Interpreting Asteroids In Your Natal Chart

asteroids dark backgroundAre you interested in the understanding the meaning of the asteroids in your chart? Our resident asteroid expert, satori, has this to say about our new report:

“It’s a lot to chew on, but surprisingly, not too much.  It adds exquisite detail and color to a natal chart interpretation.  It enhances understanding of the already rich natal chart.  And it would provide food for thought over time.”

Your report will include a full interpretation of twelve major asteroids in the horoscope: Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Astraea, Iris, Hygiea, Proserpina, Diana, Apollo, Bacchus and Hephaistos. Hekate, and Flora. A bonus chapter on Chiron is also included.

Your report will also cover the aspects between these heavenly bodies and your natal planets as well as aspects between the asteroids themselves. Aspects to the Lunar Nodes, Black Moon Lilith, the Ascendant and the Midheaven will also be included.

If you’re interesting in delving into this area of astrology, this will report will serve you well. The report is approximately 30 pages long.  It’s printable and phone-friendly. See a sample report here.

Get your personalized report now – Deluxe Asteroid Report.
I offer quick delivery! Usually within an hour, unless I’m asleep!

22 thoughts on “Interpreting Asteroids In Your Natal Chart”

  1. I got mine last night. Thank you, Elsa! I did a quick skim but will enjoy reading it fully. I have to say, the Vesta in Pisces description totally nailed it. That’s me, alright!

  2. Stacks of information, which I’ve found really accurate. I don’t think anyone reading this will be disappointed!!

    Excellent value @Elsa. Thanks so much for offering such a comprehensive & useful report at this low price =)

  3. I can also attest…this is an awesome report. I just got done reading it and I feel like a huge vault of astrological gold has opened for me.

  4. joining in- this is a great report- fun and interesting!
    oddly I find this information to be a very sensible practical way HOW to
    master natal chart energies. especially how to solve problems.
    Thank you Elsa!!! 🙂

  5. Asteroid “Jayne” (yes, there is an asteroid named Jayne) is conjunct my Uranus in my 7th House. I am a Libra Sun with an Aquarius ASC. Yes, my folks did select the correct name for me! Thank you, Elsa and Satori!

    1. Jayne: you inspired me to look up the asteroid of my name too. 🙂 Funny enough, my AC is 13 Aqu and my name-asteroid is at 15 Aqu. (and it’s not a common female name.) Kind of neat to see it right there on my natal chart!!

  6. My daughter’s name is Rachel Marie. Asteroid “RachelMarie” and her natal Mercury are exactly conjunct my NN in my Libra 8th House! Throughout her life, Rachel’s mercurial gifts have always brightened my life; any situation + “RachelMarie” = instant party!

  7. This Capricorn is VERY pleased and satisfied about getting her money’s worth out of this report 😉 and Aqua Rising is going “oooo….fascinating stuff, I want to absorb all this knowledge, let’s read it again.” Thank you Elsa!!

  8. Dear Elsa, it’s a good idea to think about some of the Asteroids. In my life Astraea is playing a very important role. But informations about Astraea in the internet are thin and I haven’t found special astrology literature about Astraea. I wish you all the best the next years with your Pluto in 12 House. I know the “fun” with it, because I have Pluto in my 12 House Virgo with a trine Saturn conjunct Astraea both in Capricorn and a Pluto square Mars in Sagittarius. My result: Give a f*** to the today society and believe in yourself, your dreams, the truth and humanity. Love, Micha

  9. I love the asteroids and I think that they are pretty underrated. My favorites are Ceres and Pallas. In my opinion Ceres rules Virgo and Pallas rules Libra. ?

  10. What was interesting when I got mine was that most of the asteroids appeared in already occupied houses adding more weight to those spheres of life. Fascinating.

  11. Haven’t checked out asteroids in a while. Reducing the orbs to 10% (because I am harsh and ungenerous with asteroids, they need to toughen up, well except the 5 big ones) and only looked at conjunctions..there is asteroid charisma on my midheaven exact??but it;s retrograde, just like my life. ?

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