How Can I Please A Man With His Moon in Aries?

PeleYou walk swiftly up the slopes of the volcano you call home. Your feet, strong and practiced, easily navigate the rough pumice on your path. A hot, wild wind howls across the crater, whipping your flaming locks across your face. Movement in a nearby crevasse catches your eye. You look and see a timid young ram regarding you cautiously. “Well,” you say, looking at him plainly, “you came here for a reason. Out with it.”

The Moon in Aries may be simple and straightforward, but it takes more to catch their eye than red clothes and a fast car (though that never hurts). Aries Moon men crave action, independence, and a pioneering spirit. They want a partner who lives their own life and can keep them on their toes. They crave, in a word, fire.

The Moon in Aries is no reserved homemaker, and a man with this placement will not expect you to be. This Moon is a firebrand, wild and bold, favoring action over emotion, passion over softness, fire over water. Men with this placement are strong, active movers and shakers with no patience for indecision, nuance, and endless discussion. They would far rather be planting their flag on Kilauea than snuggling on the couch. If you want to catch one, I suggest you get your climbing gear.

The Moon in Aries loves a challenge. Nothing gets their blood flowing quite like the thrill of the chase. If you’ve got your eye on a man like this, the worst thing you can do is be too available. Moon in Aries men are complete unto themselves, and they expect the same of their partners. The best way to pique their interest is to have your own life, your own friends, your own ego, and your own adventures, all full and robust before they get there. They are attracted to fierce independence and self-reliance, and want to know that their partners won’t rely on them to complete their life. You and an Aries Moon man can complement each other, but never merge. You will always be two individual trains running on parallel tracks.

A man with the Moon in Aries is plain and simple emotionally, preferring not to delve into unnecessary details. They would rather yell through their problems than sit on a therapist’s couch analyzing the past. They don’t want a shoulder to cry on so much as an arm to shake them from their self-pity and push them forward once again. And if you are down, expect the same. If someone has wronged you, they will fight to the death to avenge you, but if you’re simply wallowing, expect them to withdraw impatiently until you’re back to normal. As far as an Aries Moon is concerned, your emotional well-being is your own responsibility. On the plus side, these men won’t bat an eye if you lose your cool and launch the nearest object across the room. They get it. They’ve been there.

These natives, no matter their Sun sign, are looking for a partner who sparks their soul, whose fire can match their own inner inferno. They are looking for their personal Pele, a partner who is powerful, fiery, and who belongs to themselves first and to their partner second. They need passion, strength, and a will strong enough to match their own.

If this sounds like you, prepare yourself for years of passion, locked horns, and rousing battles. Men with the moon in Aries may not always be able to provide their partners with the sweetness and sensitivity they need, but they are always up for an adventure. They may not remember every milestone or anniversary, but they will sweep you off your feet in a wave of passion and make sure the flames between you never go out. They will build a life of two equals, working separately to create something that is bigger than you both. With shared goals and passion to match, there is no limit to where you can go, as individuals together.

Have you dated a man with the Moon in Aries? Share your insights!

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  1. I can’t say I have.
    And from your description I think we would be a horrible match LOL! (Hello Libra Moon in 8th house). But one thing he would teach me is this: To express my anger and most of all OWN it.

    My Mars is buried in the 12th, and thus it can be really hard to express my anger – or even know when and if I am angry! The transcendence of angry feelings from a Neptune house can be a real pain in the butt sometimes, because you become the victim, first from another’s anger and then your own because their anger victimized you.

    1. Can identify with what you’ve said as my husband and my son (5 y.o.) both have Mars in their 12th. Anger is suppressed and denied until it erupts seemingly from no where. There’s that whole “I’m a victim scenario” as you so aptly pointed out.

    1. I’ve noticed that men with planets in the first house also like women in short, short garments. Sort of Tomboy style, bikini and all. The sportier the look the better. Unfortunately, although I have legs, I’m not partial to anything above the knees. Sporty is also not my aesthetic.

  2. My mother had the moon in Aries. She did not want fire, she supplied that.

    She wanted someone to sweep up after she had burned the place down.

    1. My mother is an Aries Moon and so am I. But she’s a Pisces and I’m an Aries so it’s taken us a long time for us to see just how similar we are emotionally.

  3. I dated an Aries Sun man for a very short time. He was very self-oriented but built like a gladiator! lol. In addition, he did not possess the commitment “teeth” required of this Libra Sun woman. Polar relationship opposites.

  4. My guyfriend has his Aries in moon and we have the correct birth time aswell as I made him look it up on his birth certificate. He is not as described in this article. Because this article does not include the most important factors that influence ones moon etc. and thats what Aspects the moon does and which house the moon is placed in etc.

    My friend has his moon in first house, Aries square Mars, and STILL he is not this firy n adventorous type described in the article. He is very calm and a real house cat.

    Can it be because his Aries moon also is square Neptune? And Opposite Venus? And square, Saturn. Sextile Chiron… One has to include thise or else one reads thise Moon in this sign or that sign and often will feel its wrong..

    1. Hmmm. I’m sure it also has a lot to do with his other placements as well. I dated a Pisces with an Aries moon. Quite the homebody and a lover of naps…so yeah, a house cat basically. But man, once I got to really know them… talk about passion with emotions, but in the most simplistic ways. They are cut/dry and please do not hound them with the details. Even a Fishy Aries moon might not be the most adventurous person…but that might be the kind of partner they need to challenge them and spark their soul. Goodness knows I am fiery, ambitious, and relentlessly independent. All their favorite qualities about me. 🙂

  5. I’m married to one. This sounds pretty accurate. We’ve been together almost 20 years. I’m pretty sure he’s been with me this long because he respects me and feels challenged by me. I’m Aries rising with Sun/Venus in Gemini with an Aquarius moon. I am my own person and I’m with him because I want to be not because I need him. ☺️ This man has boundless energy. Brace yourselves. ?

  6. I have a stalker with Moon in Aries, conjoining Mercury: I can’t stand the psycho and his smear campaigns against me. I rejected him decades ago, which was my right to do so but his Aries Sun/Chiron conjunction didn’t take it very well. Moon in Aries gives me the shudders. I am thrilled with Pluto and Saturn moving in on that Aries Moon of his and hope he will F.Off forever!

    Pffffff really needed to get that one off of my chest. Ugh.

    1. TR Pluto and TR Saturn conjunct his Aries Moon signifies impending trouble with assertive/action oriented women. He will experience crisis and a reorientation in his relationships with such women.

      1. The transit Pluto/Saturn is moving into a square to his Moon Mercury into the 11th house.
        I never had a relationship with the guy nor was it ever an option. He just wasn’t my type.

        He used my name and profile trying to become one of the big boys and targeted me to boost his ego and social standing, without realizing I might reject him. Which I did.

        Up until today he keeps telling people he is my ex and based on his as a lower rang police officer work keeps creating an tremendous amount of legal troubles I have to brush off all the time.

        Which I can (thank god for that) because I am not the person he’s selling me for. But I didn’t know he was the one creating all the trouble and turned him in to his “fellow” officers a year ago. The took it serious and now his hands are tide.

        But he is extremely obsessive with me so I also worry about the Pluto pressure which is building and Aries Sun/ Moon people became a red flag for me within certain charts. The me, me, me level can seriously be off limits.

        In the end what he did, presenting his self as my ex, is just an identity theft.

        I call him my wannabe ex. But he’s truly creepy and took it really far. Ugh!

          1. That’s understandable. Hope you find the resolution you seek. Gotta to look to see how TR and Ps will affect your chart to know how this will pan out, or maybe a horary.

            Moon Merc in Aries can be very “me-oriented” but they also know what they want and go for it. There’s no beating about the bush with them, unless their Moon Merc in Aries is harshly aspected by Neptune or Saturn. They probably would be more indirect then.

              1. I’d look to see if there is are any aspects between 10th ruler (authority) and Saturn (lord of time/karma) and AC ruler. Squares preferred for some punitive/remedial action. Look at dignities to see how this interaction goes down.

              2. Sorry for the late response I was working from a small phone outside of the house which didn’t give me a good oversight. He is quite indirect and passive-aggressive The stellium in Aries is intercepted and Mercury & the Moon only have 2 aspects: a sextile with Venus on top of his MC which was I Supposed to be as the trophy wife and a tight Quincunx to Pluto conjunction BML into the 5th which is the apex of a Yod configuration together with Venus Aquarius in a tight Quincux as well. Truly creepy and working underground.No other aspects.
                I think the interception, the lack of aspects and the Quincunx makes this such weird Aries Moon.
                I know many women with Aries Moons who are great outspoken people, who I like very much.
                He is the only man I know with an Aries Moon.
                Truly bad experience.

  7. My current SO is a Pisces with an Aries moon, cancer rising. He isn’t very active and prefers to stay home. Emotionally, he can be very difficult to deal with sometimes. He can be kind of emotionally impulsive. I don’t mind Aries placements but the whole not wanting to go out or do anything is just an odd thing to see when someone has such a fiery placement.

    1. I dare say his Aries Moon is in his 4th; Cancer-risings are cautious about new experiences/people and with chart ruler in the 4th, he would be a natural homebody. Saturn ruling the DC, tends to be very proper, if not reserved in 1-1 situations.

  8. anonymoushermit

    Moon in Aries. I always don’t gel well with Aries type, of any planet; Sun in Aries, Moon in Aries, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, etc, etc.

    It’s my Moon in Capricorn and humongous Libra stellium. I rub them the wrong way. Although I can respect their passion and assertiveness!

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