Are You Born Knowing Right From Wrong?

I wonder if people feel that a person is born knowing right from wrong or if this is something that has to be taught. I’m from a criminal family and consequently I was not exactly taught “right”. I had some exposure to morality, but primarily “wrong” is what was modeled for me, particularly when I was very young.

In thinking about this, I realized that when I witnessed various things, I knew they were wrong but I did not necessarily know what “right” was. I explained to my husband, I was sure what I was seeing was wrong, based on how I felt. This did not mean that I was equipped to start pontificating what was right, because how would I know at four or five or six years old?

I imagine I could discern as much as I did I could read and the books I read did not make me feel awful! I started reading when I was four years old and I particularly liked all the Wizard of Oz books which were full of joy and hope and drama. They gave me a feeling which was really good, even though nothing was spelled out.

I had a lot more exposure to moral teaching when I was a bit older and my grandfather, Henry moved nearby. He most defined defined virtue for me and I’m enormously grateful because if he hadn’t I am not sure I’d have ever figured it out.

Are people born knowing right from wrong? Where is Jupiter in your chart?

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  1. No, I don’t think you are born with a knowledge of right and wrong. I think this is learned through experience.

    I have Jupiter in Cap 11th.

  2. Jupiter Pisces 2nd.

    Our early years determine how our brains wire. Repeated experiences become hard-wired. If your entire family steals, you think that’s normal.

    That’s why oppressive regimes want to indoctrinate the kids as early as possible. To control how their brains are wired, thus, how they think.

    Exposure to other people as you grow can change how you see the world – and I really think that depends on the individual’s unique character.

  3. I also have Jupiter in Pisces in the 2nd.
    Interesting question.
    I think there are certain “wrongs” that we innately know. For example, most babies/children I have observed are visibly upset by acts of violence they witness. They instinctively know this isn’t right, its dangerous and theatening. So I would say they know this is wrong.
    Other wrongs/rights I do not think are so innate and thus are learned. But then this leads to a whole other discussion as to what is right and what is wrong.

  4. I believe some are born with an inner knowing of right or wrong that’s deeper than what can be taught, but we learn what’s socially acceptable behavior from our parents, teachers, friends, neighbors, etc. As a child, I knew what was right as a child but would weigh the consequences of doing wrong (lying, stealing, cheating, etc.) w/ likely punishment. I had a well-developed conscience at a young age, so even when I did wrong, I’d try to make up for it. Weirdly, people believed my lies but not my truths. My parents could seem to read my mind, though, so punished me for lying almost every time.

    Jupiter-ruled chart w/ Jupiter in the 8th trine ASC and Neptune in the 1st. Jupiter also rules 4th and 10th houses.

    I would think morality is determined by the condition of Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th houses.

  5. When I was young, my motto was receive. It did not matter whether it was right or wrong more whether I would be caught or not. My desire/compulsion overrid morals/ethics.

    Thinking about it I would trap insects in jars and burn them with a magnifying glass. I would pull the wings of daddy-longlegs and watch them fly and fly and fly until they ran out of energy. Again I did this because I found it amusing. Nothing to do with morals/ethics.

    I would not do it now. My memory is so good that those events seem like last year and I am a completely different person now and am using the judgement I have now.

    I have a pluto ruled chart. Jupiter conj venus in fifth.

  6. Balance of both, if you’re not born with much, you need more examples/guidance. Whereas if you are born with a strong internal compass on right/wrong, then you don’t need as much guidance,

  7. there’s significant research showing babies exhibiting approval of fairness and punishment for wrongdoers. parts of our brain that light up when we make moral decisions. i’m pretty sure a lot of it is evolutionarily written to encourage tribal cooperation. but in a “i know it when i see it” sense. and that figuring out a “right” thing to do without good examples can be extraordinarily difficult.

    i also think there’s individuals who don’t develop those parts of their consciousness, either through innate deficiencies, absence of appropriate triggers, or a personal unwillingness to. (not really sure which/what for whom.)

  8. I think we are born with the will to survive and thrive, but not in the same percentages. The traditional values defining ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ of my culture were replaced with values that turned traditonal ‘right’ wrong. Much of my lifetime’s work has been to find that internal backbone/compass and retrain, reexperience and stop repeating history.

    @music4am, I agree with you. And, guidance at key times have saved me from myself. Jupiter is in my 11th H Sagittarius.

  9. 6th Jupiter is in Sadge conjunct Uranus (my Sun’s ruler)

    I’d say I learned to work hard the right way from the beginning. I don’t know if I was born with this understanding from the start. Maybe Saturn can show if a lesson has been learned before.. I have Saturn conjunct Pluto, trine my ASC, Sun and MC but square Mercury. I learned real early that the right way is the best way.. However my Mars-Neptune has given me many false starts until I finally get it 😉

  10. M.J.Sandel has written a really good book about it: ‘Justice: what is the right thing to do?’ His public debates are also available to watch online.

    To answer the question, there is no one answer, it all depends on an individual case.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius 9th.

  11. Thanks Mokihana, I see this alot with my triple sag 🙂 She does know what’s right and wrong, even if she’s not real sympathetic about it,

  12. I have read that a Uranus in Scorpio placement gifts individuals with an innate sense of right and wrong.
    I was raised in a sheltered goodie goodie environment where right and wrong were very clear and strictly modeled and enforced. Needless to say, once I flew the nest from the ivory tower at age 25, I fell flat on my face. At 35, I am still confounded by other people’s choices. I am still getting the hang of protecting myself without isolating myself.

  13. You don’t only learn from your parents, you also learn from society the cultural norms for right and wrong… I had a similar upbringing but my teachers played a huge role in my moral evolution and i’m from a tiny town on a mountain in PR, the people there influenced me a bunch too… Jupiter in Cap in the 9th house.

  14. No. Jupiter in Cancer. I believe it is something learned. I spent a significant amount of time trying to discern what’s right and wrong because it was like living in a fog.

  15. I think I was born with the knowledge of some right and wrong – as in with absolute surity that some rights are right through and through and some wrongs are just plain wrong… Others I’ve learnt over the years… And many many I’m still just figuring out.. As in Neptune in 7th/8th house in Pisces and 12/th house in solar chart… The light is being shined on some of the dark and blind spots

  16. I meant broadly speaking– yes i know and feel have always known right from wrong. It seems just so obvious. But emotions – boundaries, leaking heavy emotions all over everyone, dealing with mis-communications, compassion and sensitivity, and managing stress — those are the nuances I would trip up on

  17. I believe I am. And I also don’t think justice and morality is subjective. None of that post-truth or cultural relativism stuff. I have Jupiter trine Saturn and Mars, sextile Sun (which sextiles Mars and trines Ascensant). My Uranus-Neptune conjunction is in my 9th h.

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