Investing In Things (And Ideas And Relationships) That Are Bound To Fail

Some days I feel more willing and able to deflect the fire I draw when I post my husband’s voice which is never ever, PC. I’ve got little room to talk on that front but in whatever case he went on an incredible rant the other night.

I wish I could post his words in raw form. I would be willing to take the heat but his thoughts would not be understandable without my providing the back story which I can’t do because it would be invasive to other people’s privacy.

I can tell you he made a number of points, his voice loud and bellowing on the phone and he ended on this note: “I am sure as hell not going to invest in something that is bound to fail…”

It sounds so simple but very few adhere to this kind of principle. For one thing they invest in relationships that are bound to fail all the time which is why I made this video: Step Away From The Corpse

But relationships (Libra) are not the only thing people mistakenly invest in. They do the same with ideas (Virgo). People continue to invest in ideas which are bound to fail so with Saturn heading back into Virgo…

Is there an idea you continue to invest in even though it’s bound to fail?

18 thoughts on “Investing In Things (And Ideas And Relationships) That Are Bound To Fail”

  1. This is such great advice Elsa! I’m definately not a Dr. Phil fan, but during this time, I keep repeating one of his famous lines in my head:

    “How’s that working for ya.”

    I find myself filtering the things/behaviors/relationships I’ve been investing in/doing that are doomed to fail, or have proven to be failing over and over. If they’re not working for me, I’m cutting (Saturn) them out of my life.

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    Le Ciel du Scorpion

    How do you keep from dropping old corpses and picking up new ones?

    Right now, I’m confronted with a situation that is 100% new to me. I’m not sure it’s the right thing for me. But it’s a completely new kind of corpse than I’ve ever held…if it is a corpse at all…meh?

  3. I’m in a relationship that is probably going to end badly in one way or another. I have known this from the beginning. However, with Moon/Venus/Neptune involved, it’s like Rod Stewart said…….”still I look to find a reason to believe.”

  4. I can’ think of anything I invest in that’s bound to fail! I hope this is a good thing. And not a Neptune-y thing.

  5. Elsa, great topic. I’ve struggled with this; how do you know what the outcome will be? Things can turn out this way or that, what looks like a doomed situation now, can blossom into something. This regarding “investing in something that’s bound to fail.”
    The video was more about the aftermath, once you see that you’re in a dead end, why you stay there. I’ve cut a lot of losses in the last year and this time didn’t jump into something new. So now sometimes I feel terribly alone. I sometimes long for having at least some “dead bodies” around and pretend they’re alive rather than having nothing.

  6. Sorry if the vid does not exactly match. I just thought of it after we talked as we see this the same way, I made it back in Novemeber, 2009

  7. between trying to make things work/be realistic and patient, and knowing when to quit,I sometimes get confused. I hate giving up, but it’s a good skill to have. I never know if I was right to walk away or not.

  8. Well thanks to my Pluto transit, the things I put energy into have sharply decreased so I can’t think of anything at the present.

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    this post & vid hit me at the core.
    wow. i’m almost speechless. but if this were xanga— eprops. haha.

    many career dreams have died. and, i’m trying to step away, accepting the adult world as it is. that maybe i don’t have the power, the leadership to save the world.

    and trying to earn enough money, and stopping with the full-on volunteering. because i’m not a student anymore and i can’t live as one. dependent my parents’ money, while still wanting to make my own decisions on my love life.

    still i can’t help but stare off, once in a while, to what i’ve had to leave behind. i can’t say it’s easy to leave. and not feel like we even have the time to mourn….

  10. How do you tell the difference? I have a new pay-as-you-go-policy.. I am investing in what seems to be working while being detached at the same time because things are failing and it seems to find it’s own rhythm.
    I may be naturally dropping anything that is too stressful to uphold. Too much is going on to be carrying a corpse.

  11. 1) i’d say with sat-in-lib we all have chances to let go of relationships that simply no longer are beneficial for personal growth & well-being.

    2) but i’d also say, with sat-in-lib we’ve chances to develop relationships based on mutual respect, mutual benefit, mutual growth.

    3) personally, i _no longer_ will tolerate people in my life who’re not raising well-being. it’s ok if you’ve been traumatized, it’s ok if you’re deluded, it’s ok if you replay same mind-patterns since decades – _if_ you’re willing to face it & heal it & let go & release your individual wealth of heart.

  12. Ohhh.. this is hard for me. I end up over-investing and scattering my energies a lot; results in a few healthy investments and a few corpses, but never seem to figure it out until the end. I wish I had more foresight, or could cultivate the more discriminating aspects of my character. Good thing is, once I realize something stinks, I can usually get away from it- helped by mercury in aquarius for intellectual investments and venus in aries for emotional ones.

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