Knocked Off Your Game in 2021-2022

knocked off your gameSaturn in Aquarius is currently squaring Uranus in Taurus. This clash will be maintained through 2022.

Some are being hit in ways that are more personal than others but the affect of this has been universal from what I can observe.  You get going in a certain direction and wham! You’re blindsided by something. It might be the actions of another person or it just might be.

As an example, we had to get a new roof put on when a hurricane passed nearby. For a myriad of reasons, the insurance did not cover the cost.  Not even close!  But we got it done after clunking around for awhile.

It’s two months later and I can see our brand new roof with 40-year shingles has a few problems.  The roofer is coming back, I contacted him yesterday. Today I discovered some outlets in our house are not working. The outlets are in different rooms so it’s a puzzle.

Messing around with stuff like this disrupts the structure of your day. I’m not complaining.  I know it’s life. I also know that everyone I know is dealing with stuff like this.

In some cases it’s illness or even the lack of illness. You get diagnosed and it knocks you off your game. Another person might come up negative for whatever it is the doctor thought they had. They’re all good, except they’re not because they still have the disruptive symptoms.

People who are invested in the stock market or flush one day and down the next. Uranus is in Taurus after all. Are you set- up, flush with cash? Or were you set up, flush with cash?

I’m sure you can see this pattern in your life.  Everything is consistently inconsistent. I get up from my computer and head into the kitchen, literally wondering what surprise I might find during this brief period where my focus is diffuse.

I’m aware of the necessity to maintain some control over my daily routine. I do this by making fewer promises because I know time (Saturn) is wonky (Uranus) and I have to allow for the unexpected thins I expect.

My business is heavy on the impromptu consultations right now.  I like no-waiting consultations. I’ve offered them for ten years of more but I’ve never seen such a high percentage of clients contact me directly rather than using the calendar to schedule. I bet you it stays this way through next year. The percentage may even increase. But I also bet you that in 2023, things go back to normal.

Work (Saturn) has been spotty and disrupted (Uranus) for most everyone due to the pandemic.  People are detached from their jobs, basically.  They’ve had to innovate.

I’m writing this so you can set your expectations in such a way, you’re not too surprised or disappointed when things continue to be wacky. I mean, I’m not happy about the roof but I don’t think the roofer is happy either.

It’s best if can resist temptation to blame others for the up and down and crisscross in your life right now. No one is immune to this, that’s for sure.

Have you been knocked off your game in 2021? How does 2022 look?

25 thoughts on “Knocked Off Your Game in 2021-2022”

  1. Yes, a house project is still incomplete in my home, school is not going as planned, my father passed last month, but all of this has made me more conscious of where and how I spend my time and energy. If I don’t have a key to a particular lock at the moment, constantly wriggling the doorknob will not get me in. It has really gifted me the opportunity to be more present and deliberate. I hope that sticks when things get back to ‘normal’ in 2023.?‍♀️?

  2. With Covid shut downs closing businesses or making them pivot to survive or move or change industries, being an accountant, my client list literally burned off and sprang up anew! So many new clients in distress. It seems to be around me and not affecting me as much, but still.

  3. I slipped a week ago and fractured my hip. I live in a Victorian house, four stories. The hospital said I would have to go into a rehab facility to learn to climb the steps. I’m 69, my love is 72. We’ve known we needed to move to one level. It could have been a tragedy. But…

    We swim. We garden. We ride bikes. I was strong enough to pull myself up and down a flight of stairs by day 3 and am home. I will remain on one floor and have physical therapy here. We are slowly selling the antiques he and his deceased wife lovingly collected and now, during healing, I can help and research more.

    I see Saturn, Neptune and Uranus all in play.

      1. Thank you, Elsa, I know you’ve experienced your own physical pain and know healing is possible with effort.

  4. Omg Yes! We had plan A all pretty much set, then COVId hit. We worked on a Plan B thinking we had time to do that. Then someone else who executed their Plan A, threw in their Plan B just recently, which messes with our Plans B and C. We were planning on Plan B and C working out but the logistics and these transits are making hard work of it and creating stress beyond what we have ever been through. Throw in health issues, and work which I am definitely am detached from, still demands I pay attention every day.
    I do feel for the collective right now!

  5. Aargh !! Doing Reno”s ,had to re-cement ,the Beam 3 times!!! And this seems to be the way things are going to go…Of course everything seems to be happening in Taurus,but as a Taurean nothing seems to faze me,I just slowly keep plodding on getting it done.
    However the Contractor’s were having a blue fit.
    But I was not having any of that, if there is leakage it has to be done over, especially when you didn’t listen to”a woman” telling you it would.
    (Taurean Heels dug in)
    Red Flag Alert.
    Haha of course,with grumbling s it was done to perfection.
    However I m tired of the twists and new turns.
    Just when I thought i was done,my brother sends money to do the other room (rolls eyes)
    And after much grumblings and swearing.
    I ve decided to do it after a few days rest.
    You only realize how much crap one collects , when its time to paint the house!!???
    I m praying there are no more twists as i have a bathroom to do over.
    I hope no ugly surprises there ….and be knocked off again..

  6. My NN in Cancer has been fighting with my Uranus omy whole life. They are only 1 degree apart, and Uranus are very close to my MC.

    Talk about upheavel! Every time I am having a relatively stable period in my life, things get interrupted. I have worked to have and develop an adoptive attitude, but BOY IS IT HARD SOMETIMES, when Uranus comes knocking every time it’s disrupted by a transit!!! My Uranus is in Sagittarius, so you can guess where this has been going.

    My NN in Cancer is in the 5th house, so it has also meant a lot of creative hobbies that is an extension of who I am (Ascendant in Aquarius), and thank goodness Uranus is friends with my Ascendant, so it also benefits me in some way. Yet – my NN in Cancer tends to get upset about the changes.

    It also means I have difficulty staying in one 9lace for too long. Eventually my Uranus craves change or rebellion or some other change-related stuff, even though stability, family and home life is what I need to work on.

    It also means it’s difficult to commit to something for longer periods of time. Uranus is extremely freedom-oriented…

    These aspects have been going on all my life. I actually say that Uranus square Saturn has been a positive I fluence in 2021. Even if they have brought changes galore. It has mostly been positive changes.

  7. Everything is so tumultuous and unstable and has been so for the last almost 2 yrs I don’t know what ‘normal’ is.
    And so much death. Not particularly covid death. Maybe it’s my age but Uranus has constantly lingered around or in exact conjunction to my Sun in 8th house must be part of it.
    Saturn squaring this in exact but equal measure has muted much of this but strangely I’m not seein much inheritance stuff or even strange ppl/sex stuff Uranus n Aquarius usually bring.
    My moon and Mars are widely conjunct in Aq and Saturn has been dancing between the two this entire time.
    I basically feel stuck and all the benefic cute stuff like current Venus conj ASC and Neptune while trining my own Venus in Gemini all gets squashed. Just lil twinkly sprinkles of light every now n then.
    The fixed stuff weighs things so heavily tho

  8. This time is the worst. So confusing, such an uphill battle. This Saturn/Uranus is square/ opposite my natal Pluto and will soon be stomping on my moon and Mars again. I feel like I can’t do anything productive right now. Slow and steady.

  9. Yes! Just got a huge gas bill in the middle of summer despite not using heating for months. Turns out previous bills had been estimates apparently so it’s built up. It still doesn’t sit right with me but there’s nothing I can do to fight it. I am desperately worried about finances in the future now. Also having car problems, but then that’s nothing new. Saturn in 12th, Uranus in 3rd.

  10. This is interesting to me. I feel the back and forth energy around me, and I see people close to me living through it. It hasn’t affected me directly, or maybe I’m just not letting it? Or maybe because I have low expectations for most things, that I barely notice? lol. I try to detach from weird scenarios as much as possible, but like I said, I see things happening around me. Slow and steady is the key for me.

  11. One of my clients and his wife have had NUMEROUS setbacks over the past year or so. It’s like 1 step forward, 2 steps back, 2 steps forward, 1 step back. It never ends. The wife is really struggling–she’s always been like the Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dam but this time the dam is cracking. We are trying as hard as we can to hold the line and keep things together for as long as we can. Her family is helping her, too, but disruptions keep pulling them away, and all this is about more than she can take.

  12. The gardening has been rough. Terribly hot and very buggy. Skeeters are small but thick. So fully covered in the heat, with a layer of skeeter mesh too, to do what needs doin in the yard. So I had to change my plans and am re-orging house and outbuildings. It’s good work done anyway. And now I have to have a birthday but had a really hard time scheduling around everyone so I finally said enough already. Come when you can. There will be a crockpot of chili and a crock of veggie stew and corn muffins and munchies. Open all day. Well somebody shows up the day before. Some are coming this weekend and there will be drifters in and out tomorrow. So my solar year begins. I am not planning ahead. Just keep getting my work done. Birthdays are not necessarily about me I guess or I would have called it off.

  13. My sister was born 2/14/62. FIVE planets in Aquarius, led by Saturn at 4 Aquarius conjunct the nadir. Then Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun at 24 Aquarius. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Oh, and all opposed by Uranus, t-squaring Neptune in the 1st house. So Saturn crosses the Nadir, hits natal Saturn, then gets to her Mars. Her husband comes home from a fishing trip, after being gone for 2 weeks. They are so happy, they go to bed, make love and NOT 5 SECONDS after my sister gets out of bed, he has a heart attack or stroke or SOMETHING and dies. I mean…. holy moley. You can only imagine the pain. That Uranus/Saturn square, for the Aquarians of 1962… who have the natal t-square to Neptune… I just can’t even. I have been thinking of y’all. Hang in there.

  14. Had a surprise late miscarriage at 19 weeks pregnant. Devastating. I was just a few days away from finding out if my baby was boy or girl. I just started feeling my baby move with my hand. My 3 year old got use to ‘baby in the belly’ and that is so hard. My progressed moon is in Aquarius. My solar return had an 8 degree Aquarius rising with Saturn, mercury, and Jupiter on it. My natal Ceres is at 1 degree Aquarius where the current Saturn Pluto midpoint is.

  15. Avatar
    Cheryl Cuttineau

    Since March I have been going full-bore on reinventing myself and changing careers: online training, books, test-prep exams, new business wardrobe and shoes, modern hair style, worked with two business coaches to modernize my resume, write ” disruptive” cover letters and overhaul my LinkedIn profile–a must if you want to be taken seriously. After two months of online applications and in-person connections for entry-level positions, Nothing. Nada. Crickets. Even temp agencies are not responding right away. Now that unemployment payments have ended and I have been knocked off my game–again–it’s back to the drawing board!

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