Libra Weighs: Kind Regards vs Unkind Regards

Libra t shirt vintageWe’re all capable of being nice and not so nice.  I maintain a newsletter. When someone subscribes, I engage with them.

Some people respond. Many people off me their kind regards. That’s what has prompted this post. Libra is wondering…

If you think of your average (non-professional) interaction, are you more often kind? Or something else?

If it is something else…say, clipped or challenging or maybe even flat out, nasty, how do you explain this?

20 thoughts on “Libra Weighs: Kind Regards vs Unkind Regards”

  1. I generally am very gracious and kind which is my preference. Not saying I can’t be difficult or even very nasty but I have to be pushed there.

  2. I always enjoy your astrology letters and your take on it is valued. But some days are busy busy and I don’t get to read them. but generally I’m a faithful follower ?

  3. I have been wondering the very same thing lately. It’s funny to see you post this question because l have been thinking about this quite a bit. I myself always prefer nice. My Libra Moon wants this always, without exception really. It doesn’t matter if it’s in person or in anonymity of the internet. I have seen a huge amount of vitrol on blogs on the internet that l can’t understand. I am hurt by it whether or not it is directed at me. Hate and insulting other people make no sense to me. Whatever it is it seems to be on the increase.

  4. For the most part I’m nice, maybe overly nice, that’s all that Libra energy, but I can and will be bitchy nasty, if need be!

  5. I am a Libra Sun my Sun is conj my Jupiter with a stellium in Libra 10th house. Most of my interactions are nice, I am genuinly kind, I am polite and most frequently am smiling. I have Mars in Capricorn so when necessary I am direct and to the point but always with the objective to mutually respectful communication.

  6. I am friendly and when triggered, defensive and aggressive in attempting dominance and control.
    I have seen Libras who eat themselves alive with anger due to the consequences of their niceness. Either it being not reciprocated or them stepping on their own desires to be nice
    I think being assertive and setting boundaries is more powerful and sets up emotional peace. And being respectful of others basic rights anyway
    But I have a history of passive aggression and so do the libras I know.
    I think I and the zeitgeist don’t value niceness and Libran equalities in a smart way.
    I am self protective and don’t think anybody is owed me ceding to them in a way that stifles my sense that I’m here and not giving way to them.
    But I have issues with dominance control and defensiveness. My insecurity lately tends to trigger bouts of bad public behavior when it didn’t used to. I prefer to treat all people with basic human respect… And get the treatment I want from them. But I’m in a bad place and have found that acting out at others tends to soothe temporarily more than beating myself up

  7. Basically when I get cat called or ogled I call someone out aggressively. Out of anger and insecurity. Or when people walk in a row of four taking up half the sidewalk.
    When I get angry, I’m the one that gets damaged.
    But when I’m feeling OK and not encroached upon, I’m usually friendly and random and helpful Aquarian style

  8. Thank you for your newsletter, btw. I really appreciate it and am always excited about it. It’s like a nice letter or package

  9. I think it depends on how happy you are as a person. My nature is to be kind to everyone I meet, but sometimes life makes it a challenge to be kind, even to myself. That needs to change

  10. I wonder if people have different thresholds of kindness depending on their experience. Because I know of people who simply will always go an extra mile to help others out. Whereas other people might consider it kindness in themselves to merely tolerate others unlike themselves and not in a happy way.

    I would imagine most people want to think the best of themselves and will see what they want to see in order to justify that opinion. I also think people treated unkindly over time may lack the context to really understand what is and is not truly kindness.

    That is just my thoughts.

  11. I have to agree, kind regards, I regard as basically untrustworthy. A more visceral, from the gut interaction feels so much more fruitful, like substance. That’s a helpful understanding of Libra’s downside. And why by time we get to Scorpio they have no tolerance of this superficiality. Thanks for the heads up, all is not as it seems in the world of kind regards.

  12. Not in my experience. Be social or die is often how I find Libra.go outside their version of kind or have a messy moment your a goner.

  13. I’ve got Libra vs. Capricorn.
    My first response is to be nice and kind, but then I don’t want to sound fake and superficial, so I decide to go cold.

  14. Scorpio rising here. I am a bit self prtoective and shy at times but my Sag Moon helps me out there 🙂
    My Cancerian Sun makes me again rather shy and sensitive so I am also sensitive to others and try not to offend.
    My Saturn in fist house Scorpio however can be rather harsh at time or at the very least … to the point.

    Sometimes I speak the truth (Moon in Sag) with that Saturn Scorpio edge and its not well received.Or if I am fed up with someones bullshit I can cut them cold.

    AS a gentle Cancerian my intention is never to hurt, but it does sometimes come across that way.

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