Voice Of Venus In Aspect To Uranus: Dingbat-ness

lillie langtry“I’m a steely-eyed killer,” the soldier said happily.

“Yeah? What are you doing with a piece of fluff like me?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I can’t help it. I’m like Judge Roy Bean and you’re… what was her name?  You’re the gal he loved. He just loved her to no end. Lillie Langtry,  that was her name.  Yeah, you’re Lillie and I’m Roy. He was crazy about her and she was…”

He waved his hands around to indicate dingbat-ness and I stared.

“She was an actress,” he said. “You’re like an actress too.”

Venus in Leo, I supposed he was right so said nothing.

dora dog bath“And there is Dora,” he said looking at the dog. She tries to be steely-eyed because she’s my dog.

“She tries to be steely-eyed but is merely googly-eyed?”

“Yep.  There is something odd about my women,” he said.

“You think I am odd?” I asked, authentically surprised.

“Hell yes. I’ve thought about how I’d write about it if I were going to. How I would convey it.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, P and it would not be a small volume,” he said with his fingers pinched close together. “More like this,” he said moving  them about 3 inches apart.  My book would be more like a manual.”

I swung my actress hair and let it go.

Can any of you Venus Uranus types relate?

6 thoughts on “Voice Of Venus In Aspect To Uranus: Dingbat-ness”

  1. “There’s something odd about my women.”
    Reminds me of Shack Man. 😀 He’s not weird. Naaaaaah… it’s you gals! *shakes head, smiling* I have to wonder how much of this shit he comes up with just to try and get your goat, E. *lol*

  2. My Venus is conjunct Uranus in Leo – hubby is an Aquarius – our strange life is probably only normal to us I am sure!

  3. I love it…my venus is conjunct my uranus too. Is that solider’s aspect or yours Elsa? I ask because I’ve been called ‘actress’ by boyfriends before and always took offense..this post made me reconsider 🙂

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