Which Zodiac Sign In Most Prone To Feel Jealous?

“I like to read your writing but it drives me crazy too,” my husband explained.


“Because I get insanely jealous when I read it. I wish that I was the only boyfriend you ever had, and you were my only girlfriend even though I know that is completely irrational.”

“You’re jealous?”

“Hell yes, you know I am.”

“No, not really. You don’t show it at all,” I said. “You never say anything.”

“Well I do my best to hide it. I do everything I can to not seem like I am jealous when really, I am jealous as hell.”

“Why? Why hide it?”

“Because women don’t like men who are jealous.”

“Is that what men have figured out?”

“That’s what this man has figured out.”

Do women like men to be jealous? Which sign do you think is most prone to jealousy?

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  1. Taurus! And Scorpio. But Taurus especially.
    I think jealousy in tiny doses is good for the relationship, as it makes a person feel valued in a twisted kind of way.
    Personally, when in a relationship, I feel that it’s completely non-sense for my partner to be jealous of me because I feel that I’m 100% committed. If I’m with you, I’m definitely serious about you (Pluto-Venus-Saturn together in a tea-party lol), but I like being jealous of other people. It’s an energy that blends well with my insecurities. Is this masochism? hmm…But seriously, jealousy in a good dose, makes me alive and I like that.

  2. I’d say it depends on the woman if she likes to inspire jealousy in the man in her life. Myself, I see that as a huge waste of time and energy. I will admit to being a tad on the jealous side myself though I tend to keep it to myself. Lots of Scorpio!

    As to the sign most prone to jealousy? Scorpio – at least they will cop to it more than other signs. It can be pretty situational too. I’m feeling Libra today!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Oh wow, Neith. What a concept. The difference between people who innately tend towards jealousy – despite the partner’s actions and behavior versus the person who “insipires jealousy” what a difference and what a concept.

    I’ve always thought of people as being the jealous type or not. But now I realize that I’ve known a number of people who actually actively attempt to inspire jealousy.

    I, a taurus, will admit to jealousy. I am jealous of his work and such as I am in a situation where I scrape together a bit of relationship time in between his travels for work. I wouldn’t say that I feel jealous about him and any other women or anything like that. I just value his time so much that when there isn’t enough of it for me I get .. well… jealous. If that’s the term to use.

  4. My Aquarius hubby acts sooo non-jealous most of the time, but I just know it’s a cover up! I can tell by the questions he asks, or the faces he makes in certain situations that he does indeed get jealous. I don’t call him out on it though, he’d just deny it anyways :).

    As for me….I get little jealous episodes. I guess the Leo in me wants to think that I’m the ONLY woman my admires. Delusional huh?
    I also have Scorpio ASC and Cappy moon. I never project the jealousy onto anyone though, I direct it all inward. I never really feel jealousy towards people I know either, if things are going well for them, I am happy. I tend to feel jealous feelings about total strangers. I think it’s a fear of the unknown. (i.e.–Does my husband know her? Does he think she’s cute?)

  5. Oh yeah, and I am also jealous of my husband. (That’s terrible huh?!) He travels a lot with his job (he works hand in hand with the military ever since he got out of the military in 2000). He gets to go to places like Germany, Korea, etc. (and Iraq, but who wants to go there??) I’ve been wanting to return to Germany ever since I lived there as a kid for 3 years (army brat). I’m always like “You’re so lucky, you get to travel the world! That’s what I wanted to do!” (His mercury is in the 9th) His argument is “Why would I enjoy being away from my family?”


  6. Cancer/Taurus=JEALOUSY. Scorp comes in last.

    Do women like their men to be jealous? I have no idea for other women, but for me it is a MONUMENTAL no-no. (Libra Asc./Sadge Sun/Scorp Moon).

    I read somewhere that jealousy is fear, and, that it is also a necessary emotion in serious relationships. It is a boundary emotion. Which one is true? Are they both true? Probably.

    For me jealousy is about boundaries, and, less about fear. I have no fear that my husband will leave me, love someone else, screw someone else or fantasize about someone else. It’s his life too and he can do any of the above….and I have the complete right to leave him to do all of the above….all by his lonesome.

    Shell, I used to have “travel” envy also where my husband is concerned ( his Mars is in the 9th)until I realized that, while he may physically travel the globe, mentally he is trapped inside of his self-imposed prison of fear. It just looks like he travels but emotionally he is standing still.

    I’m rather happy with my mental travels now and value the experience greatly.

  7. I think most women would like their man to be jealous. It feeds their need for a physical expression of love and their insecurities about their man not loving them as much as they love him.

    The signs most prone to jealousy are the fixed signs. Yes, even Aquarius. Just because they choose not to show their emotions doesn’t mean they aren’t there! They like to pretend they are above such base emotions and quickly discard these feelings once they arise, but they are just like Leos in many ways. I know a Taurus with Scorpo Moon who is jealous of anyone and everyone.

    I personally think jealousy can be a very good thing as long as it comes from the person being truly in love and not from them just being a jealous type in general. The former is flattering, the latter is scary.

  8. I’m rarely jealous of others–I’m too self-involved!–but I notice that I tend to attract jealous relationships (with both men and women). I’m wondering if I may be projecting something? My venus, moon and mercury square Pluto and Mars. I don’t like to inspire jealousy (too much drama for me and as a Libra rising, I like my peace!) but it does give me a tiny thrill whenever my Aquarius guy shows a bit of jealousy. My ex was a Libra with Scorpio rising. His jealousy was so extreme it ended our marriage. I’m not comfortable with jealous women. I often find myself downplaying my abilities or my happiness or even my achievements when I’m around my jealous sister, colleagues, casual friends. Many of them are fixed signs. My favourite women friends tend to be Aries or Leo. They’re too secure with themselves to play the jealousy game with other women–but they’re often very jealous of the women who come in contact with their men!

  9. I’m innately jealous in relationships, must be Venus in Scorpio in 8th, I try not to show it, but it’s hard for me. I think it has to do with past experiences as well. Also have Pisces rising, insecure? My bf also has Venus in Scorpio (with Mars) but in the 9th and does not tend towards jealousy at all. I think he hides it though, once in awhile he’ll tell me he’s jealous, but I don’t think it eats him up like it does me (Aquarius rising).

    I have travel envy too, but mostly because I fear the unknown and it stinks.

    I think a little jealous can be ok, but there are limits to it.

  10. The man I am seeing is jealous but hides it very well. I would never try to make him jealous, it isn’t my nature, and anything smacking of emotional manipulation would send him running for the hills. He is a Capricorn.

    I have jealous episodes, and blame my Aries Moon and Leo Venus. I think I just like to get worked up. The Capricorn acts bemused but I know he likes it.

  11. I wouldn’t call it jealousy, but maybe it is..I would prefer to be loved the most of all my SO’s SO’s. I don’t care if my SO has been with other people (duh?), though it is romantic to think you could meet ‘the one’ and were the first and only. I’d be happy with having all of my SO’s love now….stellium in leo. Ego? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good luck astrological blessings to all.

  12. I’m a Taurus but my moon is in Aquarius so I’m really not the jealous type. My SO has many female “friends” that he always hugs and kisses hello and goodbye – and he’s a complete flirt – but I know he doesn’t mean anything by it. It’s just the way he is. I feel very secure with him so I really never have to be jealous. He (Cancer) has never been jealous with me, either, but I don’t give him any reason to be. We’re pretty comfortable with the space in our relationship and we give each other enough security that there is no reason to be jealous. 14 months we’ve been together and we just seem to fit perfectly. I am so blessed.

  13. There’s a difference between the likelihood of jealousy and the likelihood of a person going bats with it. Actually you can look at the sun’s degree in its sign and the aspects to the sun and moon to see how well-formed and complete the personality is. Without a chart, though, I’m going to go with Aries, which has trouble not being the center of the universe. Taurus and Gemini next, because in their ways they are the children of the zodiac. I can each of these signs screaming MINE, although Gem would probably be the last to admit that was what was happening.

    For people going bats: the 12th house. With an afflicted moon( sq venus? in say, Taurus or Aries…yike.

  14. I indicated that I may indeed be delusional…so you may be right. If I am wrong I am wrong. Thanks for the chuckle :-).

    Best to all!

  15. taurus and scorpio as well.

    I like a little jealousy in my partner…it adds spice and energy. Almost like there are whole worlds about your partner that are unknown and mysterious. I also feel more loved when jealousy inspires clearer boundaries…like I’m valuable enough for them to not want to lose me to anyone else!

  16. There is less jealousy and more freedom in my current relationship than I’ve ever experienced and at the same time we are more secure with each other than I’ve been in any other relationship.

    I’ve really hated it when previous partners were jealous. I’m intensely loyal and hated having that loyalty questioned. I also hated seeing my partner suffer that painful emotion so it was just bad all around.

    Gemini sun, Scorpio moon and ascendant.

  17. “I often find myself downplaying my abilities or my happiness or even my achievements when I’m around my jealous sister, colleagues, casual friends.”
    I do this, too! What a way to operate, eh?! ‘I’ll make myself look less, so you feel better about yourself.’
    I suggest both of us stop this! No one needs to gloat, sure, but this weird way of uplifting people is detrimental.

    I’m not a jealous person. If I have feelings of insecurity arise when I am faced with a scenario that might instigate it, I can talk myself through it by being completely honest about my feelings…to me jealousy is a mask, like anger or depression. There’s always something deeper at hand, and I’d rather get to the root of the emotion so it can be healed.

    I decided to only have relationships with people I explicitly trust and that, of course, helps greatly.

  18. depends on what kind of jealousy you’re talking about. i like my man to be protective of me around other men, i’ll cop. he’s said before that he checks himself sometimes when he’s raving about me…doesn’t want any other guys he talks with to go getting any ideas…that makes me feel good. like he sees me as valuable. but do i want a man who doesn’t trust me? hell, no.

  19. Scorpio and Taurus, with Leo and Capricorn following shortly behind. And oddly enough, Libra after that. Libras don’t like to think they/the relationship haven’t been perfect enough to earn your devotion.

    Personally, I like my men to be a little jealous, because it is a pretty basic indicator of attachment. If they get too jealous, though, it’s annoying, because then they get distant or manipulative instead of dealing with their own feelings. (I will cop to doing this too, though if I catch myself I will force myself to address my own issues rather than project it.)

  20. Cancer, Taurus and Capricorn.

    I understand Capricorn jealousy very well, since I’m married to one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Capricorns don’t show that they want to be your #1, and they want to tell you how to run your life, while picking on you at the same time. It’s enough to drive any sane person to flirt! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve felt twinges of jealousy, but I then sit back and think about why I feel that way. After processing it, it goes away.

    I’m not a jealous or envious person. I just don’t have it in me. Probably because I have Venus/Uranus conjunct…

  21. I am jealous and prefer a jealous/possessive man. Makes me feel loved. He should not be abusive about it, but i like the feeling of… how to put it? Guess i have control issues and want my partner to have then too! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Where do you find jealous traits in the chart? Do you see it in aspects? Or is it a pluto issue?

  22. I am a Leo and I can get jealous of people, but not very often. Mostly I am jealous of their job/experiences (sometimes their hair) but I understand that these are all symptoms of my insecurity in those areas and they can all be improved (I want to be the best!).

    As far as being jealous of other women where my Aquarian boyfriend is concerned — I was bothered by his ex for a little bit, even though she was absolutely out of the picture (she even moved to another state), and occasionally I feel twinges of discomfort when I think about him and the previous girl he was seeing (not the same person as the ex).

    But he has never given me cause for jealousy in the usual ways (and Venus in Virgo looks for it!) and for that I am grateful. I hate being jealous. It’s a terrible feeling. And I’m happy to say that he’s exhibited jealousy a total of one (1) time. It was so rare, I treasured it. Hah!

  23. Piya…Leo here w/ Venus in Virgo married to an Aquarius as well. You just reminded me that I was inscure for a few yrs about the exgirlfriend….even when she moved to another state too!! So funny. What a waste of energy huh!?

  24. I like when men are jealous because it shows that they care I can handle alot of flaws but someone being indifferent and treating me like furniture isn’t one of them. It has happened to me w/ an Aqua.
    I am the jealous type passionate but I have learnt that it scares men so I worked on acting more normal. I become objective. Now that that’s happened I find myself involved w/ a Pisces who tries to make me jealous and it is working. But that is how he feels loved but it drives me crazy. He likes that drama he’s the brooding type. But I don’t do that to him b/c he gets jealous when I haven’t even done anything. I was talking to a male friend who is gay and laughing and he was acting like a shark. It was innocent though. I think he is jealous of the time and attention I am giving this person and we were going out later. He just needs to mature a bit more he’s not even my bf yet.
    Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp

  25. Moonpluto if you want jealousy try a Cancer or apparently a Pisces. I hear that they aren’t jealous but maybe other planets on chart affect this. Pisces guy I’ll call him R had such a problem w/ my friendship w/ a gay friend lets call him W that I suspected he was conspiring to get him fired. The animosity between them was so bad b/c Pisces guy thought that I was replacing him w/ someone else b/c it took time away from time I would have spent w/ him that I had to sneak around and meet W somewhere else to pick him up so as to spare R’s feelings. Even then he would ask hey did you go drinking w/ W? And my sister and I would lie ‘NO’ but he know lol. I was afraid Pisces dude was going to use his connections to get him fired. I suspect him of setting him up for a fall. And we OK now only b/c W moved somewhere else another state. Pisces the pirhanna, the great white when they see a threat who knows what they are capable of. At the same time there he is the docile sweet beta fish with the sparkling eyes. He is territorial. Sometimes he’ll ignore you or make you jealous if you pout act hurt get sad you’ll see his angelic side. He doesn’t want to hurt he just wants love from you and that you cared after all.

  26. Also I knew a Taurus who was insanely jealous. May 16 I think that sign is jealous as well as chauvenistic. He would fight w/ me when we were together and kept telling me he’s jealous of me b/c I do well academically. He was so loud while arguing that the tentants where we lived feared for their lives. When he found out who my former guy friend was he was going through my stuff b/c he wanted to beat him up. When we broke up he couldn’t stop calling me or barging in while I was about town or even making a scene everywhere then he wrote me a 17 page letter. After that when he realized I wasn’t taking him back he started vandalizing my stuff. It got to the point that I just left town for my safety. At first he was softspoken and docile he kept telling me ‘i never put my hands on anyone’ and he was sad about it but he seemed to have lost control. I haven’t known another sign to be violent.

  27. Taurus/scorpio definitely. Am scorpio rising and no matter how hard I try not to be if I am jealous it is written all over my face – flaring nostrils and all!

    1. I know what you mean. It’s best if I just look away. If I know my husband is going to greet a female warmly (social kiss) I’m best to just look away. Out of sight out of mind. Otherwise, I seem to stare, cock my head, and then pout all night. tons of leo and scorpio in me……

  28. I have a 7th house Pluto. Major jealousy issues there. My Moon in 4th house Cancer is also afflicted by Pluto. Additional jealousy there ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also have a Venus in Taurus in 2nd (it’s home!) so I have possessive tendencies afflicted by Mars which probably makes me rather explosive when dealing with jealousy.

    I’ve always been the jealous type, and I’m working on changing that. It’s the most difficult thing in the world, especially when jealousy is almost like a “habit” more so than a real reason of mistrust. My man is great but I’m not…. So I’m working towards being a bit more deserving.

  29. W-O-W! This is a neat deal here!

    ANNA wrote (above):
    “Iโ€™m rarely jealous of othersโ€“Iโ€™m too self-involved!โ€“but I notice that I tend to attract jealous relationships (with both men and women). Iโ€™m wondering if I may be projecting something?”

    Hi Anna, and anyone else……

    Anna, you’re not “projecting” anything that would result in your receiving jealous responses. You are simply ATTRACTING jealous individuals because of your Venus/Moon squares, to start. No matter WHAT you do, you will always have both sexes jealous of you as a female. This is because no one can compete with you, nor can anyone control you.

    They are jealous of the freedom you need & have in your own mind, lifestyle, attitudes, and in the way you communicate. There is nothing wrong with being self-involved, because this only leads to self-evolvement.

    I am a SCORPIO, with Mars in Cancer Rising, and a 4th House Libra Moon (you & I both have the same Mars/Moon square!).

    My ruler Pluto is in Virgo 3rd, which squares my Venus 6th (again, YOU have the same square as I!). This causes for me more jealousy from women, making us a topic of gossip, especially among co-workers.

    Here’s is what jealousy means to me as a Scorpio: I am not, nor have ever been, a jealous person. I am a “mirror image” victim of jealousy from others: people have always been, if not obsessively, extremely jealous of me FOR NO REASON, and not the other way around.

    My own late mother was even jealous of me! Psychics told me this after she died, but I already figured this deal out early on as a kid. Go figure…..

    Every man I dated in past became jealous of me for whatever reason. Some became abusive and violent. This all started in high school! My prom date from school socked me in the arm one day because I knew the answer in school and he did not.

    What I am saying is that not ALL Scorpios are JEALOUS….. they are often the victims of jealousy themselves, depending on the natal chart.

    1. @REW Scorp here, with experiences much the same as you. I am a magnet for jealousy, even had the same issues you did with both mother and sister. You just learn to roll with it after a while. But you are right: not every Scorp is dripping with jealousy and revenge.

    2. this resonates to me, i didnt realize the first time i learned astrology that squares also included pisces square sag, or virgo square sag ect. I was thinking the square signs taurus square leo, aqua square Scorpio, Scorpio square leo ect were the true squares.

    3. it kind of helped my relationship and understanding with my mother when i made horrible mistakes, like being married to an ex-con, drug addict, and lived with an abuser. it made us closer for some reason. she is now in a healthier place where she is so happy for her daughters to be married to good men. Maybe those experiences made me see the deeper, much darker side of life, and she appreciated that i understood deeply of human nature.

  30. From the women I know – Pisces Sun females are the most jealous. Every single freaking one I’ve met. Jealous of everyone that they perceive has something they don’t. It doesn’t matter if they really need that or even want it. If you have it, and they don’t, they get irked.

    I personally hate feeling jealous. If I have to be jealous of my boyfriend, that means that I can not trust him. If I can not trust him completely, then we don’t date.

    I don’t want a man to be jealous of me. I’ve had two. They both tried to hold me back so they could lie their asses off without worrying about me doing the same to them (Sagittarius and Scorpio).

    I’d rather have that deep Soul connection where no one else can interfere, and we both know it, says my Pisces Moon.

  31. Do women like men to be jealous? Which sign do you think is most prone to jealousy?

    Scoooorpio and yeah, I’ll go along with Taurus. Not sure why, but it definitely exists with the suns, mars, venus’ and moons I know. LOL

    Knowing it exists is one thing. Knowing it exists and the other person doesn’t have control over it and thus tries to control you with it is another.

  32. I like Anny’s sentence ‘I can handle alot of flaws but someone being indifferent and treating me like furniture isnโ€™t one of them’. On the other hand, I can’t stand being controlled by anyone so too much jealousy wouldn’t go down well with me either.
    I’m a Pisces female and I don’t think I’m a jealous person… however, I do have an 11th house Sun, a 9th house moon and mega-Aquarius so I need a lot of freedom and respect other people’s. I haven’t found any one sign to be any more jealous than another… but maybe that’s because I try to avoid people who try to reign me in.
    One of the least jealous men I’ve met is a Taurus… he simply doesn’t understand the concept and is even in favour of his partners seeing other people… he’s all about what makes THEM happy. He has Pisces Moon and Mars so I’m thinking there could be a little sacrificing his own happiness going on but he is adamant there isn’t.

  33. Lilith on my Sun says nobody owns me, but I can give myself to anyone I like. This also works backwards, as I’m kind of freaked out by people who expect me to own or use them. I don’t own people. There’s a name for that and it’s slavery. I enjoy seeing people freely being themselves, especially in a family environment, as denoted by IC at 26,42 Aqua. If somebody wishes to be with me by her free will, because she so chooses, I’m happy. I consider that a compliment. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? If that special someone chooses to leave, that’s her prerogative as an individual. I’ll help her move, if necessary. Yes, I’ll be sad, but Saturn IC is mostly about dealing with sadness and rejection anyway, so I’ve had plenty of practice. That’s no reason to limit her options. Limiting a woman’s options is not my prerogative.

    Does this mean Capricorns are not jealous? No, this means I know jealousy is something so individual it’s not attributable to any particular sign. Of course, I also have Mars/Uranus, so I’m supposed to champion liberty indiscriminately anyway. Uranus trine Lilith makes this an absolute. Both trine Jupiter retro in Taurus, so this is God ordained. Bring your chains to me and I’ll zap’em or die trying.

  34. I am a Scorpio Sun/Sag. ASC/Taurus Moon
    and I’ve been with a Pisces/Gemini/Sag. moon
    and seemed to be very jealous at the time…since he wasn’t, at all, it was just worse for me… So i should find some fixed men from now on;) even tough i think only a little jealousy is tolerable in a relationship… a lot is a turn off for me…you should know it’s there, but not all over the place:)

  35. With my Moon in Scorpio, you would think I would be prone to jealousy, but one of my first live-in boyfriend relationships was with an insanely jealous person (don’t know his sign) and it cured me! Now I view it as a complete waste of energy.

    That being said… my Taurus husband has confided in me that he thinks when a woman shows jealousy it’s a sign of how much she loves her man. *huh?* So, even though I don’t quite understand his mindset, I will ‘pretend’ to be jealous once in awhile just because I know it means something to him. *snicker*

  36. Taurus, in my experience. I attract Taurus like crazy and often run into envy problems with Taurus women. And my husband has Mars in Taurus in the 7th and hates when men look at me. He also has a Scorpio moon.

  37. It’s not just the sun sign but the aspects. Both husbands: Cancer. One with moon opposite sun the other conjunct sun. The sun opposite moon Cancer was insanely, irrationally jealous. Perhaps the huge age difference made a difference?

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