Hyper-Responsible Saturn Types vs The Never Responsible – Tell Him To Get Out And Then Whine When He’s Gone

foulThe soldier is definitely a hyper-responsible type, I think it’s ridiculous.

“I hurt you,” he said.

“No you didn’t. You never hurt me.”

“When we were kids.”

“What? You never hurt me. I was hurt but not because of you. I was hurt because I was in love with you and we separated but it wasn’t because of anything you did.”

“You don’t think so?”

“No. You told me what you wanted to do. You were completely honest about everything. You said you wanted to get married, have a family and join Special Forces. And you begged me to marry you. You begged.”


“And I said no… repeatedly. So then you go off and manifest the life you want. You do exactly what you said you were going to do… get married and join Special Forces and then I am supposed to cry foul? Come on. That makes no sense.”

“I thought I hurt you.”

“Well you did not. You did exactly what you should have done. People have the right and probably the responsibility to create a life they want to live. That’s what you did and I am glad. I like the way you are, I think it’s the way people should be. For Godsakes run your life and don’t blame other people.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Look. I am going to blame you for my not marrying you? Pullllease. You don’t send the man down the road and then cry when he’s down the road. You said you wanted to be married, I said I wouldn’t marry you so you married someone else. What else did I think was going to happen? You did nothing wrong so just forget about it. I was hurt because I loved you. You love someone, you get hurt sometimes, this is part of the package. I would not change a hair on you.  You have never fouled me in your life so lets just forget about the idea you ever hurt me because it’s crap.”

6 thoughts on “Hyper-Responsible Saturn Types vs The Never Responsible – Tell Him To Get Out And Then Whine When He’s Gone”

  1. Beautiful–having circumstances brought about in life that hurt, while still knowing someone involved loves us and doesn’t bring harm to us.
    I like your outlook, Elsa. It’s very healthy!

  2. Bravo, Elsa!! This is a much needed story of how it REALLY works to accept we are the one in charge of our lives. Sure, circumstances play a role but it’s how we deal with those that counts. I too have few if any regrets about choices I made because I like who I am now . . . bottom line. Besides, fussing about decisions made 20 yrs ago is a total waste of time and energy. 😉

  3. Yeah! Kudos to you, Elsa. That is a good attitude.

    I hazard to guess that you and the soldier probably have a better relationship for all your individual experiences that you had while apart.

  4. Neith, I kinda got a bone with your comment. I hope you’re monitoring this post! 🙂

    Now, granted, I’m only 29, and while I like the person I am today, I still resent some of the circumstances I was thrown into as a kid. I don’t fully believe that those circumstances were my choice – I don’t quite buy that whole “you pick your life before you’re born” line, although I will admit is has a certain charm to it. As an abused child, I sometimes like to think that my suffering had some sort of meaning/purpose, I just can’t hold that faith all the time. *shrug*
    Now that I’m in charge of my life, I absolutely stake claim on all my decisions — no one forces me to do jack-shit, my chart is cardinal/fixed! *lol* And I have very few regrets so far. But I can’t stomach taking responsibility for things out of my control that impacted my life growing up.

    And maybe I misunderstood what you’re trying to say. Reading your comment again, I’m not sure if I’m grokking you or not. 🙂 Basically, what I’m inferring is that one has to take responsibility for the harm that has happened in one’s life to be “healthy.” (Not really the word I want, but I can’t find the right one.) And while I agree that’s the case if it’s YOUR decisions/actions that cause the harm, I’m not entirely convinced that should be the case if the harm was caused by another’s actions/decisions.
    Make sense or is it just Mercury-retch? 😛

  5. Love. I “simply” think I can understand both people in this excerpt of dialogue. responsibility and courage in Love, in relationships. not everyone is capable of speaking sincerely and taking responsibility for it. sometimes it takes time but that’s not enough. these two beings communicate their feelings and fears in a generous and humble way. whoever says that “it has passed” is saying I loved you and I love you and this love has no space now to be on recriminations or regrets any more than necessary, but loves this emergence in words. it is like water that cleans, transforms and flows after the “trial by fire” which has not incinerated the best part of the two beings but brings them to a more intense level. I’ve been through it, I think several times and it’s so good to say I love you so much… so much so that I would like to fix the past too and I fear I’ve wasted time away from you. I don’t read it as I happen to like: –
    -Excuse me.
    -ok apologies accepted
    and then everything goes back to the same after a momentary and fleeting romance of those who don’t know what it feels deeply and what all of this implies. I wish you perfect health, joy and time to love and savor the good and all that these things generate in good. I wish you completely accepted and felt miracles. Fell good

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