What Rules A Person’s Primal Needs in Astrology?

Dear Elsa,

Which part of our chart contains our most primal, basic needs? Is it one house over another, one planet over another?

For instance, in my healing from my break-up over the past year, it has occurred to me that my ex had a primal need to be chased–but I was oblivious to it. Or maybe I’m just projecting. In either case…I have been wondering about this, as it relates to my own chart, and most certainly to others.

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Good question. I would give it to the Moon and the 4th house in the chart but it’s a complex question probably because the word, “primal” is so provocative. But basic needs / your tribe / food / shelter? That’s the Moon.

Anyone else?

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  1. 4th house in Gemini. Moon in Leo.

    Yes, I need mental stimulation, but then so do a lot of other smart people. So I don’t know if it’s my chart or just a coincidence.

    I also need a lot of attention, more than others. That’s definitely my Moon in Leo!

    When I think primal (sexual, survival) I think the 4th house also.

    I guess since Cancers rule emotions and is the first (primal) water sign, then I guess the 4th house might rule your emotional needs.

  2. Leo moon, 2nd house. I need to be the center of someone’s attention in a relationship. And I need humor. Quips, dry wit, intelligent flirting.

  3. It sounds like the question was about desires of a love/sex nature, which I believe to be Mars.
    I think Mars needs are primal in their own way, but I see the physical side of being a human equally as important as emotional..keeping in with my thoughts of unity between mind/body/spirit

  4. after the Moon factor I’d guess one of the answers would include individual emphasis -whatever screams for attention in one’s chart. My 8th house is full and heavily aspected: shedding, metamorphosis & intense sharing are def. some of my primal needs.

    It’s funny the first 4 responders mention Fire (2 Leo Moons and if I remember right Kashmiri has Aries Mars as I + a Fire Moon too). Maybe the urgency of needs is more immediate to fire?

  5. My Aries sun HATES that my Cap Moon requires stability. I freak out when my life hops on the tilt-a-whirl, and yet I can’t make it stop hopping!

    The gods are laughing at me… My husband is also Aries, but with a Cancer Moon. My kids? Both Venus-ruled, and with Aquarius and Gemini Moons. See? Gods laughing!

  6. Hey seekingzen…I can just imagine that Cap Moon tutting away as you get caught up in Arien adventures and challenges.. putting yourself on an edge the Cap Moon won’t like.. or having that happen for you!Your kids sound cute! Hah..my husband is Aries with Cancer Moon too! His most basic need is FOOOOOODD! Also a lil mothering..

  7. The Ruling Planet that governs sexual desires is that of the love goddess Venus. If it is highly visible and aligned to your Zodiac or any of your moons, then your sexual libido is at its height.

  8. Primal instinctual needs all fall under the moon. I like to think of the moon as representing the parasympathetic nervous system which governs all the bodily functions associated with relaxing. It is the key planet for me in synastry b/c it indicates the potential for deep emotional intimacy, trust, and security. It’s the potential to return to the positive feeling of attachment with one’s mother.

    4th to me is different. It represents one’s roots, one’s ancestral legacy, one’s home environment, so things like nationalism would fall under 4th. I’m not saying there’s no relation b/w the domains of 4th and the moon, but 4th does not reference mother-child intimacy and the ability for the mother figure to meet the child’s primal needs (or later as an adult, the ability to self-soothe).

  9. apologies! I meant “and I also have a Fire Moon (like the first 2)”. Anyway this perhaps irrelevant point was noticing that Fire were the first responders.

  10. oopse looks like my comment did not post. It was apologies to Kashmiri. I should have placed a period after “Aries Mars as I”. and then wrote “Plus I have a Fire Moon like the first two”.
    Anyway that one point was about noticing that Fire were the first responders.

  11. Lynne, the kids are PAINFULLY cute! As in, they do something and it just clutches at our hearts! One is Taurus Sun & Asc. w/ Aquarius Moon, the other is Libra w/ Sadge Asc. and Gemini Moon. Me with my Virgo rising… Well, we make a rather oddball family. And holy crap do they stress me out! The kids and the hubby all go bouncing about without a care while I’m a bundle of nerves calling out, “Be careful!”

    And you know… They’re NEVER careful!!

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