Libra Woman Having An Affair With A Married Scorpio Man

Hi there.

Ive been having an affair with a Scorpio ( married) man for five years. I am single. I am in love with him.

Although I can read that he feels for me too in actions, intensity and words, he doesn’t say anything. He rarely opens up. I am lira woman. Will he ever open up to me or should I start walking? I do love him.


Dear Mistress,

You are investing in a black hole with this man. I would not just start walking, I would keep walking and I would not look back!

He doesn’t say anything because most likely he doesn’t feel anything but aside from that, his silence puts him in a position to say that he never made you any promises, or whatever it is he plans to say, once you wake up from this stupor.

I think you have sex mixed up with love. This man’s words and actions make it clear, he has no intention of doing anything but having sex with you. You are being used.

I realize reading this is not likely to get you out of this, today, but I am going to leave it here, stark and concise, so your Libra (which can’t decide) can come back to this again and again for a reality check.

Get out and get out as soon as you can. Every day you spend in this “relationship” is a day you can never get back.

Good luck.
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32 thoughts on “Libra Woman Having An Affair With A Married Scorpio Man”

  1. Don’t wanna sound judgemental, but I never understood people who have affairs with married men and women. I get it, sometimes passion clouds our judgment, and we forget about consequences but after a time novelty wears of, and staying months and years in dead end relationships is pure waste of time. Your giving away your energy, emotions to someone who’s never gonna make you a priority. At the same time robbing yourself of opportunity to meet someone available.

  2. Being the one who had a cheating
    Spouse not sure I can afford you sympathy ,at least spare the other spouse phone calls and stalking
    That part ,of the end of my marriage
    Still troubling.
    Once a cheater always a cheater
    You understand he isn’t just cheating
    With you there are others he cheats
    With.sorry you sound very young.

  3. Oh and after my divorce,he dumped
    The one who was calling my house
    Late in the night.cheaters are dirty
    Dirty liars.sorry to be harsh

  4. Mistress,
    Did you ever, ever just once think of the wife? Even if she is a horrible person or whatever this Scorpio man says. She still is a person, part of the collective in our humanity. He chose her. I agree with Elsa end it, maybe at this point in your life not for you, not for him, but for her. Take the high road and be good to the collective, we are all part of it, including you.
    Aries Rising

    1. ooooohhhh bang on Marina. Says something about her doesn’t it? Its seemes to be all about HER feelings and HER needs and HER situation.
      I am so sorry she put herself in this situation.
      But I am staggered that she is considering loving a man who could be unfaithful to someone who puts her trust in him. Yuk!
      I’ve heard all the jive about Scorpio being one of the most faithful signs. I don’t think any sign is any more faithful than the other really.
      ..every Scorpio and every person is different. To be fair I don’t know the situation and so Ill leave it at that.

  5. Always remember this: the wife gets half his assets, legal protection, emotional ties through children, social status, and generally the support of his family. Thanks to you, she doesn’t even have to have sex with a cheater anymore!

    But he um, “likes” you better and tells you how great you are, how unlike her. See the focus is still on the wife? You are the least important person in this trio and get nothing but the privilege of servicing a man who can give you very little but some ego stroking.

    If you recognize what a bad deal this is, and focus on it, hopefully you can get out.

  6. A libran would never ‘start walking’ unless there was someone to move on to. But in this case, she really should.

  7. At this point (5 years on with a man who is not talking about his inner process) she is wasting precious time.

    Say she might want to have children one day, she might be giving this relationship (not fully a real one as they don’t live together and face life together in all aspects as partnered couples do) her best childbearing years.

    She might still have time for a family of her own if she wants one yet not with this time-waster man.

    Self-esteem is a valuable asset to have so if this woman is reading this, I’d suggest she looks at neptune in her chart and get herself some help (e.g. therapy plus the availability of a trusting reliable honest friend, etc.)

    She might be an older woman who likes the romance and sex that this relationship is providing her while she can still keep her independence.

    What does she really, really want from life?

    1. Neptune because of this unrealistic relationship and the pining for the unavailable one and possibly suffering (while self-sacrificing) in the process.

  8. Dear Mistress,
    I am a Libra woman who was married to a Scorpio man. Silence, you say? So much silence that even I, the wife, only years afterwards learned he had MANY mistresses at the same time. So he might be saying he’s with the wifey while cheating on YOU with yet another one!! I of course know how how hard it is especially for a Libra to leave a hypnotically convincing Scorpio, but you absolutely must save your sanity, dignity, and the few pieces left of your soul that he hasn’t defiled yet.Cry rivers if you must, but better leave him now. Now. (I know he will blackmail you back by all means possible but don’t fall into that trap ever again). Peace, sister, we are here for you. Wonderful group of evolved souls <3

  9. anonymoushermit

    Can’t judge her too harshly here. I almost had an affair with a married man once. He was bisexual (and I’m gay). Had it not been for him moving, I probably would have done it (had the affair). Then I thought about my early life, and wondered if it was all bad karma for something I did previously. Never had the thought to cheat again.

    It’s still wrong what she did, though.

    1. i was wondering what the scorpio man’s placements too. I bet he has Libra/Aquarius/Gemini to trine her Libra sun or something.
      or maybe have Aries energy too for opposite attracts.

      sometimes, the energies are too intensely magnetic and compelling. Maybe the Scorpio man is not getting what he “needs” from his relationship and should just have an “open” relationship. where the couple is going to make a deal to stay together but have outside relationship.

      i remember reading about Taurus sun, Gemini mars/Aquarius moon writer creator of Wonder Woman and how his biography of the making of wonder woman made me think how his first wife was OK with the 2nd woman living with them. So they had a love triangle and the first wife and domestic love of the Taurus man lived happily together. It was weird yes, but it happens.

      1. He prob has venus in Libra. A lot of Scorpios do and they’re often unfaithful. Speaking from experience here.

  10. You just about have to become a Scorpio yourself to sleuth someone that you want to have an affair with because you really don’t know what you are getting when just meeting a person. That Scorpio is a user and no doubt he has many other pieces on the side.

    If someone will cheat on their spouse. You can bet your life that they will cheat on you as well. It is like a person that hurts an animal for the sheer enjoyment of it, they wouldn’t think twice before doing that same torture to a human being.

    If you must find another so that you won’t be alone, do a background check, hire a PI if you have to, just make sure they are not married.

  11. Since her question is, “Will he ever open up to me, or..?”
    I don’t think anyone who hasn’t “opened up,” anything more than his zipper, in the last 5 years, has any reason to say a fucking word.

    Besides, if you have to ask such a question, … you already know the answer.

  12. Great Elsa advice, as usual and no roundabout fiddle-faddle!
    I hope the person who asked will understand and move on.

    I’m wondering if there are statistics on “love” questions? If so, this one would certainly be in the top 10, or maybe even N°1.

    Ah well, love is blind.

  13. five years is a long time to have an affair. This story also reminds me of my sister’s mother in law’s life. She is a capricorn sun /libra moon. Her husband is a fire sun, that’s all i’ll say… and he’s wonderful father, but husband material not so much lol well not in the “traditional” sense. he is kind and loving and that’s why the Capricorn woman won’t leave (cause capricorn is long suffering too) and believes in family sticking together. His affair lasted 20 years or more. he is actually kind-hearted and lively and spirited, which is why Cap wont leave, and let him be with his affairs. I”m sure it is very very painful and terrible for awhile. They got a child out of that too, who is now an adult.

  14. Dear Mistress,
    Love is a weakness as well as a strength. Love yourself more. Run, do not walk. Get out! (And don’t worry about him, he probably has someone else lined up to take your place: a pair and a spare.

  15. Scorpio? Complex? Not really. Everyone gives them this aura. Pfft!
    A Scorpio lives in the shadows. Just because he or she thinks they “gets it” about life, the world and everything doesn’t mean that gives them a “get out of jail free” card in their behavior. Anyone who chooses “Easy Pickings” is a coward or a narcissist.

  16. Everyone has Scorpio in her/his chart! Remember: a higher Scorpio is also compared with an Eagle! 🙂

    1. No. Not everyone does. But I do. Almost all of my friends are Scorpios.
      They arent complex at all. Anyone who thinks they are complex calls them complex because complex things befuddle them. Stop with the mystery crap. They view life and after differently. It can make them vulnerable and sometimes contemptuous of other humans who dont. Ok. Fair enough. But the difference between a lower Scorpio and a higher one is that they look at their sign’s abilities as a tool or gift. Not as a weapon to hurt and manipulate. And arrogance and contempt is hopefully replaced by humility and gracious acceptance. I dont see this in this guys case. Sorry.

      1. I think Dorien meant that the sign of Scorpio is present in every chart. Even if empty, it occupies a house.

        1. Yes Everyone has all 12 signs in their chart. Sure.but then thats more about how they approach an aspect of their life(house)..ya?.
          I was thinking about those individuals we call Scorpios… their personal planets. sun moon venus and mars…(and mercury also when it comes to the way the person expresses himself to others and the world)
          These planets seem to be the deciding factor in how a sign plays out in an individual’s makeup… a manifestation in their personal traits enough to stand out as part of who they are.
          Sorry if I wasnt clear

          1. My husband is Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Sagittarius Rising, Scorpio Mercury, Pisces Mars and Libra Venus. I have sensed he was cheating but could not catch him or get solid evidence. After 17 years, he finally admitted to cheating one time – at a massage parlor – so that tells me his infidelity is prolific as fuck. He will never tell me everything and I know this. I am divorcing him but when I think of every clue I have found over the years, I am appalled at how foolish I’ve been and disgusted by his existence. I now believe he cheated on me with my younger sister, who is Sag Sun with Rising/Venus in Scorpio. I can’t wait to escape this situation as I feel I am drowning in betrayal and deception.

  17. 5 years is a long investment in something that has no possibility of being more than an “affair.” I don’t judge it, but if she wants more than that she’s not going to get it w/ him. He wants his cake and to eat it, too.

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