Friction Between Libra & Capricorn

Zodiac Ashtray oldI mentioned my Libra people-pleasing in one of my newsletters. With Mars in Libra, I desire to be social. I do try to extend myself.  In fact, I am entirely willing to stick my neck, way, way out… but there is a limit. There is a line.

I have quite a bit of Capricorn too.  The Saturn influence provides me with a spine and pressure to follow certain rules (if I want to fare okay in life).  These energies check each other.

I allow myself to behave in a superficial way… to play nice. But not at the cost of my integrity.
I can and will compromise, readily. But not if it means I have to lie.

This is a constant battle for me. Mars, right?  But I’m glad I have the problem. I wouldn’t want to be wishy-washy-spineless, nor would I want to be a control-freak, boundary, walkin’.

Do you have a Libra / Capricorn conflict in your chart? How do you deal with it?

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  1. I do have this, Elsa. I have Mars at 4 degrees of Libra (three other Libra planets but will not discuss here) and Mercury in conjunction with Chiron at 2 degrees Capricorn. I have been accused of being a people pleaser at times and inflexible at other times. As a people pleaser I don’t like being accused of ever being inflexible, so there is often a painful, internal conflict. If I’ve found any success in navigating this it is to keep my social circle relatively small and include people who either know me well or who I need in my life (specifically my children, sisters and brothers).

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    Lynda Connelly

    I have Jupiter at 23 degrees Capricorn 2nd house and 23 degrees Libra sun in the 11th. Not always fun.

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    James Slattery

    Having Saturn in Capricorn 10th square a north node in Libra 7th, I identify with this! Tact comes with having your own business but you can’t let clients step all over you! Haha.

  4. Although my soft Cancer rising and Libra Sun / Mercury has made for a lot of people pleasing, I have a strong Scorpio signature that has counteracted it.  No planets in Capricorn though late Cappie descendant contributed to my first common law being 10 years older – *I was 17.

    Also the progressed chart:  Venus into Cap 2009, Mars 2015, Mercury 2016.  My back bone has been getting stronger and stronger.   I have especially noted Mars’ exaltation in Cap.  I do not find the times to be easy that is for sure, and I am becoming more motivated to create quality experience this lifetime.   With progressed Virgo Ascendant service is showing up as the message – Capricorn is helping me understand boundaries.   I feel like a late bloomer in this regard. 

  5. Interesting question. I have a Capricorn moon and Capricorn Asc. My son is fully charged Libra so the conflict weighs in my lifetime as a mother being protective and prone to need structure yet so influenced by Jupiter and Venus in Sag and Uranus tweaking all that legacy/structure in the 8th House. My son has Virgo Libra massively. My life of learning boundaries, and moving often to learn how they work has probably been a trip for my son.
    What’s gratifying at this stage of life is to see the Libra Sun with his son, a Sagittarius.

  6. Very interesting. Libra 6H, Capricorn 10H placidus (which I find accurate).
    I have an almost empty libra, if you discount Vesta and Vertex. Neptune in capricorn 9H but too far away to make any aspect to those in libra. The MC though. Trine my NN in Taurus 1H. I’m a hardworking person, I persevere and find ways when most would have already just quit several times. I find people-pleasing a necessity for survival in the workplace, primarily because I’m given no authority over anyone, secondly because I find myself considered below bosses’ bootlickers. I have that Saturn in 7th opposed mars in the first.
    One time I found Vertex seems to be conj by 1degree to an infernal asteroid called Sado. They square MC by 3 or 4 degrees, if that counts for anything. Sadistic coworkers? Check. Having to put up with their bulletin because otherwise I am “being dramatic”? check. What I do now? I say hello then I say..
    talk to the hand! ? I’m always having to be very VERY aware of gossip around me. That which involves my name, I dont care, my work speaks the truth for me. But the work ethic, I can’t slip or ill be crucified. Been there. Innocent comments or plain venting on a rough day turned into big BIG troubles…

    1. So sorry that working life is so unpleasant for you. I am not an astrologer, it’s an ongoing interest, but I can see that Mars opp Saturn in 7th could be problematic.
      I would get an astrology reading for insight on how you can deal with others in the workplace and elsewhere- you have the right to make a living, and feel comfortable and not on high alert dodging bullets.

  7. He. People pleasing is also a kind of disguise for manipulating others and have the control for fear and shame of expressing own needs.

    I think there is a constant battle between Libra/Capricorn. Or maybe that’s my Cap Mars speaking which is square natal Libra Moon in the 8th house LOL.

    FOR ME though, I have sought to people please, just because I was afraid of expressing my own needs, due to fears of rejection of same needs. Saturn and Pluto is conjunct in Libra 8H as well, but they have been my shadow for many years. Fear of abandonment, fear of rejection. So, instead I used pleasing and tried to control people into changing to my needs instead of owning my own needs.

    When I realized, I had been rejecting those needs already for many many years, I could finally start healing by 1 – to allow myself to feel them and 2 – practice experiencing and expressing them.

    1. I feel what you wrote here about your Saturn Pluto conjunction (I have it too, in Leo 8 H). With Venus and Mars parked on that conjunction that “allowing myself to feel the rejection” and then … practice experiencing and expressing them” is at such a peak moment! All that opposing transiting Pluto in my 1st House. Wow. What an insite thanks so much, Anette

  8. I don’t have an outright square (too many degrees separation) but I do have pluto in LIbra and MC/Venus in Capricorn. I can’t seem to figure out when people are being manipulative behind my back

  9. Libra sun conj Pluto and Mercury, Capricorn rising, and Saturn in my 7th house Leo. ?

    It often surprises people when they meet the Capricorn/Saturn part. Throw Pluto into the mix and well…

    It’s like walking into the ocean at the beach and finding that it drops off into deep waters 10 ft out. There should be warning signs hahaha

  10. Just had to share re: yesterday & today’s newsletter topic:)I have Mars in Libra conjunct my Libra Asc., opposing Mars in 7th Aries Moon. The whole Pluto show that has been dancing across Elsa’s asc. has been squaring all this:) Today I was on a local road that has 4 lanes, 2 each direction. I was turning left across 2 lanes. The right oncoming lane had about 4 cars a decent way off, the left was empty. As I pulled across the left lane, a Lexus jerked around the first oncoming car, horn blaring, accelerating into the left lane I was crossing. Of course he saw me, the rest of the road was empty. When he did, he aimed at me & accelerated, floored it. He was looking right at me. I hit the gas & he just missed (not sure how), the back of my vehicle. Not sure if my Mars had anything to do with this(!) I wasn’t stressed or whatever, just running errands:) I noticed that, while not as extreme, all the way home, people on the road just seemed angry & moving inordinately fast…:):)

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    My only Libra planet is a very significant one Mercury in the 1st house.
    I try to be accommodating. A people pleaser yes. I can charm the birds from the trees. I like to make people feel good. Feel valued. I like for them to know someone who recognizes the good in them.(North Node in Leo in 11th).
    I find Capricorns to abrupt and abrasive sometimes. But I know its just their way. Grounded, practical, all business. (Soft hearts tho).
    But who am I to talk
    My airy Libra tongue can be quite scathing in a calm and gentle way when angry. But I do always try to be just. My Virgo Sun demands it.

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