How Can Non-Scorpio Deal With A Pluto Transit?

Pluto ManHello Elsa!

What should a person, who has a very non-Plutonian, non-Scorpio chart, expect when heavy Pluto stuff shows up in transits, progressions or return charts, for a number of years? Is there a common pattern you see, that people of this kind typically fall into? How do I lessen the feeling of despair?

Thanks a lot from India

Great question! I pulled up your chart, wondering if you might be more Plutonian-flavored than you realize. Pluto lies low in your chart, but the planet is in Scorpio so it’s hardly “weak”. You probably have more affinity with this energy than you realize.

I don’t think there is a usual way that people react when introduced to an energy that’s relatively foreign to them.  It’s the exact opposite. Each person is an individual. This is particularly evident during a prolonged period of stress, which is what outer planet transits produce. I’ll give you an example.

Christopher Reeve (Superman) had an accident that left him paralyzed. His wife remained at his side. The man I was dating at the time, a Scorpio, found this unfathomable. He said if he were in her shoes, he’d have been out of there the next day. He had a lot of Aquarius in his chart. Detach from the bad thing!

Let’s say this is a Pluto transit for the spouse in this situation. The accident happens; it’s out of their hands. Both lives are lost and set to be transformed but the individual has the power to choose how they respond.

You asked about despair. Pluto does not spell D-E-S-P-A-I-R. It’s energy. Energy is neutral until directed.  (See Bitch vs the Anti-Bitch).   The despair you feel is personal. Pluto in Capricorn transiting your moon.  It’s possible to work with this transit.

Just imagine you have a rock. You’re going to have it awhile. You can tie the thing around you neck and sink down, or you can do something else with it.

Judging by your chart, I would expect a good result from this transit once you figure out that you can do more than just endure pain. You can work with your pain an if you do, you’ll be richly rewarded.

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  1. Thanks Elsa! Enduring while Pluto dances over, under, around and through my Cap Moon; soon to visit my Sun Mercury conj. I’ll be a new woman after Pluto is done with me and looking forward to the change, change, changes. Blessings!

  2. “Christopher Reeve (Superman) had an accident that left him paralyzed. His wife remained at his side.
    The man I was dating at the time, a Scorpio, found this unfathomable. He said if he were in her shoes, he’d have been out of there the next day. He had a lot of Aquarius in his chart. Detach from the bad thing!”
    This doesn’t sound like Aquarius conduct. Aquarius is a loyal sign, humanitarian with substance. He was prob being a true Scorpio. Testing your response!

    1. Welcome, Singing. I don’t think so. He made it abundantly clear he felt Dana was out of her mind. He thought she was (still) attractive and could and should re(partner). Could not understand why she would remain bound.

      Um…Aquarius Moon conjunct an Aquarius ascendent. Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn in the 8th house in Scorpio. Sex was a biiiiiiiiig deal.

      1. Sounds like Sex was an Aquarian “escape” for him. Without it, he wouldn’t have access to the other realms, he couldn’t breathe. Should come with a warning for potential partners. I bet he was sexy and dangerous as hell.

        1. I had my eyes wide open with this man. Spent three years with him and don’t regret a day of it. The day came when I was done and on that day, I left.

          That’s him, right there. I got with my husband, shortly after…which I’m sure did not surprise him.

          But he was very into appearances. He’d seen a picture of my husband, we met when we were 17 and 19 years old. He thought he was better looking, so my ex (from 20+ years ago was not a threat).

          Anyone who thinks a green beret is not a threat, ought to think again, lol.

          Anyway, I have no hard feelings towards the man. He helped me tremendously during a very trying time in my life.

  3. NO! As as Scorpio with Venus trine Pluto, the ability to die for love was always proof of love. I still hope my husband passes first.

  4. You better believe an Aquarius will be out of there as fast as possible. They are not known for being loyal. My dad is Aquarian and has strong Jupiter as well, he told me flat out that he will not stay with any woman who gets sick and needs help. I think he is shallow as can be and he irritates me like that. I have Aquarius Rising, but strong Plutonian tendencies make me more loyal. I would never run off if my husband got sick. But as I said, my dad did this to my mother and I had told him that mom had had a mental snap and needed care, but he didn’t listen. Until mid 2013, when I told dad it was time to take mom back to get her help. My husband and I drove from Florida to Kentucky to get her back to a place she had to be. My dad told me to tell them that he was not associated with her. PISSED ME OFF! But we got it done. So, don’t trust an Aquarius/Sagittarius to take care of you if you get sick. They run like a jack rabbit!

    1. You are right, the essence of Aqua is not trust-worthy, whether you call it detachment or running, it is the same thing.
      I have Sun and Moon in Aqua and when I was a kid I was very attached to some people around me. As I grew up those people somehow left and I took pretty bad. All I want to do myself is leave but I am never able to do that, I am tied either emotionally or financially.
      My sister with Gemini Sun and Aqua Rising left me and mom after dad died and I imagine she is pretty happy. What happened afterward was hell. I am not saying most Aquas are abandoned in their childhood and this is an excuse for them being dicks in adulthood, but for me, running away would be heaven and I would have no remorse. Being left behind sucks!
      I also think people with no Pluto energy do not get huge Pluto transits, related to the original poster’s question. If you are getting a major Pluto transit then you are familiar to the energy somehow, you should dig deeper.

      1. Yes, Geminis are not big on loyalty either and I am convinced that people who don’t have much Pluto just don’t understand or get it. They are out there asking, “What is the big deal about Scorpios/Plutonians?” I just hope they don’t get mixed up with one for their sake. I read Linda Goodman’s Love Signs and I laughed at what she said about those kinds. She told them to RUN like King Kong was chasing them. But yes, it is awful to be abandoned. I have deep fears of it due to losses in my youth. I have to keep a mantra that says, “Whatever happens is going to happen and I can do nothing but deal with it as it happens.” That helps me through my panic attacks. I always thought of the abandonment was due to Pluto’s urge to purge things from your life and that includes people. Sometimes the abandonment comes in the form of deaths around you and you learn right fast that nothing is forever and what is going great one minute can crash and burn the next. Yes, it does suck and it feels like you must always be on guard, waiting for the next big crisis. I have often said that my parents picked the worst time to create me, but then Pluto tells me that I have my purpose and reason for being in this world. That is another mantra I use.

    2. Your post made me think of when i broke my bones and was unable to do the tasks i normally do for a time. Then my husband who has a sagittarius stellium did everything cooking and shopping but mostly ordering food delivery and shopping online. But maybe he likes the work. After all he is virgo dominant. I am too. I sometimes feel suffocated with my elderly parents. Because they are so mean and cheap and sometimes horrible to be around. I end up crying sometimes. We even support them financially because they are so bad with money.

      My mother can be a huge hoarder. Taurus rising with scorpio stellium.Not just in material goods but money hiding and she can hide thousands under her bed and lose where she puts it. but then splurge on expensive shoes and name brand purses and lots of jewelry. They both dont think of the future and their retirement. She has libra sun with capricorn moon so i can see her hard work when she was younger. My father was a gambler. Big no no. But theres his capricorn mars that keeps up with the mortgage and bills for their home. But they cant afford a caretaker so we do it for them. I always feel bad because i want to give them a nice garden and a huge aquarium tank in their home. They love aquariums. My mom is blind though so maybe a nice music room. Right now all we can do is hire cleaning services and caretaking and buy delicious food sent to them.

      1. omgosh i just read dana reeve died of lung cancer after her husband’s death. due to working in smoky lounge bars (2nd hand smoke influence) 🙁
        i had to go look up her chart too, and do some reading: pisces sun, aries moon, cancer mars/aries venus jupiter aquarius.
        anyway i dont think personally geminis or aquarius will jolt and run,it really is dependent on the person. but i was shocked about the scorpio sun/ scorpio stellium in 8th house comments about dana. despite how my mother is, so difficult, she always said, indirectly you never leave family or loved ones but i do carry the 8th house curse. My sister has 12th house moon taurus, so its really interesting how we see our mother. also, its kind of unheard of, to leave when a spouse is in that condition. Unless he is a drunk /alcholic, cruel, psychopathic beating you up in the past, but even then… not even my mother would leave.

        i was reading recently in the news about some woman who put her boyfriend in the luggage /trunk and left him there to die, and still stayed with him after the abuse and she took revenge when they were drunk or on drugs and she would scream (which was found on a recording) that he got what he deserved for all the bad things he did to her. He ended up dying in the luggage. in that condition, she stayed? for revenge?

  5. Depending on the Pluto transit, certain things are called for. Delving inside, letting go of things, surrendering. Therapy, meditation. Don’t want to be prescriptive but when you’re in it you go day by day and find what you’re supposed to do. I don’t deal with Saturn energy that well so it’s not always easy but understand this transit as a growth opportunity

  6. I came to think of the animation picture Mulan. When she is in military camp and climbs up the pole with her hands tied together, using the heavy weights as staying power, heaving herself upward.

    That’s heavy energy to me, and learning how to work with it.

    Also: Air signs have a mental approach to emotions. They are not great at deep feelings and/or pain. They have to intellectualize it.

  7. Lol so, it is uncanny that Gemini gets such a bad wrap. However how do you explain all these Geminis:

    Pres. Donald Trump,
    VP Mike Pence,
    Attorney General William Barr,
    personal lawyers
    Rudy Guliani and
    Jay Sekulo
    George Bush senior,
    Newt Gingrich
    John F. Kennedy
    I’m sure there are many more,
    All Gemini’s.
    I’d love it if you could weigh in on this uncanny coincidence

    1. As I understand it, Pluto kills off the negative expression of the planet it is transiting. With that present understanding, I’d say there is something to let go.

      My natal chart is far from Pluto free. I am now undergoing the long drawn out opposition to Venus in Cancer. I am not sure about this. It means there is also a sextile to Mars and a sextile to natal Saturn going on. I am good with that to power through it. However I don’t want to be carrying an unnecessary load of bricks in my backpack either.

      I still find myself caring too much sometimes. I get hopeful but a losing situation is a losing situation and enabling it to continue is not necessarily helping anyone or anything. It’s like I get baited with that crumb of hope that is so craftily fed to me at the right moment. Why put myself through all that. I suppose seeing how I get worked over is something.

      That is really all that I see so far, but the transit is young yet. Darn it!

      1. Nancy Grady, I did not mean to hook my comment to yours, makes no sense. Mercury rx shadow? I have been experiencing it like crazy everywhere around me. And now maybe I’ve been sucked into it. Yegads.

    2. Not the most comprehensive of people. I really think they believe their own schtick. It’s all they know. I work with a Gemini. Anything she tells me will be wrong. I know this now so I have to double check every thing. It’s almost like she has to pretend that she knows everything. Like if she comes off as ‘I don’t know’ something really bad will happen. She does know all the dirt on people though. So maybe hers is a focus problem.

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