Interpretation of Mercury In Scorpio

I’ve been called lots of things, but if pressed to make a top five you would see succinctpithylaconic, the occasional terse. One smart ass decided I was breviloquent even.

These are all expressions of my Mercury in Scorpio.  I’m going to skip a bunch of the usual crap about how Mercury in Scorpio is probing, how their words have the power to hurt or heal, how they have a mind for occult subjects and solving mysteries…blah, blah, blah and get to my point. Mercury in Scorpio doesn’t particularly want to talk to you.

This doesn’t mean they don’t desire to communicate with you. On the contrary, Mercury in Scorpio is a master of wordless communication.  This watery mercury is adept at reading vibes and returning the message with subtle facial expressions and body language. I have even known a few that can encode secret transmissions in pheromones.  If you have this placement you probably enjoyed the movie Inception but were puzzled as to why they had to be asleep to do it.

So, to people who operate mainly on the chit-chat channel, this comes across as dead air.  But for those who like to tune in to a wider range of frequencies, Mercury in Scorpio offers some rich programming.

Pictured: Buster Keaton with his Mercury in Scorpio

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  1. 🙂 so very interesting…mercury in scorpio, and sun sign, w venus/moon in libra–i want to share the soul but in regards to love, not everything comes out right…

  2. Very interesting. My daughter has Mercury in Pisces, and she is adept at swimming around elegantly using her feelers. I get this at a distance… my Mercury/Mars/Jupiter conjunct in Sag. is not always comfortable with this kind of communication… then with the Neptune/Venus in Scorp… When I’m distressed about something, I’m especially determined to get everybody’s cards on the table and have it out. Which is hard to manage when you’re in an aquarium full of mirrors and the fishies have already decided to hide in the little diving man.

  3. I’ve got mercury in cancer, my 1st house, and conjunct mars & asc. Just show me, actions speak about 10x’s louder than words to me.

    Nota, your ability to be concise, yet pack tons of meaning into what you write, is just one of the reasons I truly enjoy reading what you write. I’ve yet to read something you’ve written on the blog that didn’t resonate with me. That was the deciding factor when I signed up for the beginners class next week, I do look forward to what you have to say.

    My mercury conjunct mars also enjoys Elsa’s ability to tell it how it is.

  4. Wow, this totally resonates with me! Mercury scorpio conjunct pluto here. Sometimes i’m so overwhelmed with all the different frequencies of communication that i loose track of the meanings in plain, spoken english.
    I also struggle with the concept of “logic” because so much of what I collect is not “logical”. It is a “feeling”. So it can be very difficult for me to actually explain my thought processes, or how i come to a certain conclusion to someone who has, say, mercury sagittarius conjunct sun.
    One of my main struggles in life is to learn to tune out of all those frequencies and to just take in the plain, spoken english (It’s also true the other way around). Sometimes, what you see IS what you get!

  5. Mena, little diving man, ha! love it.

    music4am, thanks! Also looking forward to the class. We are putting the finishing touches on the first post as we speak.

  6. I’m a late degree Gemini with moon, venus and mercury conjunct in early degrees of Gemini exactly square Pluto and Mars conjunct in Virgo. I’d rather write than talk, act than explain, hang out with one person versus attending parties. Can’t stand small talk, and have been known to walk out in mid-conversation rather than continue listening to/speaking with someone I find dull. I’m very rude but my Libra rising hides the worst of it from others. People have described me as charming, enthusiastic, passionate and articulate. You can get away with almost anything provided you have dimples. LOL.

  7. Mmmm mm, love this, Nota!!

    Mercury is part of my Scorpio stellium. I can be a rather quiet Sag. Haha one of my favorite replies when someone says “I feel you,” as to agree with what I’m saying is… “No you don’t.” I love and really value that unspoken communication in my relationships. It’s no wonder that Mercury rules my DC. (Gemini)

    Sometimes you can say so much more with no words. Takes skill, though.

    Good write 🙂 Keep it up!

  8. mercury in taurus doesn’t want to talk much, either… ore interested in smelling the roses and admiring the sunset, so if you’re gonna’ interrupt, it better be good, 😉

  9. I had to come revisit this post because I just realized it explains something I do that has always wierded me out. When I am repeating a conversation I had with someone, I am constantly ‘adding’ to their words. I have felt guilty about it, like I’m exaggerating or being dishonest- but, the reality is that I naturally ‘read between’ the lines. What I’ve ‘added’ is what I was really ‘hearing’ (although nonverbally). Wierd, huh?!

  10. I just wanted to tell you how valuable this bit of info is to me in a different way – I have Mercury in Libra and Gemini on the 3rd house cusp. I can sometimes enjoy being a chatterbox. I’ve spent this past year with a Libra Sun guy who I adore, but he rarely says much verbally, and I wasn’t sure what sign his Mercury might have been, but suspected it was Scorpio. I know he can read me when we’re quiet, and I can read that as I have some Scorpio. I used to be uncomfortable with it because it was so intense, which would make HIM uncomfortable. I finally came across him after 2 months of not seeing him around, sat quietly with him for about 2 hours, and had the best time ever with him. In fact, he begged me to hang out again when we had to split ways. 🙂

  11. My partner has this placement. And you’re right – communication without words indeed. Part of what I find very very attractive about him.

  12. Its true that it can come across as dead air to some mercuries. mercury in scorpio. I feel bad for someone who tries to just shoot the shit with me because its so unnatural for me and they are kind of left twisting in the wind. Ive found that just smiling kind of makes them more comfortable but thats as much as i can muster.

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