I Survived Uranus Square Pluto

surviveLast April, I squatting in a rental house after moving across the country. This was not planned. The sale of a house we were buying fell through, leaving us homeless, with everything we owned in the back of a truck.

Never mind that. We landed well, eventually. I don’t care about any of that now; here’s what I find remarkable…

The outer planets were aspecting my natal Mercury. You can think of Mercury like a regulator. And as Virgo’s ruler, he’s associated with health. In whatever case, a year ago, I was freezing. And I had been freezing for several years.

I was in the rental house alone, save our dogs. I have no idea what the temperature was outside, but I had the thermostat inside set to 76…I simply could not bear it any lower. With the temperature set to 76, I was sleeping with gloves, warm socks, flannel and a heated blanket. I was still cold.  I’d made significant gains in beating back the lupus that plagues me, but no one could seem to explain this phenomena. Shouldn’t I be having hot flashes?

Yes, they tested my thyroid. Like five times?

As of a few three weeks ago, my body temperature returned to normal. My husband expected this to last an hour, but sure enough it’s just…normal. We turn the thermostat to 69 or so at night, as I did for decades before this happened. I feel normal and not chilled in the least.

I think this marks the end of the chaos for me. I still have Raynaud’s to deal with. Going from warm to cold, will cause a problem but the insanity is gone. I don’t have to wear gloves and huge scarf everywhere I go.

I don’t know what to credit for this, other than to say that anti-malarial, Plaquenil is a wonder drug. I’m a poster child for patience as far as my willingness to give drugs time to work. It’s taught me a lot.

I don’t know what my prognosis is. The doctors treat me and talk to me as if I have a God-awful road ahead. I’m not so sure about that. I’ll have to mind myself, that’s for sure. But recently I got an elliptical. I used to love working out, before my life and health sent me into a ditch.

I don’t have a lot of stamina at the moment. I am horribly out of shape. However, I’ve used the machine every day since I got it. I enjoy myself. I was thinking, if I added just one minute a week, I’d be able to work out for an hour within less than a year. That’s far more than is necessary to see a benefit.

So yeah. I survived Uranus square Pluto. I also feel this energy has peaked. We are beyond the last exact aspect.

So what about you? Can you see evidence that the Uranus Pluto energy has peaked in your life…and that you survived it?

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  1. Transiting Pluto opposite Asc. + transiting Uranus squaring Asc. (transiting Neptune opp. Venus) brought me an autoimmune illness (Sjogren’s Syndrome) and increased my Raynaud’s A LOT.
    But Pluto is also about rebirth, and a high dose of vitamin D treatment (Coimbra protocol for autoimmune diseases) made my symptoms decrease about 98%.

  2. Read your blog about how you have survived Uranus square Pluto. My husband is diabetic and has high blood pressure though those are not as serious as some of the conditions you are dealing with, However he did suffer a stroke in September of 2013 and ever since I have been searching for something that will further his progress even more. Though if you didn’t know he had a stroke unless you know what you are looking for you might not catch it. He went back to work 8 days after he had the stroke. Long story short we are starting a new eating plan on the 25th of January. It is called the Omni Diet by Tana Amen B.S.N., R.N. Normally I would not think anything about a diet written by a Nurse because usually they don’t know squat about nutrition but this lady does. It is an anti-inflammatory way of eating she talks about Lupus and how this way of eating though is not a cure it helps turn down the inflammation so that the symptoms are nearly non-existent.

  3. Peaked? I don’t know. I hope so. I’ve got Cap rising, too– asc at 8 degrees. Uranus in the 4th has been crazy for me, too. I moved from my mortgaged house of 7 years back to my “camp”, broke ties with my FOO who had subsequently moved “next door” which was more like “front yard”, sold the place and moved back home. Employment is in flux, almost sustaining, but not quite, making the reach with equity.

    BTW I was cold all the time until this summer. I feel like maybe I kinda fully thawed out and now I’m reset or something. Such a nice change. Energy levels are up some. I’m glad you feel better, too!

    Pluto is not done with me yet. This I know for sure. I am clunky now where I used to be (too) smooth (for my own good?). Fine tuning other areas altogether and most interesting, having new ideas about old plans. Pruning is necessary. Its my asc/bml really pulled something out of me. I’m learning to integrate those energies into who I am. Consciously try to be wise about how I think and act. I loved your piece on transcendence. Cue: Steve Earle “Transcendental Blues”

    You are on to something huge. I’m excited to be along with you for your Pluto/Asc transit 🙂 And Satori really keeps me aware that I’m dealing with energies and so is everyone else so flow! I truly love your blog- wish you had a “like” button.

  4. My evidence is that I’m sitting here at a job that I’m good at that I know isn’t going away anytime soon. That I can support myself independently, and that I can afford things like a fancy gym membership without feeling like I’m committing financial suicide. That I can afford everything I need and most things that I want. That I’m actually becoming comfortable with the routine of a “normal” adult life and learning how to manage it better every day.

    Pluto in Capricorn has really transformed my wandering spirit into something that can actually exist in the world. The first exact square occurred shortly after my college graduation, and it wasn’t until shortly after the last exact square that this job became permanent and I finally got a sense of real security. In between there was a lot of instability. I was not someone who was immediately ready to commit to anything after graduation so it did take quite a while.

    I don’t feel like I’ve settled down for good, though, and in a couple years’ time I may decide to do something different. But the key is that urgency has left the equation, and I actually have more flexibility than before–I’m operating from a much better place to work on my future.

  5. Wow. Elsa, you did go through so much. I’m glad you’re on the other side and things are looking up. You also worked your ass off and just forged ahead. I remember all that. Cheers!

  6. For the last 2 and some years I’ve been dealing with an explosive release of repressed feelings. I feel like Uranus and Pluto pummeled the hell out of me so that Saturn in my 12th can try to put me back together. Ow, though. Won’t be done until Aug as Saturn will go back and forth over my Asc.

    Benefits? Not sure yet. I’m still in pieces emotionally.

  7. This going to sound crazy but, hey, never know if others are feeling along the same vein. I have this sneaking suspicion/gut feeling that autoimmune disorders are the cosmos indirect way of bringing attention, and care, to our nervous and digestive systems. Gopi Krishna (in his book “Living with Kundalini”) spoke about the preparation of the spinal column and his digestive track so as to receive the gift of kundalini fire. He was a strong believer in yoga as a way of correcting blocked energy flow in the spine. Food was a major issue too, because some foods hindered and attacked both the nervous system and the digestive track, while others promoted it (an issue directly related to autoimmune disorders). His digestive system was so sensitive he said he could feel his body looking for the food he ate and applying it for what he perceived as “upgrades” to various parts of his body. Sounds ludicrous but, damn, what if this is the next stage in our evolution, ya know? our electrical spine receiving influxes of energy from the great beyond? Barbara Handclow correlated a transiting Uranus conjunction with our natal Chiron opposite natal Uranus, as our quintessential kundalini awakening moment opportunity. She believed much of the transits prior to that moment are preparatory. This Uranus conjunct Chiron opposite Uranus transit was the astrological moment when our particular potential was open to receive cosmic “kundalini fire.” She believed Chiron was the bridge between our worlds. It’s like our aim, as human beings, was to fine-tune our biological equipment for this receiving of cosmic energy. Sounds cool even if it’s conjecture 🙂 Just sharing the wealth here. Not advocating it as the end-all reason for the Uranus Pluto squares.

    1. I had a kundalini awakening last year. And I believe it was a result of saturn in scorpio trining my mars. In the span of a month I went from stagnant to considerably up to speed. That was the first time I really became aware of Kundalini as a real energetic phenomenon. Then, like a ghost, it was gone. I believe food as a key factor in allowing it to flow and I have tried since, to re-cultivate the kundalini energy with food and meditation. Progress is slow with periodic flashes of genius. All this to say I have had an awakening, but not under the conditions of Uranus. I wish! My sun was hit with uranus-pluto several years ago.

      1. I’ve had a kundalini awakening too. I can’t pinpoint a transit because I didn’t realize what it was until I did some research a few years later. Definetly wasn’t transiting uranus opposite Chiron though.

        Fasting and then eating can bring on an awakening experience for me. Basically anytime you consciously deny an energy exchange with the universe and then flood yourself with it, your kundalini will rise. Food, sex, plants that get you high, etc. Just something I’ve noticed.

  8. I recently learned about narcolepsy being connected to “inflammation” of a chemical in the hypothalamus called hypocretin. It apparently is involved in regulating sleep and, in order to protect the body while the brain is active in REM, paralyzes it. It can prematurely, or congenitally, be depleted by various food allergies or a viral infection (autoimmune connection). Sleep beta waves (associated with emotions) and awake “berger” alpha waves (associated with our waking lives) are also involved in the enlightened state! The two are equally strong, instead of oscillating from one to the other, so they work in unison. It’s like dreaming while you’re awake. The earth emits these same frequencies too??? The earth is truly is our “mother”. Additional information: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_ondas_shumman_05.htm

  9. Hi,Elsa,only say these things to help people if it can.These are my beliefs,prescribed drugs,feel they are dished out to easily,when alternitive medicine,is a better for your wholebody,less toxic,i believe in 99% of health issues,herbs /alternitive therapy,will do a great job.there are times when
    drugs are necessary,but rare.All my love to all j.This is what i belive 100%.

  10. To all,sorry for my last message being a bit blunt,but wasnt able to fit much in message,maybe due to old mobile.Any how,i dont like prescibed drugs,i just think it best to try other route’s,i say with passion,cause i love you all,love J

  11. Elsa! So glad to hear how you are doing.

    The square has definitely peaked, we are over the struggles and hitting such a high, I’m afraid the bubble is going to burst. Lol.

  12. During the Pluto Uranus square I dealt with leukemia diagnosis, loss of my mother, divorce and ultimate loss of my house, and could not find another job for three years. I know Pluto isn’t through with me yet. I have four planets in Libra and I’ve seen a lot of Libras go thru hell these last few years. But, Pluto is my friend, at the top of my chart and Scorpio rising. I’ve learned a lot. I don’t wish this heavy loss on anyone, there are easier ways to learn stuff, but I do see light at the end of the tunnel. 2016 is going to be a good year for me. I hope it is for all of you, too!

  13. I am a Virgo, Pluto in my 5th, Uranus in my 8th.
    Jan’ 2010, filed a patent for my creative project. (Capricorn Eclipse)
    JULY’ 2010, A company undertook it for evaluation. (Cap Eclipse)
    Jan’ 2011, they rejected it! (Cap Eclipse)

    Dec’ 2011, Another company took it.

    June’ 2012, they rejected it! (1st U-P square)
    May’ 2013, they even rejected the modifications I proposed. (3rd U-P Square)

    Oct’ 2013, start of the Aries-Libra Eclipses squaring Pluto. (My income source is dead during this season, from Oct’ 13 to Dec’ 15), came back now.
    Nov’2013, (4th U-P Square) I realized that the concept does not work at all and gave it a complete makeover and filed a new patent.

    March’ 14, Two companies took it for evaluation.
    Oct’ 14, One company rejected it. (Aries Eclipse squaring Pluto)
    Dec’ 14, Second company too rejected. ( 6th U-P Square), but, this time, they said, “the concept works, but we can not acquire it!so, nothing happened until,
    July’2015, Another company undertook it for evaluation.(Cap Full moon, U-J trine)

    Still waiting for the result!

    As I observed,
    1)Cap Eclipses (Jan’2010-Jul’11)
    2)U-P Squares (Jul’11- Jan’ 15) loosely.
    3)Aries- Libra Eclipses (Oct’ 13 – Mar’ 16).
    In my opinion, we still have this U-P square effect until the Uranus leaves Aries, they may not be the orb after a few months, but do mess up with new and full moons of Ari, Cap, Can, Lib!


  14. Found out at the last gasp of the square that I have AS and have lived with it for 42 years, talk about a Uranus kundalini awakening! that square threw every problem in my face under extreme physical and emotional duress- of course that means for me my social impairments. I could not hide under the circumstances, every detail of me on display under a microscope- and it was not my imagination and now that I see that there is relief but also not sure if it safe to come out yet?

  15. I spoke to a receptionist at a biologic dentist’s office this year….She told me that
    they had seen several cases of Lupus reverse by removing all root canals from these
    patients mouths AND removing cavitations as well….Cavitations are infections caused
    by leaving the periodontal ligament in place after an extraction….Its like leaving
    behind the afterbirth. The oral surgeon must use a round bur to dislodge the ligament
    after an extraction…Google Image Cavitations and you will see an infection of the bone
    caused by bacteria around the PDL. This is not a popular notion. Suppedly cancer begins
    the same way (eating sugar adds to the burden).Root Canals are never totally sealed.

  16. Uranus Square Pluto is still going on to some degree. I think it was exact last in 2015, but it doesn’t leave until some point in 2016 (I think early on anyway). I’m not sure what I can attribute to this transit or other things like the Pluto in Capricorn. I think we’ll know what the differences are when this transit finally concludes itself in 2016.

  17. i’ll tell you in a decade when i’ve completed several stages of my project. too much depends on the unknown, and too many of my motivations are still driven by my wounds (oh, yeah, that three degree fixed chiron of mine…)

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