Observing Scorpio In Nature

llama on Helping People Deal With Loss and Trauma

“Wow… I have Pluto Moon opposite…. and it is so validating to read this. I really dislike social functions like this, because it is exactly as you describe – all this stuff going on that you are not allowed to talk about. And all these undercurrents in myself too, that are hard to ignore. I have to remind myself that the icky parts are only a part of people (and me), there are other parts, too. Thanks for giving voice to something that is hard to give voice to.”

llama, I think this is one of the reasons Scorpio stands on the periphery of a room, generally with their back to the wall. It is said they want to scan the room and this is true but also don’t want someone sneaking up, expecting to converse for Godsakes!

Who can relate?

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  1. I can relate.
    Scorp Moon 7th.
    8th Neptune.

    But I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut (Merc conjunct Mars Aqua and Jup 1st house) about those things you aren’t “supposed” to talk about. But I get better and better with this. I think the real power with Scorpio is what you *don’t* say.

    So yeah, I keep my back to the wall so I can eye the room. It seems like whoever can deal with the Scorpy-ness approaches me.

    Either that or people who somehow want to be jolted. I love to jolt every once in a while.

  2. Sort of… I have no problem voicing it, though. I’m simply not supposed to, lest I be crucified at the next forced social function in the name of good (everyone but me) vs evil (me).

    …for the record, I don’t see myself as anything in particular. That’s just what it seems like when I talk out of anything but a fake Libra-ASC smile.

  3. Scorpio moon and ascendant, 8th house Venus. I greatly prefer to be in a corner observing the room. At parties and social events you can usually find me set up doing tarot readings so I can socialize at my own pace one on one. That makes my Gemini sun and Scorpio moon both happy.

    Sun is in the 7th so if I’m at a restaurant with a partner who also prefers the back to the wall seating I will try to situate us so that we are both comfortable and when that’s not possible I usually defer to my partner’s preference.

  4. My best friend has Pluto conjunct her ascendant. She constantly mentions dealing with dark, powerful inner feelings which she doesn’t much bring up, but at the same time she’s extremely social. She’ll be the first to talk to anyone. Maybe it’s the Libra rising.

  5. Ilama wrote perfectly what I wanted to say, thank you Ilama.

    I can very much relate. Scorpio Sun conjunct Pluto and the rest of my stellium in the 8th square my poor moon (who seems to be ganged up on)

    I really like being against wall observing everything. I really dont like it if Im in a position at a table or place where my back is to the scene, however lupa made me laugh, I Libra myself and I will accomadate.

    I like talking about the taboo & undertones but I rarely do because people usually run off in the other direction or just cant handle it, hence why I love this blog so much. Elsa is master at bring this stuff to the forefront and im grateful this. Thankyou

  6. Ha! Okay, I can cop to this, too, except most of the time it’s not the undercurrents that get me. It’s because I detest superficial chitter-chat and the older I get the less tolerant of it I become. It’s already to the point that an hour of it drains me to where I need at least an equal amount of deep, fulfilling conversation or a full day of quiet to recover. And I’m only 30! *lol*

    Pluto hits everything in my chart and chart-ruler Moon is in 8th.
    Strangely, sitting with my back to the room doesn’t bother me. I think it’s because you’d have to be one dumb sumbitch to fuck with me. 😉

  7. I have scorpio friend am a male and she id a female and
    We used to fight a lot but she kept saying she is going to delete me and block me but it is hard for her to do so why is this so hard to do so

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