Iconoclastic Men, Chiron, Virgo, and Astrologer, Barbara Hand Clow

“So what do you think they see in me then?” I asked. “Since virtually every man I know is like this. An iconoclast.

“I don’t know, Elsie. I don’t know what these men see in you but for me, I would say that you’re like a link to the world. You’re so visceral. It’s as if I can experience life through you. I have experiences with you I can’t have any other way. It’s as if I can feel life through you. You give me access to something I can’t get any other way and whenever I spend time with you, I know I am going to have some kind of thrill.”

“Oh. Okay, well that’s cool. I get that. A link, huh?”

I thought of Barbara Hand Clow’s book on Chiron. She talks about a “rainbow bridge” that links… well, you can read it if you want. She states that Chiron rules Virgo and the 6th house and is the link between the inner and outer planets. Virgo grounds the ethereal, basically.

When I read that book some years ago, it resonated with me, but I’d never heard anyone express anything like it, since. Inside or outside of astrology, I mean. And I thought about mentioning the book to Scott, but figured it would be irrelevant to him. He doesn’t need to read a book that outlines exactly what he can already articulate, so I kept quiet.

So what about you? Does any of this resonate? What do you think of the idea of Virgo being the earthly link to the ethereal?

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  1. Yes, this definitely resonates. I love this concept. I have some Virgo and I think I do that to a degree for the people I am involved with.

  2. This makes perfect sense to me. It’s always when I’m involved in Virgo-type activities, day to day “drudgery”, that ideas crystalize. The best thing for me to do if I’m hung up on some stage in the development of some etherial concept is to go do the dishes, scrub the bathroom, or catch up on my filing. Shelving books is good for this too (yup, I was one of those library assistant kids all through school, and could never really articulate what I liked about it until much later.) It’s like organizing things is almost a form of mediation for me. Probably because it occupies the part of my mind that normally gets in the way of the part that likes to go off exploring into the mists.

  3. “It’s as if I can experience life through you” and the other stuff that Scott said seems to me to have to do with his being a heat-seeking missile and you maybe being the perfect conduit to some kind of energy for him.

  4. I have a stellium in virgo. Of course this is true. I’m very much located in the down-to earth process of living, and I’ve noticed that some guys in some signs are totally entralled with this- their minds are caught up in theories and such, while I’ll be thinking about how it smells like rain and what I want for dinner and work and friends… life in the microcosm gives more pleasure, and is infinitely more manageable.

  5. i always thought there was more to Virgo then just being Mercury 2nd sign…
    But is there proof that Chiron rules virgo instead of Libra or Taurus (the two Venus’ signs)
    Libra can be a bridge too between the outer and inner planets

  6. You should have Scott (and everyone else) read it anyway because it’s a brilliant book.

    As for Chiron ruling the 6th and belonging to Virgo… I don’t know if I agree – I go back and forth on that (surprise!). I get it, I make the connection… but see Chiron belonging more to Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. Probably because I have Chiron in Pisces. Or even being extra-solar – a bridge beyond this reality and the next.

  7. As a Virgo Rising, I agree. I liked my data entry job because it was oddly meditative for me as is anything repetitive. Then again, any good news about Virgo is dandy by me, so keep them coming! I know, though, I can’t do data entry for eternity because, dude, I have Aquarius on the 6th and a Gem MC! So teaching, it is.

    It tickles me that some people simply can’t stand Virgos because they fascinate me to no end. Two of my dearest friends are Virgos and they are awesome in that they both are blazing in the mind department. Then again, maybe I adore them because both have the same Scorpio Moon I have!

  8. purify matter in order to make it easier for spirit to work through it.

    like burning sage to clear stale emotional resonance. ‘course, my aries eighth house finds the whole purification by fire concept rather appealing ; P

    1. Yes, I’m glad you bring up fire. I’m virgo rising with aries on the cusp of my 8th. I had to mention biochar for the garden soil. It’s making charcoal ( high heat low oxygen sucks out volitiles)from wood waste and using it to purify and ammend soil.

  9. I like it.

    I always think of pairs in astrology having the outward essence be one way, with a tiny kernel of the opposite essence at the center. So on the outside, Capricorns are blustery and tough yet are soft and sensitive on the inside like Cancers… and Cancers are soft on the outside but damn they have steel at the core.

    So if the inside of Virgo’s service oriented nature is Pisces’ ethereal substance of universality, that phrase “grounding the ethereal” makes sense to me.

    In a way it feels to me like myself and other Capricorns are always laboring under a “wound,” which would correlate with Chiron, but Saturn’s activity fits Capricorn too well in my opinion. And my Virgo friends seem to experience a similar yet distinct kind of wounding, as if they have to work to justify their place in the universe. The service-oriented nature of Virgo fits the myth.

  10. this really makes perfect sense to me.. I have moon in virgo square neptune as part of a grand earth trine. I am an empath and do healing work for people, and just in my close friendships, I feel like a lot of what I am able to offer people is some type of actualization for them, and kind of a window into a more viseral alive world… Many many people have commented on this, I think virgo is a really works with that concept.

  11. I don’t have any major planets in Virgo, but it does something with Neptune and my ascendant. I also feel connected to a higher purpose through service (Virgo). Very cool.

  12. Loved Barbara Hand Clow and still have her book on Chiron. I know why! I have Chiron at 28 degrees, 42 minutes in Sag, a stellum in Virgo, and Uranus conjunct my Asc in Cancer, Leo moon at 0 degrees in H2, Libra Sun at 28 degrees, 50 minutes in H5.
    I used to wonder if I were just a freak of nature trying to balance all that crazy energy. Ow
    I just accept that I have an incredible mission!

  13. That is one of my favorite astrology books ever!! I have Chiron 1 degree on top of my ASC and it all resonated massively. It was the first time I had ever really read something about Chiron that didn’t sound like bs (although I have not read every single book ever written on Chiron). I definitely feel like a bridge between earth and heaven a lot of the time, especially with all of my Taurus and Pisces. ?

  14. It feels like Spring here, finally! I’ve arrived at this post about Virgo as a result of your link about Scorpio and 8th House dynamics; Virgo and your very earth abundance. A living lightning rod.

    I asked myself who among my alliances or intimates have that Virgo to ground my inevitable Scorpio overload? My husband is Virgo on the horizon (thanks ancestors:)

    But what really tickled me is how the fertility of my Scorpio womb creates stories or births Art to give me a way between. The going is slow, humbling often but when I recognize the resonance I am grounded and grateful ! My slowly growing hand drawn acoustic art biz is Virgo Sun with a trine to Chiron the charismatic in the 6th House.

    Grace under fire, and a bridge like spider webs 🌈

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