you know, to be confident. Something solid, like experience, observation over time.

      For example, going to school is not enough. You go to school and they tell you something…then you go out in the real world and find it’s flawed, if not out and out wrong.

      Last night, we watched some serial murderer dipshit being interviewed. Some moronic woman was in court trying to get this guy off because of her supposed knowledge around abuse he never suffered. She appeared to be insane herself, AND a fool. But I’m sure she thought and probably still thinks, she’s right.

      So yeah. You better be willing to change your model. I have. When You Find Out You’re Wrong About Everything

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    I think evolving as a person would by definition involve some inner belief changing and shifting which could be technically called inconsistency. I don’t see that as negative, just part of the process. One thing that has remained consistent with me for a long time is trusting my gut and encouraging anyone close to me to trust theirs.

  7. I find, on reading my comments from six or eight years ago, that I don’t want to change them; sometimes I want to add to them.

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      Yes. It’s not that what you wrote was so much inaccurate as it was just an earlier point in something building up to something different from what you expected.

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